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How many of you think indian gay or bi tops are real 'hot' in bed and can satisfy you completley?
How many of you think Indian gay or bi tops are real 'hot' in bed and can satisfy you completely sexually?(Don't want to hear about size of their penis tho as it's not always true like with other races and also don't want to hear about body odors as I have notice this is also typical statement that is also not true for all of them.It's depending on person's own care about hygiene.
i agree
Is Moonee Ponds a centre for gay Indian men?
I've just moved into Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, Australia, and my girlfriend and I have noticed a large number of Indian men hanging around the area. Also, a lot of our neighbours seem to be men who live together. Of course, we have no evidence that they are gay. All we have are our guesses. Is Moonee Ponds known to have a large gay Indian community?
its not that they are gay, its just that since they are so far away from home, they try to stay in the company of their own ppl!
Would Americans accept a gay Indian emigrant?
I was just wondering if Americans would accept a gay Indian american who is dreaming of migrating to the United States to escape the miserable fate of gay people in his homeland?

Just hit up the gay clubs

And you are sure to find a few

who will accept you open arms..

But I think you

need to be in touch with the

American Culture

so you have some common ground

Do white gay men find indian guys attractive?
i barely know any indian gay guys. the ones i knw have nothing in common with me. i m not tht much into looks.
but what i wanna know is if white guys ever are interested in indian guys who are not handome but are not ugly either.
Every guy and girl have their different turn-ons. Many guys would find those of Indian heritage very attractive, where-as many may not find the same effect. I know that I don't have much variation between ethnicity, though I am sure some would.

You just need to go for someone who is right for you. Don't worry if you are not overly attractive, if the perfect partner is there, they won't care about your appearance as much as how your personality clicks.

You could always try a gay dating website as see if you accumulate any traffic. The beauty about internet dating is that you can find people all around the world rather than limiting yourself to people in close proximity to you.

Keep searching! Mr. Right will be there for you someday.
Why is it that young Indian gay men like elder gay men? is it only for financial reasons?
As I grew older, I thought that was the end of my being able to find a replacement to the one who lived with me for 10 years as he got married to a girl as all men are programmed to be in India. However, without much effort I was able to the a new companion soon after I was ditched.
This is shocking. A gay man being married to a girl just because of customs? I mean, this has to change. I don't think that if he is gay he will be happy living with a girl and also he was definitely wrong in ditching you just to conform to social norms,
Now, as for why young gay men like elder gay men, its not something specific to your country alone.Elder men tend to be more matured or masculine maybe, and we do have such couples here too.
What does the Indian mean in Gay Culture?
In marches and movies that are in gay culture. You often see and Indian, usually with a big head dress like a chief. what does this mean, stand for, and or what is the history behind it???
Many gay Native Americans were considered 'special' as they had 'traits' of both males and females...and were usually selected to be the Medicine Men of the tribes... They also wore white moccasins and clothing... They didn't, however, wear the feathered bonnets that were for the Chiefs of the tribes...
Is there a gay Indian web site?
Are there any web sites for gay Indian males, pictures/contacts etc?
I'm sure you'll find this useful
Where can i find a gay Indian male here in cleveland?
im a gay male in cleveland. i love Indian guys da most...i think its cuz of my ancestory. my momz side of the family is mixed w a lot of Indian. i kno i seen a lot in nyc, but here in cleveland...i see a lotta hot Indian guys, n a lot of em is very very very feminine. i kno Indian guys r generally feminine, but some r out there feminine. i only kno a few gay Indian guys here in cleveland, all but 1 i met at a club. problem is they all too old for me. all da ones i met so far r like around 30. r all da Indian gay guys here in cleveland...old? im 19, n im lookin for some1 between 18 and 25. i sometimes go to gay clubs, but dnt see many gay Indians. plus, most guys in clubs only want one night in da bed! i want an actual relationship. anywhere in cleveland where i can meet an Indian guy closer to my type/age? my college only got 4 Indians. 2 gurls, 1 guy, n then, yea...CSU n CASE got waaay more Indians tho. how can i differ if an Indian guy is just fem, or fo real gay?
Its your lucky day, cuz i believe all eastern indians are gay actually~~
Indian gay stories Hindi gay stories?
I want to know where do I get indian gay stories/hindi gay stories/indian crossdresser stories on net. In hindi fonts can be good
Not a popular topic in India. You'll have problems with this.

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