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All Comments

Why are movies sucking so much *** lately?
ive seen grown ups, and the other guys, and they were both bombs. shitty jokes, shitty acting, all that jazz. and that new one with zach galifanakis and robert downy jr looks bad too. are they running out of ideas?
These are your opinions. And I don't think it's fair to make that kind of judgement based on two movies. Many critics actually enjoyed The Other Guys btw.
Why is tna getting lame and wwe sucking ***?
look I'm not a mark I'm for both companies.
I am just saying....
well WWE is watering down for the PG rating and TNA is trying the opposite and it makes very bad watching
How can porn starts don't get sick after sucking and licking vaginas and *** holes?
Do they disinfect vaginas before filming?
Hi well believe it or not they suffer just the same as general population with std's BUT they do get tested weekly and they keep immaculate self hygiene practices , if not how could anyone perform oral on a person who was unhygenic ,u know what I mean hmm? ♥
Which wrestlers are/were known for being an *** and sucking on mcmahons ***?
i hear about triple h hbk nash hogan all sucked up to vince were they anymore

BQ who were the wrestlers that got/get screwed backstage i think the whole harts got kicked around so does/did jericho and jake roberts
William Regal, literally, was one...
Does your *** suck up air at night when you sleep?
My co-worker says that this is a way that you can get sick. ay input!
Sorry don't have a donkey to see if it is true.
Why do people tell you to Google things when Google sucks ***?
Whenever Google is searched, all that comes up are results that are vaguely "relevant" instead of content-based. Now it just spews out plagiarized review sites and links to other crappy website search results. There couldn't be anything less "friendly" about Google if it returned its own search page results as search page results. And the same goes for Bing and Clusty, because they have the exact same results as Google.
No, Bing, Clusty, and Google don't give the exact same results. If you know how to search on google, it'll give you very relevant results. Google gives the most popular results for whatever you search for, if nobody ever clicked on something, it wouldn't be there. Go make your own search engine if you're so smart.
What to do when itunes sucks *** again 10 Points?
Ok i added a new song to my playlist after downloading it. when i do that it usually always has the artist in the song name box but i just go on get info and change it under info. But for this song when i go to info it has a white shade ( like when mozilla firefox freezes) on it and i cant edit anything. How can i change the songs info?
If you highlight the song, then head to the top of the window, you click the "edit" button I believe, an then there should be like a "edit song information" button. Hope this helps.
Why do guys have so much success as amateur boxers and then suck *** when they become professionals?
guys like Audley Harrison, who are so good as amateur but suck as pros.
some guys just don't adapt to the professional game.Audley Harrison had all the tools to be a heavyweight champion.He was big,tall,decent speed for a heavyweight,a south paw and a excellent jab but he never had the heart and just couldn't adapt to professional boxing
Can the video card in a gateway laptop be upgraded?I got one 3 months ago and the integrated video sucks ***.?
It doesnt work well with anything because its busy running vista(which i am about to replace with XP).It wont even play stalker correctly,and its supposed to be a "generic DX10 card".
Sorry, but you can't upgrade the video card in a laptop. The only way is the buy either a new laptop or a new motherboard for the laptop.
Where do you take a girl on a date in a town that sucks ***?
I live in northern Wisconsin in a small town. The most exciting thing we have in this town is a movie theatre.... but where else can you take a girl when the only other thing in town is a ******* wal mart?
You could be a little bit creative and maybe go to wal mart together to get some things for a picnic or something. You could find nice places which have natural beauty in them or wildlife and go look around with her...maybe after a movie lol. The best thing for you to do is incorporate the things there are to do with something casual but nice. Is there a place to go bowling where u are?...combine two activities which include a public place and somewhere where you can be alone as well to talk.

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