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What is a good black & white photography book for beginners?
Also, any suggestions on cameras for black & white photography?
A very basic book would be this one:…

I thought it was very useful for the beginner.

The Ansel Adams book are excellent however they are very technical. These were the books I used in college.

There are a couple of others I am trying to remember the name of but right ooff hand can't think of them.

You can message me if you like and I will try to remember.
What Is A Good Non-Digital 35mm Camera To Start Experimenting In Black & White Photography With?

Get a Nikon FM2. They are an excellent manual camera. They are not battery dependant and are highly reliable. They also hold their value, should you loose interest.

Bargains can be found on photography books of all sorts on eBay.

Good Luck :-)
Best digital slr for manual artistic or black/white photography?
I am looking for a digital slr that is very simple to use for making artistic shots using manual settings, so the aperture and shutter speed should be easy to adjust looking through the viewfinder. I took lessons in black and white photography in college and like b/w photography a lot. I wonder if I should just stick to film slr's and scan my negatives? I want interchangeable lenses for sure, somewhat compact body. Thanks for comments.
For actual back and white prints, the best is to shoot using the black and white film of your choice, develop it using the developer of your choice and print it using an archival process.

A black and white print from dye-sub or Inkjet will NOT have the value of a photographic black and white print, printed by the artist on fiber based paper.

If you still want to use a DSLR to produce your images, one of the smallest DSLR's is the Nikon D40. In the end you will still have to buy Photoshop to make the RGB to black and white conversions to get close to a black and white photo print and then it will NOT have the texture or value of a true photographic print.

You can do a test. Using one of your best black and white prints from college, scan that negative and try printing it on a good photo ink-jet or dye-sub printer and then compare the two.

To answer the other part of your question, first look for a DSLR that will use the lenses you already have from the system you used in college.

Otherwise spend a LOT of time researching the available DSLR systems and pick the one that best suites you style of shooting.

Go into a camera store and see which of the cameras fits your hands the best.

See which cameras menu is the easiest for you to use to make changes in ISO, camera resolution, white balance, mode switching and make EV changes (a camera with +5/-5 EV could be important to you).

Finally, take a SD card with you and test each camera at their highest and lowest ISO as well as when using the white balance that matches the light in the store as well as with it in the "auto white balance" mode.

Once you get home and are able to see the results on your large computer monitor, you will know which camera is better for your needs and expectations, not ours.

Take your time before you decide. Once you choose one, you will be married to that system for decades and the cost of changing to the other system will cost you nearly as much as a divorce
Any advice about getting into black & white photography?
I would love to do black & white photography as my new hobby. I'd like a nice camera but really don't have a clue about which ones would be best for black & white photography. What type of equipment and such would I need to take really nice shots? And how much would this hobby cost?
As hinted above, for black and white photography, film is far superior to digital. This is not the case with colour as film is only slightly better than digital. Black and white can be easily developed at home, and developing your own film allows greater control. Remember that the whole photographic experience doesn't stop once you press the shutter. You will need to develop your darkroom skills (you don't actually need a darkroom to develop film but you do to make photographic prints) and printed or scanning if you want to move your final images into the digital realm.

All you really need is a slr or rangefinder camera, a 50mm lens to start with, some film, and some low pass colour filters. The filters are required with black and white because certain colours will have similar luminousity even though the colours may have a big contrast in real life. Red and green is an example of this and if you take a photograph of a red rose on the bush, the flower and the green plant will look to be the same colour in your final image. A filter will change the way certain colours appear in the final image by creating luminousity contrast.

A Nikon or Canon would be a good value way to start into black and white photography and a cheap little digital set to black and white mode will help you to understand the way different colours end up in the final image (referring to my last paragraph). One of the keys to great b&w images contrast.

The camera and lens should cost about $150, filters about $50-70, and a roll of film about $5. You can get the film developed and scanned cheaply as well. Another option with film is the faux black and white film which is developed using the colour processing C41 technique. The images are black and white but are cheaper to develop. The end result is not as good as traditional silver halide film however. Ilford FP4 and HP5 are good all round black and white films and I do like Fuji Neopan Acros 100. The Acros is a modern looking black and white film and the Ilfords are more of a traditional looking film.

All the best.
Where can I find black & white photography with one color introduced?
I'm looking for artists that use black and white photography w/ one color added to the composition, ie: a streak of color...such as red, blue, green...etc. And, is there a specific term for this way of integrating photography and color?
I can do a picture like that for you if you pay me! lolz! If want me to then email me at Then all you have to do is send the pic you want like that and I'll do it for you!

Black and White Photography Themed Bedroom?
I am remodeling my bedroom. I am 17 I love photography, Black and White. and Enjoy Quotes. I want some Great craft Ideas for sprucing up my bedroom with Black and White photography crafts or any thing that you can really think of. Greatly appricated,
Thanks Bunches.
Get some foam core. Cut it with a sharp exacto-knife (fresh blade) very neatly to fit your photos exactly. Mount your photos on them with archival-quality glue from a scrapbooking store. Arrange them on your wall how you would like. You can get some foam sticky mounting pads to attach them to the wall.

Consider painting your walls a cool blue or a cool green. They tend to go nicely with black and white.
What is the difference between color photography and black and white photography?
I am doing a research paper on photography and I wanted my topic to be the difference between color photography and black and white photography. So I need some help with this question.
LOL, I'll second Shelby but add that B&W is considered a more abstract "arty" mode and that color is often relegated to snapshots and other recording applications.
How is black and white photography done with digital cameras?
I'm new to photography and just received a camera as an Xmas gift. In this digital age how is monochrome photography done (I prefer the look of black and white for a lot of subjects).

Do some digital cameras have a monochrome mode (I've yet to find one on mine) or is filters on SLRs or photoshopping these days?
play around with it and you might be able to find a "black and white" mode. if not, you can always use photo editing programs to desaturate the image. not even necessarily spending $200 on photoshop, but things like Preview on mac have small picture edits mode that can help you get the look that you want on a photo.
Does anyone have some ideas for a black and white photography bedroom?
I want to redo my bedroom. Im going to be 15. i love photography and black and white pictures but what are some ideas of what else i can add to my new room?
What color scheme is your room, only black and white? You can add texture in by hanging metal wall art, or some fun modern black and white fabric. If you have someone who can hem fabric for you, you can have strips cut, then hang that on your wall. You can attach it with a staple gun or thumb tacks if you don't have the money for curtain rods.

You can also paint a large square on your wall, then place a picture and shelving in it. Shelving from Target is about $5-7.

I'm not sure what type of decor you like, but I found this great metal piece at Kmart, it's only $20!…
What are the advantages and disavantages of black and white photographs/photography?
I'm doing a project on black and white photography and would like your opinions.
What do you think are the pros and cons of a black and white photograph or black and white photography in general?
Pros and Cons for a personal aesthetic? Because this is what black and white is currently.
Well black and white can be harder to work with. You need to visualize tones of the photos and then get those tones- more then just middle grey. With the zone system you want to achieve zone 2-9,(the dynamic range) then the textual zones(3-8). But lets face it, if you were a photojournalist out in a war zone, you're not going to take the time to meter for the zone system. At one time black and white came in higher speeds then color film.
Back to visualizing tones, you have to stand and think of how the tones will fall in the print- you can't rely on color. You are essentially making a different photo.
One man's pro is another's con. It's easier and harder. You have more control over it- at least for film. I'm thinking purely film. Black and white with digital seems to be an after thought.

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