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Where can I see the Bigfoot video released by the guys who found it?
Supposedly there is a video of the guys who found Bigfoot having a "scientist" who just turned out to be the guy's brother verifying that it really is a Bigfoot. Anyone know where to find the vid?
you can watch it here

but iot also tells you that its fake
I need a downloadable copy of the Patterson/Gimlin bigfoot video for school. Any help?
I am looking for a downloadable version of the Patterson/Gimlin bigfoot video for an assignment in school. I need a downladable version since where i will be showing the video has no internet connection. Does anyone know where I can find one?
Hi, I have that video, I'm going to upload the video to rapidshare and give you the link

I have sent you the link by email :)
Where can i find the frogtown bigfoot video?
so i heard about the story of the cop and that one guy who ran into something strange on the road. they hit something that they thought resembled the description of bigfoot and the police car they were driving had a cam that captured it all. i heard that it leaked online and was wondering where i could find this video. im so curious.
It would seem that this one was a hoax but you can decide for yourself.

Does anyone have a real video of bigfoot I can watch?
Not obvioulsy fake stuff. I watched this mysterious bigfoot thing on wierd travels the other day, but I missed the part where the guy video taping supposedly got sacked by bigfoot. Does anyone have an convining videos or pictures?
Couple years back the people who made the Bigfoot tape came out and said it was fake. It was made back in the 60's or 70's I can't remember, but they made a documentary on FOX about it. But that's a good thing, we don't need one of these running around.

Look at the video haha
Bigfoot video's are always questionable, still, are they the last remnant of Neanderthals?
I live in the mountains of the pacific N.W,
The Vikings had tales of having done battle with creatures, who were part man and part beast. Scholars have surmised that possibly, these were the last remnants of the Neanderthals. These encounters have received attention of late by fiction writers. The most notable story is the 13th Warrior (also known as the Eaters of the Dead) by Michael Crichton. Author Harry Harrison also writes of a Neanderthal type character involved with Vikings, in his books from the "Hammer and Cross" series.
Why can't i view the manitoba bigfoot video online?
A person in Canada took a video of a Bigfoot. I am trying to see the video online but I can't find it anywhere
Because the guy who shot the video wants you to PAY, duh.
Convincing photo or video of bigfoot other than sasquatch?
could i have links or a name of the footage or something. thank you.

No, not yet. It is funny, you can clearly catch a bunch of cops beating on an Afro American, get clear pictures and identify them but never a decent clear photo of Big Foot let alone a UFO larger than a battleship.


Michael Kelly
What is the best photo or video evidence of Bigfoot/Sasquatch you've seen posted on the Internet?
The best movie I've seen so far is the old Patterson-Gimlin film from the 60's on shakey 16 mm video. I've been watching it for almost 40 years and still can't decide if it is real or a hoax.
The source is a popular image that is widespread, but it's probably one of the better images of Bigfoot.
What would be good music to put in the background of a YouTube video about "bigfoot sightings?"?
Specific name and artist, please.
"The Bigfoot Song", also known as "I Still Believe in Bigfoot" written and recorded by Danny Freyer...

Hard rock-"He's Back...The Man Behind The Mask," by Alice Cooper...which is from "Friday the 13th VI: Jason Lives"

"Animal" by Def Leppard is more of a pop rock song, but its pretty good...

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