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How do I find adult corporal punishment advice with out another violation?
How do i word these questions?
Well, this site is PG 13 but there are even younger kinds here so most "adult" things are a violation of the rules no matter how you word your questions. The best things is to take your questions to sites that's focused on just such adult activities. There are plenty of adult/kink/fetish/bdsm sites that has forums where you can ask as long as you are over 18 years old.

Here you have four of them as a starter:…
The message boards on should be free on all of them.
What is your opinion of corporal punishment of adult criminals ?
If you believe it should be used at times, what type ?
I live in Texas, so you obviously know that we use the death penalty often. I look at it from two sides. One, if someone in my family were (God forbid) a victim of a homicide, I would put the needle in their arm myself. Two, I am in Law Enforcement, and I am not seeing the death penalty as a deterrent to violent crime. A lot of violent crimes are "heat of the moment", and people are not thinking of the consequences. So why have it? I would like to think our culture and society can move past "an eye for an eye".
Adult corporal punishment?
this is long and complicated but in a nutshell the best i can describe goes like this...there is a court case going on right now involving a 48 yr old woman with a brain injury handicap...for around 10 years she went thu severe abuse...i am trying to find SOMETHING regarding ANY laws concerning adult corporal punishment...the people responsible forced her to sign something aggreeing to this punishment (if she didnt she would just get beat until she complied) I need SOMETHING ANYTHING to help out in this case...ANY HELP I AM GRATEFUL FOR...i know this sounds so bizzare please dont be rude this is a serious matter...any questions or details u need ask ill be happy to update...btw this is in north carolina....thanks so much!!!…

I found this regarding it but is seems to be more of a religious or moral thing. But being that police officers are allowed to restrain perpetrators the best they can, there has to be something about it. Even if it's called something else. I'm still looking into it. Does this court case involve some kind of cult activity??

Well, after looking, there's nothing about adult corporal punishment. I believe you answers are in basic human rights laws. I'm still having a time finding anything in that. I know that in WV we have a website that has tons of state laws. I'm looking into trying to find one for NC.
In Adult discipline (corporal punishment) Does Gender Matter?
If it is really punishment, and not sexual...Does it matter if it is same gender spanking bare bottom or opposite gender?
In the situation you're talking about I would have to say Men for boys and women for girls because it's already uncomfortable getting punished by someone who is not your parent.
Would you be turned on by a dominant man who can use corporal punishment on another adult male?
Or would you find it odd or a turn off?
The dominant guy is heterosexual by the way.
As long as it doesn't turn capital, it sounds hot to me.

I'll just pretend they're gay <3
Would you as an adult if given the choice of jailtime or corporal punishment choose either?
as your preference to pay for a crime that you were found guilty of? Just the same way I and probably a lot of you had to choose when in school,just a thought.
Corporal Punishment for sure. bruises heal, but time is precious.
What are some reasons against corporal punishment on adults?
I don't need any imformation for guyren
It is considered barbaric and is prohibited by the constitution. (Undue pain and suffering)
Is the corporal punishment of adults a good idea?
for you it is! (giggle)

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