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Do you think women should be able to stay in college dormitories?
I definately think not - even if it is an all girls college because often when women are given freedom without a male relative to watch over them they can get really wild. I'm sure you have seen censored video clips of girls flashing their chests to video cameras on TV. That's not even the stuff that goes on behind scenes in a college dorm. Women always need to stay with a male relative such as a brother, father, or husband to help her stay pure. Besides most women do not need four year degrees anyway. They can go to community college for 2 years and get an associates degree in nursing if they really want to have an extended education.
I don't think it's right the way people behave in college. But I don't think it's right to say that it's only right for females to be in college or in dormitories if theres male there. because the males act just as bad, sometimes even worse. And I also think that people need to learn from their mistakes and the only they can do that is by making some. I don't agree with the thought that it's only females acting inappropriately, because you know it's male too. Females just get on/in the porn because they're female and mostly males watch that. You seem to be pretty guilty of it yourself. (No offense intended).

But all 'N' I do agree that college guys need to act better. But not that it's just female. I say if they're going to ruin their lives, let them ruin their lives. I'm sorry but theres not much you or anyone else can do about it
College girls, if u do, why do u like to join wet tshirt contests and flash or the cameras ?
if u have a boyfriend, does he like if u do flash at spring break ?
mm NO!! I don't do that...I'm not that kind of girl...
Why do the girls in college all hate me?
Okay i am decent looking but very insecure because girls ridiculed me from 15 - 18 because i had acne and a big acne scar. I had it sorted out. I stopped speaking to girls because they just didn't want to know me when i had bad skin. Every girlfriend i ever had left me without giving a reason. One new girl in high school started speaking to me and another girl told her not to and that people would laugh at her if she speaks to me.

So i'm in college, i dress better and don't have the skin problems after seeing a dermatologist. I still carry my old habit of not speaking to girls. When they look at me i have flash backs of girls saying "err" and cringing at me so i just avoid the girls here and don't look at them. The other day a group of girls looked at me then i looked down and pretended to look at my notes and carried on walking. one of the girls said i don't know why you're looking away, you're not that nice anyway. Now other girls are saying i think i'm too nice. Some of the girls say i'm stuck up too.
Please don't take what happened back in your high school days to heart. Girls are mean, we all know that. Have confidence! You look better, and I'm sure you feel better. The past is the past, you should only focus on the future and the present. You're a new person. :)

Can you answer my question?;…
College aged girls: I desperately need your advice!?
Long, complicated story. But basically I live with 2 girls, my close friend of 5 years, call her J, and her friend she made at school, I'll call her K. Me and K, the first first few months we lived together, had an open type relationship, we never had sex, but had a strong emotional relationship that could be physical but usually only when we had both been drinking. Recently I told her my feelings were strong and that I think it was important that she knew, she seemed happy with the news, very giggly, she got a look in her eyes full of compassion, and she made it very clear that she loved me, but said "There's nothing we can do about it now, I mean we live together." I told her I understood, but it still hurt.
Since then, she seems a little distant, but I still see flashes of our old relationship from time to time, though definitely more sheltered. She no longer holds my hand, doesn't look me in the eyes often when we talk, and seems to like a little distance between us at home.

So did I make a mistake and now she's withdrawing from the relationship?
Or is she trying to protect her own feelings for me by changing how she acts towards me?

I know this is a long, complicated question. But it really means the world to me because she means the world to me.

PLEASE share your time and advice with me.
from the beginning she wanted to be more than just roommates but a relationship including having sex. since she is without that, she appears to have found a bf
College book bang?
would you girls flash, strip, S U C K or have sex with those "guys" on college book band, to get you text books free?

is flashing your chest worth it to you in order to get a free girls gone wild t shirt?
hopefully none of them are THAT cheap...
get real!
What does it mean when girls do this to guys?
So today when walking on college school campus this girl walked by me and stared at me look away down then look at me again....then later on i walked past this girl and she looked at me look down then look at me again.....i should of flashed a smile because they were what does this mean?

This doesn't happen often but when it does it feels good.
they want some of that *insert porno music here* lol. bow-chika-wow-wow
What do you make of a bright young college girl who only dates losers?
I mean guys with no class at all. She cheated on her boyfriend back home with several guys when she first got to college - one was with a guy on the first night of frosh orientation. The second time was in her college dorm room with an out of town guy who paid her by check for sex.

There were a few other guys who got her drunk in bars and then took her back to her dorm room for sex - noticed by others on her floor.

One of those guys is a college grad 5 years older than her who works two dead end jobs - probably because of a shoplifting conviction. She not only slept with him, but his older married half-brother - behind his back, and also in a threesome.

The latest guy is 19 years older than her, who beat his wife and a guy, divorced the wife, went bankrupt, and had to be taken to court twice to pay guy support. He always seems to have money for flash clothes and a car, although he can't pay his property taxes or auto insurance.

Could it be she is compensating?
How can you call her bright? At some point, when you continue to make such poor choices, you are no longer smart or bright.

Many women (and men) are actually very bright in other areas of their lives, but total disasters when it comes to relationships....
Can i do this with a hot college girl?
I can seduce her to enter a bedroom with her wearing a body-hugging nightie, and then make out with a her before she hikes the nightie up to show her panties. Than can i remove her bra, flashing her right nipple before I lean over to kiss her breast before she gets wrapped naked around me?
If you have pick-up line as awesome as 'Does this smell like chloroform to you?', then yes.

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