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Why do they always refer to women with blonde hair, big breasts and limited intelligence as Bambi?
When in the Disney animated movie Bambi was clearly a male.
I call them "Barbie"
What is the name of the animated movie from the 90s where:?
the main character has something wrong with him/ his brain(?) where anything he imagines comes true ex., he imagines his wives breasts growing so long that they grow down the hall and out a window? this has been bugging me for over 3 years and no one knows. i think it was from the 90's and it is definitely r-rated and animated
Wow bugging you for 3 years! Giant boobs huh?
My mom thinks all Anime is animated pornography. How do I get her into anime or at least make her not hate it?
Due to my mom's experience with anime like Code Geass (CG is tame compared to other anime out there), she thinks all anime is about big breasted high schoolers flashing their panties.

Note: She also is annoyed by their "high pitched voices" too.

Mom likes to watch romantic comedies, but anything you can find that my mom won't think is disgusting I will appreciate.
I agree with Maria; Hayao Miyazaki's movies are pretty good proof that NOT all anime is porn (although there IS one scene in My Neighbor Totoro where the whole family takes a bath together, but nothing inappropriate is shown). :)…

Here's more suggestions:

Origin: Spirits of the Past (movie)…

Memories (movie)…

Of course you can't force her to watch anime, or even like it. But, I hope that you can at least prove to her that anime can be great. :)
Whats a site better then photobucket thats not got many rules?
cause even if its just animated breast Photobucket deletes them, whats a more open minded site?
► Flickr
► TinyPic
How do you animate an image so the breast jiggles?
I want to know how to make breasts in a 2d image jiggle, kind of how it is on the iPod application wobble, but I want to do it on the computer. How can I do this?
Save three different images in .gif format then go to the site linked below and use the online tool:

Just think of each of the three images as a frame to an animation, three should be enough for a simple jiggle effect.
Could you find me these animated videos?
There are two animated music videos that i REALLY liked but I don't remember the name of the bands or the songs..

the first one is about some sort of a flowering plant that emerges in the middle of a cubicle workplace and kills everyone, but it's beautiful.

the second one is a huge flying machine that lands in aplace where small creatures live.. the machine has what looks like breasts on it, and the creatures suckle from them. Eventually, they turn into nasty mosquite-like things..

If anyone could help identify these songs it would be great. Thanks!
First one might be Depeche Mode's Enjoy The Silence (reinterpreted by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park).
Where can i find such an animated avatar?
Hi. i have seen anime avatars where they only show the chest area of a female wearing a swimsuit or something and her breasts are moving up and down. Somehow now i can't find them. Can you please help me find them and gimme links. thanks. 10 pts up for grabs has all sorts of avatars. and plenty of anime, jsut have a look on there
Hentai. is there any where the girls have normal size breasts? I need some specific titles?
Man those Japanese love the 'Biggun's'. When they draw the ideal woman its a statuesque looking american broad with humungous boobs. Are there any hentai titles where the women have small to medium breasts? I don't like boob jobs on real women I sure as poop don't want to see them on animated fantasy chicks. some specific titles would be nice
hentai?...normal sized breasts?....Oooohhh! I get it! It's an oxymoron! That was a good one. ROFL
POLL: Woman, have you Checked your Breasts?
8 in 10 breast cancers are diagnosed in women aged 50 and over. Around 430,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the European Union every year.

Do you check your breasts every month? (at a minimum)

(if you don't know how to ,/what to look for>…
(Video is of a naked (chest) animated woman)
Sometimes, and i should know better, having a condition that puts me at risk, heredity that would warrant it, and my first Mammogram coming back suspicious, leading to a biopsy and much anxiety.

So thanks. I'll make a worthwhile phone call tomorrow (i am loved and don't want to lose that to the stupidity of neglect).

And thank you, Prodigal Son, for being genuine. So many men would just answer with some snide joke and you being sincere is a delight to see.

Meaningful question here for a change. Thanks for making me think, rather than just be cute.

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