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Does th media overlook black on white crimes?
Why does the media overlook black on white crimes? When it's white on black, it's a national crisis. But when blacks act out on whites, everyone turns their heads. Is this because diversity is bullsh*t?

My Toshiba Satellite laptop screen is black on boot-up. How to fix?
WHen ever I hit the power button on my laptop all I get is a blank (black) screen, nothing comes up. Thought it was the battery but even with a new battery it still doesn't work.
~Have tried holding down the power button without the battery in
~Turning on the laptop without battery in and just the power chord
~Fn with F2 and F4, also Fn and F5, and F8

Help please! Any other tips?
mm, weird
How do you unlock knio der untoten on black ops?
i don't know how to unlock kine der untoten on blacks ops and i want to know how.
Knio dr Untoten is the starter character of Black Ops. You can't unlock it. You play as that character in the game!

Good luck!
Why I am getting more than 1:1 payout on Red-Black bets in online roulette?
I have $70 on the table, 40 on red, 30 on black. For some reason, sometimes when either colour wins, instead of getting $80 or $60, I get $170, or $110 etc. What is going on? Am I misunderstanding the rules?
First off, that's not a good betting strategy. If red, you win 20, if black you lose 10, and if 0 you lose 70. You're better off just betting 10 on black or red.

Anyways, it may just be a rule at that casino, because in mostly everywhere, red/black pays 1:1. If they paid out more, then they would be losing money.

To come out even, they would have to pay: 10:9 on American Roulette because of the double zero. What you're talking about is way over 10:9, and anything over that is money lost to them. I think you're missing something.
How do u get the other maps on black ops?
I got black ops and I got the three maps but I don't know how to get nacht der untoten,verruckt,shi no numa and der riese
To get the World at War zombie maps in Black Ops you had to buy the limited edition of Black Ops. If you buy the Black Ops Limited Edition ("Harden Edition" I think it's what it's called) new you get a code and can download the maps. That's the only way to get the maps is from that.

Wow are you guys serious!! The people who gave me two thumbs down are idiots and do not keep up with gaming news.… The website I just provided mentions that if you get the Harden Edition you get the "four playable cooperative maps" -Kotaku. The only cooperative gameplay in World at War are the four zombie maps. Nacht der Untoten, Zombie Verrückt, Shi No Numa, and Der Riese. In other words the only way to get the World at War zombie maps in Black Ops is to buy the freaking Harden Edition!!!! So how about you people do some research and then prove me wrong instead of just giving me thumbs down and not say anything.
How to make a black or white background in a photo?
How do I make a black or white background solid in my photo. For example. If using a black sheet, I find when I actually take the photo, the black sometimes seem not as black as it should be. Is there a setting on the camera that can make the black, blacker and whites brighter?
You have to measure the light with an exposure meter of the lightest part of your image and set your camera for this.

Automatic exposure measures just an average 'gray'.

Of course you can take your image in Photoshop and increase the contrast.

If using film, you could slightly overdelop your negatives. This too will make them more contrasty
What color dress will look good with jet black hair and medium skin?
I've got black, black hair, medium skin with golden undertones [I'm a NC40 in Mac].
I have no idea what color would look right on me. I know I look good in yellows but the dress doesn't come in that. What will look good on me besides black?
What is the average cost of an all black car?
I got a black volkswagen tiguan for my 16th birthday and I want to make it all black, but I do not know what it will cost me. I want the VW sign black, black rims, tinted windows, the black covering on the lights, etc. Thanks for the help
You cant do the headlights, so it will not be all black. One can of VHT will do the tail lights and turn signals (no more than 3 coats), so that is $10, the windows will be about $250. Wheels can be from $500 to $1500 depending on your taste. I would powder coat the emblem, so figure another $30 roughly.
How to get rid of a black spot on my nose?
I ve had a fairly big black black spot on my nose for about 5 months now due to pinching on a spot to clear out pores. I've tried almost everything but nothing is working and my self esteem has been seriously reduced because of this. Please give me suggestions. Its just a big dark spot in the middle of my nose
is it a pimple? anyways coca butter works on most skin
How come I only like interracial porn between black men and white men and not white/white or black/black?
Brotha here! The contrast resonates with me so effectively. WHY?! I like both black men and white men but to turn me on I need to see them together. How is this going to effect me when it comes down to having sex in a romantic environment
Because you have a fetish. SMH.

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