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Is There any manga or anime with frequent spanking from the mother to guy?
I am asking for a manga or anime that the mother in the story frequently spanks the daugher or son. i dont want any yaoi or any thing with sexual stuff but just a spanking manga/anime.
i already know about creamy mami and the other one about the alien gorl living with humans, is there any more?
please dont say im a pervert i just want to know.
uh to be honest a don't anything like that i can think ok but here are some of the best sites and the world

here's a website for manga they have all different types!

here's a website for anime with English dubs there are lots of anime

here are some anime with english subs this website has lots and lots of anime

i know a bit about a anime and manga and i have watched at least 30 of anime and manga if you or anyone has any questions just ask
sorry if i was no help
Are there any anime with spanking scenes?
like between friends, boyfriend and girlfriend.
There used to be one called "Nobbin's Cartoon Spanking Page" but I think it went inactive long ago. He drew a lot of anime characters in spanking scenes, and a few of them were animated. Most were just still drawings, though. I know a few other sites with cartoon drawings of spankings, but none with animation.
Spanking in manga and anime?
do u know any anime or manga with spanking in them?? yaoi with spanking? i already know ikki tousen
why do you want that??
Is there a anime with spanking in it?
NOT a person getting spanked by mom,dad,uncle.aunt.etc.
u mean like a masochist?
try special a it has a character who gets spanked alot by his later girlfriend
Manga or anime pics with spanking?
Is there one? I don't mean like with two guys or something.. but like a male doing it to female
I would say ask Google but this is Yahoo answers so....Ask Yahoo.
Looking for a anime that has spanking it?
none sexual
But any time yu have spanking, it will be perceived as sexual.

I am not aware of any anime that even has a spanking sequence in it, ecchi or otherwise
What are some good anime movies featuring action, robots and futuristic stuff?
Yes, as stated above, I'm looking for some anime programs, preferably full movies rather than series, that are futuristic and/or robotic in nature with good action.

I'm brand-spanking-new to the world of anime, but know that I like stuff involving machines and the future or at least action, etc.

Any suggestions for a newb?

Thanks !! :D

In the year 2019, thirty-one years have passed since the outbreak of World War III. In Neo-Tokyo, all authority is waging a never-ending struggle against the underground that virtually rules the shattered city. A top-secret guy with amazing powers of the minds breaks free from custody and accidentally gets a motorcycle gang involved in the project. The incident triggers psychic powers within one of the members, Tetsuo, and he is taken by the army and experimented on. His mind has been warped and is now on the path of war, exacting revenge on the society that once called him weak.

Ghost In the Shell

In the year 2029, the barriers of our world have been broken down by the net and by cybernetics, but this brings new vulnerability to humans in the form of brain-hacking. When a highly-wanted hacker known as 'The Puppetmaster' begins involving them in politics, Section 9, a group of cybernetically enhanced cops, are called in to investigate and stop the Puppetmaster. The pursuit will call into question what makes a human and what is the Puppetmaster in a world where the distinction between human and machine is increasingly blurry.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

In the year 2015, the Angels, huge, tremendously powerful, alien war machines, appear in Tokyo for the second time. The only hope for Mankind`s survival lies in the Evangelion, a humanoid fighting machine developed by NERV, a special United Nations agency. Capable of withstanding anything the Angels can dish out, the Evangelion`s one drawback lies in the limited number of people able to pilot them. Only a handful of teenagers, all born fourteen years ago, nine months after the Angels first appeared, are able to interface with the Evangelion. One such teenager is Shinji Ikari, whose father heads the NERV team that developed and maintains the Evangelion. Thrust into a maelstrom of battle and events that he does not understand, Shinji is forced to plumb the depths of his own inner resources for the courage and strength to not only fight, but to survive, or risk losing everything.
I was wondering if someone can help in anime(hentai) thing?
i need names of hentai anime that contain spanking i'm sure i saw a clip of that before but i just can't remember it's name
thanks in advance
Which are the best recent anime series?
Hello everybody,
first of all I would like to say that I don't know much about anime series. I would like to watch one of the best recent anime series but I don't know where to start since there are so many out there. I just know that when I was a little girl I was really into things like Candy Candy, Doraemon, Hello Spank etc.. I would like you to recommend me something like that if possible. Thank you!
Angel beats
Hitman Reborn
Kaichou wa maid sama
Naruto + Naruto Shippuden
Yumeiro Pattiesie
Letter Bee
Shugo Chara

And some popular, but kinda old ones:
Gakuen Alice
Fruits basket
Ouran High School Host Club
The Anime Character that Said the Coolest Quote?
Which Anime character says the coolest quotes? And what's a few of them?

Try to guess these (They're not perfect, but based on what I remember)
"What's the point of a kingdom without its people?"
"Girls like you need a spanking."
"If he cuts my arms off, I'll kick him to death. If he cuts my legs off, I'll bite him to death. If he burns my lips off, I'll glare at him to death. If he cuts my head to pieces, I'll curse at him beyond my grave."
I don't remember muchm but Naruto has pretty cool quotes, and as for your question.
1. One Piece
2. GTO .... maybe
3. Naruto Shippuden

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