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Amateur exhibitionism rapidshare links?
Does anyone know rapidshare links to (or a forum about links) amateur exhibitionists. I found some about girls teasing delivery guys. I would like to see more.
Unfortunately I don't know any links to help with what you are looking for. But I suggest getting a premium downloader program for when you are downloading them. It will let you download as many as you'd like and you won't have to worry about the bandwidth and time restrictions. The premium downloader also handles all of the downloading for you. You can find a couple at the website in my source.
What's your opinion of consensual amateur porn?
Whereas pornography can easily be seen as corrupting and objectifying, and likely to be made under duress or in the absence of any other source of income, what do you think about people making porn for fun or exhibitionist purposes, where everyone involved happily consents? Is it still wrong?
Amateur (home-made) porn is the best, hottest form of porn for a number of reasons:

1) The people are in it because they're horny and really want to screw around, not for money.

2) They are normal people like you and I so its easier to put yourself in their place rather than an airbrushed, bleached and strategically shaved man or woman who does not exist outside of the set.

3) Its real. It isn't staged so if they end up doing some freaky thing with whatever its hot; not like some director comes there and tells them what to do.

I have no problem with any porn (besides the stuff where they crush animals and guy porn) as long as its consensual. Even if it is under duress or whatever, so be it, they made the choice. Life sucks and isn't smooth.
My gf is an exhibitionist?
My gf of 6 months and I are both very big exhibitionists...with her, it's to the point where if it were legal, she would walk around naked everywhere. Her favorite thing to wear is a skirt with no underwear, and when she's out and about dressed like that, a stranger will almost always get an "accidental" peek (she dropped something and had to bend to pick it up and the back of her skirt just HAPPENED to ride up a bit too high...oopsie). Countless strange men have seen her breasts and vag while out in public. She's even done a few amateur nights at a local strip club.

How do I feel about it? I encourage it. It's the ultimate turn on. I can't explain it, but I think it's because a guy will see her vag or her naked body (in the case of amateur nights) and want so badly to experience her, but only I get that privilege. I know she's faithful because she has never given me a reason not to trust her, and besides work or school we're always together (besides, we have sex no less than twice a day...we're both plenty satisfied, no reason to stray). The experience of being out together and her "accidentally" showing her vag to an unsuspecting man while I, the bf, am standing right there, is a turn on for both of us. I'm turned on for the above reason (he wants it but only I can have it) and she's turned on because both the stranger and myself are turned on by the sight of her.

I'm worried, however, that this isn't normal, and could lead to an unhealthy relationship. She eats it up. I've asked her before if I sometimes make her feel like an object (sometimes at parties, I'll have her take advantage of the skirt/commando thing and casually masturbate on a couch/chair; we also like to have people watch us have sex, and when we have an audience, I position her so her full frontal is clearly visible to the watchers) and she said very rarely yes, but 99% of the time she loves it.

I guess my question is if anybody here is like this or has experience with this? I do love her exhibitionist tendencies, and it's a great addition to our sex life, but I love her very much and the extra perk is not worth risking our relationship.

What do you guys (girls) think?
you all are different, but hell it's not bad. You both seem so trusting and connected to each other that you would allow that. The fact that you would be willing to give this up for the overall purpose of making your relationship "healthier" in your eyes means you all are completely fine. Healthy is only relative to society and trust me man, you don't want the type of relationship most people have. You guys have something strong. No need to fix what's not broken.

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