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All Comments

Would 35-50 year old gay men usually be attracted to a 20 year old man?
I am 20, and am very attracted to men aged 35-50. Would most gay men be interested in dating someone my age?
Why wouldn't they.
They would be very flattered too.
They would jump at the opportunity i'm sure.
How many 40 year old gay men are attracted to 20 year old men?
I am 20, and really want a 40 year old. What's the chance of getting one?
There are a good number of guys who would date someone younger. The only thing to watch out for would be a guy fixated on younger guys so he doesn't dump you when you hit 25.
Why do some young gay men find old guys hot?
some young gays are into older men and I don't get it...what is it that turns them on?
Doesn't it really depend on the guy and how old you are. Sometimes the older you are you may be looking for someone your age or older. For instance I'm 57 (though I've been told I don't look it) Most of the guys I look at tend to be my age or a bit younger. I wouldn't want someone still in their 20's. Not all older (not elderly) guys are wrinkled up heading for the home types. i still think as you age your tastes in men change. Also...some fellows who are older are more financially secure and are not runarounds from one guy to the next and more stable.
What day of the week is the best for clubbing at Heaven Nightclub in London for a 20-years-old gay men?
Monday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday?
When is there more gay people? When the music is better?
Friday - enjoy P&P :-)
Any gay men in Prescott want to hang out with a 21 year old?
I'm 21 and I tend to like older men but I'm beginning to doubt that there are any gay people in Yavapai County?
Don't you believe it. I recently read that ten percent of all men are gay.
I would have thought it to be much higher, but if you just consider the men of Prescott, well, ten percent at least are gay. Trouble is, you do not know which ones are. But you will. Some, anyway. Don't be too surprised when you get an invitation. Older men like younger guys, too.
Are there any 40-something yr old gay men who like guys their own age?
It seems they are all chasing after 20 yr old guys.
There is a little of everything besides not everyone cares about age.
Miami Beach Gay Pride 2011, my bud and this man that found him cute. They talked for a while
What makes old gay/bi men men think they have a chance with younger men?
I'm talking about old guys like 32+ going after men that are 18-22. Some old dude who was like 40 was trying to get at my friend who is my age 20 and also bi. What makes them think that a 20 year old would go for a 40 year old...
Oh I miss being a pretentious naive douche (aka= 20yrs old)

Listen guy, there are plenty of younger guys that go for older guys, there are plenty of older guys that go for younger guys. One day you will be 40 and you are going to see some irresistable twink and he's going to turn you down flat and you're going to think about this moment and either laugh or cry.

In the mean time, get over yourself and move on. The "older dude" is better off anyway. You youngings are too much drama.
How to stop attracting old, perverted gay men?
What the ****? I know I'm not ugly, I get hit on by old gay men way more than anybody else I know, and I'm only 18. I'm not gay. I don't even know gay people. Seriously, and in the restroom or the locker room? Gross, get some class.
Stop sneaking into gay bars. Duh!

Also if you were truly hetero, you wouldn't be here asking such a lamo closeted question. Deal with it. You like a duck in the mud!

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