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Anal sex hurts are anal beads different?
hello i am 19 nearly 20 whe i have anal it really hurts and i faint and i really shake when i have fainted but are anal beads the same also not always has it hurt only once it hasn't and it was great but bearing in mind i have been with my husband 5 yrs and tryed it a few time really appertiate ur answers thanks
I don't know if anal beads are any different. I would assume so cause they aren't as big as a penis would be.

are you guys doing it dry.? try using lots of lube.
Anal sex and or thai beads?
Tried these thai beads for the first time a few nights ago and must say it was an absolutely incredible experience and not something I would expect a man to enjoy so much, really unbelievable. Wife and I have A occasionally, really think the whole backdoor thing is completely underestimated or perhaps something most of us do from occasional time to time but just dont wish to confess to or discuss? Thoughts / facts?
Well my x had been knocking on my back door (with no answer) for a little while before we broke up...I don't care for solicitation! Any way, he once suggested to try stimulating my new bf's prostate...said in theory it would drive him wild, (I really didn't expect this advice from him...maybe he just wants to live vicariously or something). Anyway, I did eventually try it, and my bf actually loved it. Who knew?! He bought me a piece which I sport for him now and again. Truth is, I'm still not very into it, but I'm happy to oblige because he is. We've been married now for almost a decade.
Prostitis linked to rough anal sex?
I have been struggling with an infection in my prostate and was wondering if it could be possibly linked to impacts on my colon from penis. Also, my lovers and I sometimes reuse anal beads without cleaning them after a previous partner has used them in our gang bangs. Could this be the cause as well? Any information is appreciated because coping with this has been a huge pain both physically and emotionally since it is uncomfortable to even sit and love with my partners is out of the question.
So sorry this is beyond disgusting and TMI...if this is true, how about giving your bunghole a well deserved rest for once from all "your lovers?" No one would ever stick beads up their doohole without cleaning them from the poop of a previous user, I'm feeling this is not real story, yes? no? Hon? Why be slutty?
What are the sizes of anal beads from small to large?
i am thicker then normal i want it to know because i want to do anal sex with my fiance she is OK with it but she is very tight in her *** so i want to use toys to help lose in her up so it fills good for the both of us so what sizes do i need
well my favorite shop has some they are called intro beads since they have larger beads and smaller ones, so i would try these…

or these aren't beads but they are called anal trainer kits which might be better…
What to do in this situation involving senior-level executives?
I was involved in a business meeting with a senior-level executive this morning to discuss strategic planning for the accounting department's Christmas party. After several long and uncreepy minutes of extended deep meaningful eyecontact with this man, we ended up having wild anal bead sex in his office, accidentally leaving the shades open to the windows in the office!

You could imagine my displeasure when I noticed several other senior level executives standing outside the office, spilling coffee all over their freshly pressed suites in shock of the situation. How could I have handled this more professionally?
that wasn't creamer, honey. it was pecker juice.
Best non-water based lubricant for safe anal sex?
If you would rather not think about gay men and/or sex, stop reading now and please don't comment.

Having said that, could anyone recommend a good lubricant for safe anal sex? I currently have a bottle of ID Glide, but I've found that on some condoms it just beads up and doesn't last very long.. I have to assume this is because the lube that comes on the condom isn't water based (causing a "water on oil" effect), so I was hoping to find something that will work regardless. Thanks a lot.
You do not want to use oil based lubes with latex condoms, it will degrade then and cause them to break, thus making them ineffective. The lube that comes on the condom is NOT oil based.
KY or Astro Glide are good condom compatible lubes.
Another thing you could do it get some of those new silicon condoms and use a silicon based lube with them.
A good silicon lube is Wet Platinum and you can find a truck load of condoms here:
How do you convert women in the Dutch sex industry to Christianity?
i was considering taking up a missionary position in amsterdam soon and i was trying to come up with creative ideas on how to get some of the female sex workers hooked up with christianity.

here is what i have so far :

condoms with bible verses printed on them
bottles of holy-water-based lubricant
vibrating crucifixes
anal bead rosaries

do you think these will work? please let me know if you have any more suggestions. thanks.
Learn to speak dutch and be good in the sack.

ETA: Remember, they may scream 'God!!' a lot, but they don't really mean it - especially with you. ;)
What is the most pleasurable Fleshlight texture?
I'm customizing my Fleshlight, and am wondering whether I should get the original, super tight, ultra tight (for the simulated experience of anal sex), wonder wave (ribbed), super ribbed, speed bump (massaging beads), or vortex (soft ridge weave). Which texture allows for the maximum amount of pleasure?

wow...ur way to good looking to need a fleshlight
Sex story help needed...?
I'm writing a sex story about the guy being the dominant one. She's handcuffed to the bed with anal beads and he's "threatening" to use the vibrator on her. What would be some good dirty talk dialogue to use between them for this part? Also, after they dirty talk, he ends up throwing the vibrator aside and just does her Pile Driver and they should do dirty talk for this too.. Suggestions for the dialogue, please anyone!
use some sex toys
I hate my girlfriend but I love our sex me?
I am attached to my girlfriend because we have been dating for a year now, but I have come to realize she is a terrible person (her past is incredibly filthy, including drugs, EXTREME promiscuity, and more) and I really wanted to break up with her but then I realized that I would be giving up my dream sex life. I am a very lustful guy, and my girlfriend has/does everything I ever wished for as a guy growing up to porn (she squirts, she will do anal, and not just try it, but she will do GREAT anal and orgasm from it, she also bought anal beads and other toys for us, she swallows, she lets me *** wherever I want, and have sex with her whenever I want, however I want). She has given me the dream sex life I always wanted.....because of this, I have a huge dilemma. She is not willing to just be friends with benefits, she wants a relationship, she really loves me. I do feel attached to her, but I don't really want her near my friends or family or anything...what can I do? Should I stay until I have had enough of my dream sex life and then break it off? Or will that be hard to do? And how much is enough? I am really confused here, please help me.
What's her number?

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