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Why do black people have big dick?
I am black but i don't have the stereotype big black dick we see in porn movies. Is every black guy dick like huge and thick like i see in most pornstars? mine is just an average size about 5-6 inchs.
Well the truth is this: When people set out to make porn movies nobody ever seeks people with average or small *****. So almost 99.99999% of the time when you see a porn you will see a black man that they have SPECIALLY picked out with a humongous penis. But trust me there are about the same amount of white people with large ***** as there are black people or mexicans or asians. BLACK PEOPLE do not have the market cornered on large *****. But as usual people believe what they see on tv such as is the case that black people have a tendency to be violent gangstas or have gold teeth or like to have tons of babies.
Is it true what they say about black guys?
I was looking at some pron and this huge black dick was in their. So is it true? And why has the white man not evolved yet? Thanks!
its all about the motion in the ocean baby!
Why do people say black guys have big *****?
im black im 6'1 and i have a dick size of 6 and a half inches but why do girls say black guys have huge *****?
i always see black guys on porn having sex with some girl and his dick be like 12 inches and ****
im in college and i play football i have to shower with guys no homo../....
and most of them are black but they have the same size as me or a bit more bigger or smaller
and i brought it up with my friend and he told me he heard about tht rumer and that its not true what do you guys think??????
i think its not about race its just people all have different sized *****
There are big d icks in every color. The biggest I ever saw was on a white guy.

Don't believe all the rumors you hear.

I Hear Huge ***** like 8-12 inches dont exist?
i heard that theyre totally fake and just a myth created by porno companies. sorta like hollywood make things look real but they're fake. for example fake boobs. that said, black ppl haveing huge ***** is something that they created too.

is what i heard true/false? is it plausable?
Medical research says it's not true. That being said when I played high school football all the guys would shower after practices. Everyone was mostly normal size. Within an inch or two except one fella who was in the 9 to 10 size. He just happened to be black too. The funny thing was he was only 5ft 5 inches tall. It gave him the appearance of a third leg. Mostly though we were all interchangeable from the 260 pounders down to the 150 pounders.
Is it true what they say about size?
Is it true black people have HUGE *****, asian people have tinnny ***** and white people have normal/average sized *****? Also what should i say to people who keep saying stuff about their huge ***** all of them do it, should i tell them to stfu, does it mean they have a tiny dick so they have to make up for something?
on average black people do have bigger dick white people have average size and asians are smaller
White women only would you have sex with a black guy?
if they had a huge dick would you have sex with them even if they were really ugly would it not matter because they have a huge **** tell me what you think and why please.
White women only would you have sex with a black guy?
if they had a huge dick would you have sex with them even if they were really ugly would it not matter because they have a huge cock tell me what you think and why please.
Sounds like the perfect situation for a glory hole. If you don't see whats attached to it, then it could be Denzel right?

How big can your dick get?
ok so i've seen porn with guys with really tiny penises and then big and the huge so how big can it get and i don't mean naturally i mean with medicine also and by the way why do black dudes aways have bigger ***** then white guys? Thank
The largest recorded size was 13.5 inches. Most in porn are between 8-10.

I've met both black and white guys with big c ocks. Each one is different and special in its own way.

Girlfriend issues... What should i think? (Explicit)?
So i've been with my girlfriend for about 6 months and we have a pretty amazing relationship except for a couple big issues.

A) She has had a pretty sketchy past. Shes only 18 and has been with at least 25 different sexual partners... Many of those partners have strange and disturbing stories that go along with them. Some of them were guys ive known or still know and a couple of them were guys i really dont respect or enemies. (Strangely i had never met or heard anything about her before we started dating)

B) She likes to watch some pretty hardcore porn. The kinda stuff with 10 huge black ***** and one white girl. I found out when she watched it next to me in bed while i was sleeping and when i woke up it literally made my sick. Since we started dating I don't watch porn anymore, and even when i did never anything that hardcore. I just dont understand why she feels the need to watch this stuff as we certainly have a healthy sex life. However, sometimes ill come over her house and we'll have a great time together, but when we engage in sex ( which she normally instigates) she'll lose interest after a couple minutes and say shes sore or something.(Leaving me feeling horny and teased) Later when i have some alone time ill check her history and find out she was looking at porn once sometimes twice that day.

C) She likes to do drugs.... Not just like pot, which i partake in myself, but rave drugs and other loss of complete control drugs. She does these when she goes out to raves and the like where many of her ex bang buddies hangout.

I love her very much and want to believe shes trying to turn over a new leaf with me. She hasnt cheated on me or anything and limited her use of drugs which made me happy, but these issues keep replaying in my head. What should i do..?.. and please don't say watch porn with her as i honestly dont even like watching it anymore and the stuff she looks at makes me mad and uncomfortable.
She's very unhealthy.

She needs to get control of herself.
Do you think I'd look good going out with a black guy?
I'm 14 and my ex-boyfriend said I have a black friend named kevin and he has a huge dick that is like 10 inches and he would dig you cause he digs white chicks and he said he wants to bang you and then I said I'm not white, I'm Italian but I will give him a BJ
LOL, guys thesedays, huh???

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