college cheerleader
Playboys Rachael is a cheerleader. She spends most of her days in college studying.

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What is required to be a college cheerleader?
I was thinking about becoming a cheerleader in college, but are there any prerequisites?

I know you have to be able to do hands stands back hand springs and stuff like that.

Do they only pick girls who had been high school cheerleaders or is it only on physical ability?
1) Some colleges have spring tryouts. Be sure to find out if your college does. (Some will take audition tapes if you live out of state.)

2) Not all college teams are equal. The one at my college pretty much took anyone with the most basic skills. Other places have much higher expectations such as toss heel stretch, back handspring full, standing tuck, etc. (depends on if the team is coed or all-girl or mixed.) You'll also have to make a certain GPA (usually 3.0) and commit to daily workouts, practices, games, competitions, and public appearances/community service. (Personally, I recommend taking the minimum number of credits allowable for full time status in your first year to help you manage your time and keep your GPA up.)

You need to talk to the coaches of your potential school and find out what the requirements are.

Good luck!
Could I be a college cheerleader starting cheerleading at 14?
Ok, so Im 14 and I've done some cheerleading, like rec cheerleading, and 1 year of allstar. I can do a roundoff well but I cant do a backhandspring and I know that to be a college cheerleader you have to tumble. Im thinking about doing allstar again, but I might want to do just tumbling like once or twice a week. Do you think that if I take it really really seriously I could possibly be a college cheerleader?
of course... people have started training for college cheer their senior year and made it.... u can do it if ur commited just keep practicing!!!!!!!!! u'll do greaaaaat.... but also look at some ocllege vids and practice stunts and maube dances and tumbling and sutff good luck:)
Do you need to be recruited to be a college cheerleader?
Can you just try out to be a cheerleader in college or do you have to be recruited? I am talking about Auburn University, my sister wants to go there and shes a varsity cheerleader in high school.
She doesn't have to be recruited, but she should find out when tryouts are being held. They usually hold them in the spring (no matter where you live) in order to reserve the summer for practice, camp, bonding retreats, etc. Good luck to her.
Is it possible to be a college cheerleader even if you weren't a high school cheerleader?
My current school doesn't have a cheerleading squad. Still, I want to do cheerleading at some point while I'm a student. Is it possible for me to be a college cheerleader even if I wasn't a high school cheerleader? Right now, I do volleyball, basketball, and also classic ballet outside of school so you can say I'm pretty flexible and athletic. I'm pretty famous for being one of the loudest person when cheering for my home team.
well it will be hard but I see your really athletic so there's hope just practice alot and you might make it, but yes it is possible.
Can I still become a college cheerleader?
I did cheerleading in junior high, and then my freshman and soph year in high school. I didn't try out for varsity the next year though, and I ended up moving there any way I could still become a college cheerleader?
Yes, there will be try-outs; if you have the skill, you'll make the squad. Not participating during your junior and senior years won't affect your eligibility.
How do i become a college cheerleader?
I was a gymnast for 16 years. and im 19. and i was a level 10 gymnast so i have all the tumbling to be a cheerleader but no experience in cheering. but i had an accident that took away my scholarships for gymnastics in college. and i wanted to try for the cheerleading team. so what does it take to be on a college cheer team?
Are you looking for a scholarship?

Or just going to the college of your choice and then trying out?You need to have jumps as well but as a gymast I am sure yours are fine.The only thing you need to learn is stunting.If you do a co-ed team you will fly.If you do an all girls team you could be a flyer,base,or backspot.Actually learning cheers or dances is not hard to pick up and your use to learning routines because of floor.

Pretty much I think you would be a shoe in.
Can i be a college cheerleader if?
I never been a cheerleader and have no gymnastic experience? I'm 19 at the moment and going to community college! But I plan on transferring this is my first semester (I took a year off after I graduated) so if I start exercising to become flexible! And join a gymnastic class can it be possible!
yea u dont rele ned any skill to become a cheerleader u just need to know how to dance
How to be better cheerleader for college?
right now im barely a freshman in high school, but i wanna start practicing to be a college cheerleader. can anyone help me with that?

&i kinda wanna do this on my own, kuz my family doesn't really have alot of money so i cant go to a gym to workout or any of that..

so any suggestion on what i can do?

You need to be fit to do all that cheer leading stuff. One of my mates does it and she regularly goes jogging and always doing sporty things.
All you need are some comfortable cloths and some encouraging music in your ears and off you go.
As for the cheer leading, try things at school. So when you get free time go to the gym in your school (it's probably free) and do some tricks on them mats, and practice like mad.

Oh and watch loads of cheer leading flicks and get some ideas, start with the easy stuff fir ts.

Hope it helps.
Where do college male cheerleaders come from? I've never seen a male cheerleader in high school?
Yet most colleges have male cheerleaders, what makes a guy who has never been a cheerleader go out for cheer-leading when they get to college?
most males don't cheer lead in school because most are afraid to get made fun of. most tumble in competitive squads like all-stars. but lots of high schools do have male cheerleaders. i actually have 3 on my squad
How much does the average college cheerleader weigh(flyers)?
I'm only a sophomore in high school but I've been told I have the perfect college coed body and I was just curious.
my cousin is a flyer it U.T And she weighs about 114

most of the flyers weigh around 100-120 thats what she told me :)

im also a sphomore and alsoo a flyer :)

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