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Black men With huge monster c***k's.?
every time i go to the gym or the pool i always see a black man changing and i always see that they have a huge penis i never seen one with a small penis my question is "Why do black men have such big, monster, huge penis?" hope that someone can answer me PLEAS!!!
Yeah true - my wife confirms the same that they all have monster ones - but dont know why?
What are those huge black....?
huge black monster boots that goths wear called??

i want to buy a pair for kicks and see what they're like, but cant figure out the name. they have a really bigg heal and front. chains or a zippers and usually go to ur knee or a tad lower or higher.

zora in kingdom hearts wears something similar
Dr. Martens?…

Some are called Goth Boots too…

Thats what Comes to mind for me. though I could be wrong.
80's movie with huge nasty monster.?
not much to work with here I was like 8 or 9 but all I remember is this one part where this couple is having sex in a tent by the lake,it was daylight kind of rainy and gloomy,then this huge black monster ripped into the tent tore them to shreds and ate them.that's all I remember.It was again late 80's.real gory,it wasn't cheesy monster looked awesome,sort of like the creatures from aliens look except it was like twice the size of those.thanks again.
There was a 1979 movie called The Prophecy about a giant mutant grizzly bear. I don't remember the tent scene but I haven't seen it in 30 years, but i do recall a scene were it tore the roof off of a cabin and was standing there looking down at them so he was pretty large.
Is there a black serpent with big claws and huge horns called FAM?
The Falling Atheist Monster - the brother of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
FSM is flying, while FAM is falling into hell.
Yes, it is behind you!
What would you drive to the Oscars if you were winning?
I'd drive a lifted Hummer H1, black, with huge monster truck tires that had a bumper sticker that says "nuke the rain forests" and park it next to all the priuses and smart cars. But that's just me.
If I were winning, I would tell them to keep the award. I don't want anything from phony, superficial, immoral Hollywood.
Is there a huge zombie in black ops kind der toten map?
when the power is turned on you hear a loud growl and the guy goes "sounds like a monster"
Is the nova gas zombie there breaking threw the walls.
Should have the Large Hydron Collider gone uncontrolled, will it actually turn into a huge Black Hole?
I am very anxious to know about why actually is it being made if the risk of disaster can be the outcome. Ten thousand scientist worked to create the gigantic monster so the they could find out how universe was created. But how come the can ignore the risk of end of the earth. Its not a gambling. Only 6 more days to start and the people of earth don't know about it. Isn't the experiment seem like a personal interest of scientist and ignore the beautiful people living with love and respect. Should have this investment made to kill the scarcity of humanity, food, water and environmental conservation, would have been appreciable. I personally say no to this stupid experiment.
Look, scientists are the smartest people on earth and they are too smart to make something thet will destroy us.

"People on earth don't know about it"- dude, the information is all in the open. There are not many who understand it. So they blindly oppose it.
Scientists are not doing this for personal enjoyment or anything, it benifits YOU too, so stop attacking them.
What is the name of this 60's movie. A monster chases down and kills the person who has the paper.?
At the end the man is running down the train tracks in the dark and tries to throw the piece of paper away, and a huge monster is coming down the tracks to get him. I think the movie is in black and white.
...released in 1957, "Night of the Demon" (also known as "Curse of the Demon", remains one of the most underappreciated horror films to see the light of the silver screen; a very moody, chilling and atmospheric, "...Demon" is enhanced by a subtle combination of Hitchcockian thriller, and and almost Lovecraftian storyline. The creature, initially and effectively implied, is eventually revealed as something quite grotetesque and least for '50's standards...and despite the undersppreciation of the film, has become one of the classic and iconic of horror images...

...the DVD is most highly recommended; it contains the 83-minutes U.S. theatrical release of the film, as well as the 95-minute British version
Im lookin for an old horror movie with a black thing or creature?
So as the title says im looking for an old horror movie with a black thing or monster or something like that that looks like black tar at some point enters into a dog and a man in a mobile laboratory must take something from outside and have to bypass the dog and a part of the film something like a huge dragonfly enters a room in a house or something like that and kill somebody and I know there are two survivors who walks through the city this is all what i remember from it.......sry4bad english
Is "Phantoms" (1998) based on a book of Dean R. Koontz.

Plot from IMDB: In the peaceful town of Snowfield, Colorado something evil has wiped out the community. And now, its up to a group of people to stop it, or at least get out of Snowfield alive.

Here's the fragment of the movie:…

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