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Why Japanese parents has no objection over their guys changing clothes in classroom?
I feel sick learning that it's just so common for guyren in Japanese school to change their clothes in the classroom. Together boys and girls up to 3rd grader seeing each other naked. Why don't they use the restrooms?
To me, that's pretty wild!! Than again, you have to keep in mind that that's Japan. There outlook on life is totally different than of ours, here in the U.S.
Can you please get me a picture of... (For school! No naked, but not super ugly)?
So, for the end of the year project, I get to do one on diversity. I have all, except I need a Mexican Girl. I have a light, but I also need darker skin mexican. A teen, like all of the others. No porno pics either please. Also a japanese, same rules (except the skin things). I can't find any, so it would be a huge help.
Try the picture tab on google
Wy do men's live revolve around sex? and why do they have to drag our world's society down with them?
majority wise) in our world culture, when we look opon the media all i see is some rapper or pop singer singing about sex. he has three half naked women rubbing their butts on his groin.then when i watch a female singer she is also half naked doing a sexual dance (Lady gaga Telephone, love game,pockerface Ceara Ride, Beyonce almost every song Rhianna almost every song) then when you watch Japanese anime the girls look ridiculous their boobs are stuff to the 10000000000000000000000000000 level and so are their butts. they look likprostitutetute/stripper doing role play as a school girl. then when you go to other countries men treat weman like SH*** !!! they dont give a fock about them even though women are their mother their raisers the people who carried their *** for 9 months gave birth with out any medication
and even nurse them. why do they treat them so horible like their a animal who can't think or make decissions when infact weman miture faster then guys (scientificly proven). In Kenya (i think) they practice cutting off 8 year old girls clitteris because the men think weman should have no plaesure durring intercorse only the men should. to add insult to enjury they even sow up the hole so the guy can have even more pleasure. are we just sex toys for guys? IDK all i know is when i look up relationship problems on yahoo answrs i see a bunch of girls upset becuase their BF broke up with them because the girls didn't
give there Bf good enough sex. i also see guys complaining because their GF don't look sexually pleasing to them. they even asked i thy should considers buying their girlfriends inplants? why should i stuff my boobs with water cause he likes it? why can't he get penus inplants i would like that! ( just guyding I'm only 13 I'm just using a senario) all I'm saying is that Prostatutes were made for men inplants were mostly made for men Porn was made for men strippers were made for men the singes in the pop culture were made for men even marriage was made for men. It was sapose to keep the two opposing sexes comitted to each other we all know women tend to be loyal most of the time but guys would sleep with any tramp they think is pretty most of the time( like when you watch jarry springer and the girl realizes the guy is cheating. why does she figt the girl she knows she's a hoe she should be angry with her spouse for cheating. but instead she begs for him back. Why?) any way my point is why is our society so revolve around guy power? they don't do sh** all they can do is work(like provide for the house) and kill( as in fight in war or military). If women where aload to speak their mind though out history i beleave our society would be better. Not neccesaraly beter then the guys but we would have more options
and choices ti inprove our world then just a guys piont of veiw. but in history repeatedly all us women can do is have guyes and take care of the house. in other countries we even get married at six to a old man with 50 other wives agiants our will. why is that? can anyone explain this to me?
1 hour ago - 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
oh yeah if i didn't mition I'm 13 i am 13 i do like guys i just wish thhey act right and stop putting girls down

WARNING: My spelling might suck! badly!!
because if our species didnt have sex we would go exinct.
If you see a hot girl, how far does your thoughts goes?
If you see a hot girl, how far does your thoughts goes?
I´m 21 years old girl.
I´m Asian (half Japanese and half Korean). I have pale skin and narrow eyes, small red lips.
I have this kind of look "very Asian look". (I hear a lot, I remind of pretty geisha in Hollywood movie)
I´m very confident about my look and I know many men think I´m hot.
I love myself and I guess it shows by my behaviors.
I wear blouse or something naive and sweet on the top,
but always wearing a miniskirt in the bottom and stockings.
(I like to wear clothes like in Japanese manga but my skirt is not that short.)
When I´m in school guys stares at me...being polite or shy. I feel it all the time that they find me attractive....but I guess it´s more sexually way then
"Hey she´s adorable She´s cute!"
They look at me more like
"wow hot!" or "damn what is she?"
Guys in class sneak look at me and I enjoy it.

But What I don´t know is....and bothers me....is that
how far their thoughts goes.....
I mean when they see me and thinking I´m hot,
are they thinking about SEX? do me?
I´m seriously curious....

Because I love guys attention and the way they look at me and be nice to me...get nervous around me.
I like them to think I´m a hot girl.
But I´m not sure If I like them imaging me naked and do them.

Today in class. The guy sitting next to me kept staring me and consciously looking at my lips.
I caught his eyes 2 times. and in both times, he did not turn his sights. he just kept staring at my eyes for 10 seconds.
That´s the time I questioned myself....
How far his thoughts goes?

Can you tell me honestly....
My English is very bad I know :(
I´m sorry about it. I just wanted to ask western people.
Because I´m staying in Us now. and this guy is American
Mentally, he's probably either raping you or imagining you sucking him off... Honestly, if I see an attractive girl dressed like that, it tells me she wants the attention and enjoys it. Of course I let my mind wander a bit farther and think about what she's wearing under the skirt, what her breasts look like, wether or not she shaves, what it would feel like to just bend her over the desk she's sitting at and go to town..

Welcome to America. Get used to it.
Why is America so IGNORANT when it comes to Japanese Animation,sexuality,nudity and guyren?
American Parents are "overprotective",for example they wanna protect Guyren from the facts of life telling me what they can and cant watch.Japanese Animation(Anime),and Japanese comics/graphic novels(manga) is known for having Fantasy Violence/action/adventure,Sexual themes/dialouge,Perverted jokes,romance and comedy,but people need to understand that this is acceptable in Japan even for guyren.Japanese society doesn't have a problem with sexuality and nudity like in America,but it doesn't actually have REAL Sex only in Anime porn (Hentai).In America you see a naked person in Comic or animation you assume its porn even if its just a girl topless and or a boy naked you assume its guy porn.I l also blame the church and whoever translated the bible obviously dont know that that original bible language doesn't say ANYTHING aout homosexuality cause it "The concept" wasn't known at the time so how can it be right or wrong?I also think the media needs to stop encouraging guys in High School and College to have sex cause they cannot handle the consequences THAT young.I read that the human brain doesn't reach maximun maturity until age 30 so how can you expect people under 30 to make serious Adult decisions if their brain cant handle certain things.People need to stop telling people "gays go to hell' thats make me MAD,I am 15 and I'm a boy that is confused about my sexuality I might be BI and I hate people that are ignorant and are being taught by the church which also says that Swearing is wrong thats bullcrap,I swear all the time and I hate when I was younger I got told not to use language when in Japan its not Taboo to swear.Even though this is not Japan America is too protective of guyren,if a guy is old enough to know from right and wrong they should know and be taught to wait till their mentally ready to handle serious decisions.
I can understand why you would think that way, and since im 13 i get how we ARE being over protected. but i also understand why our parents might want to protect us. i really dont ever read any animai or watever it is called, but i ont think that its good for the YOUNGER guys, like 1-10. i think that since our parets have grown up so long ago they dont understand how buch the world has changed and the fact that we are exposed to, swearing, drinking, violence, sex, and drugs every day. and we still manage to grow up all right. and also yea there is alot of presure to have sex and stuff on the people in hight school and collage. which really sucks if yoour someone like me. most of my 14 year old friends arent even virgens any mmore. its alright with me im not judging anyone who is having sex younger, its just that i have a steady bf and im still constantly presured by other guys to have sex withe them. i think that if the mediea wasnt showin so much in movies and stuff and making it seem COOL ten it wouldnt be such a big isue, and secondly, it is compleatly alright to be upset with the whole gay thing. theres nothing wrong with being gay. lol one of my bffs is a lesbo (im not) but i still love her to death. im also a very religious person and i do agree that there is nothing in the bible tha says that you cant be gay so there is nothing wrong with being BI or whatever. i hope that you get through your tough times! lmao <33 peace out lovies!
The Downfall of Anime?
Is anyone else here noticing that anime is just getting shittier and shittier? All it is these days is a Mary Sue shy girl who goes through high school all shy and blushing and dense! Or it's about a boy who does nothing but stare at panty shots, accidentally take girls clothes off in unrealistic ways and look at porn while crushing over the Mary Sue. Oh, and he lives in his basement.
It's disgusting. There's no plot, no storyline, no character development. All it is, is horny, no dicked, japanese pedophiles drawing half naked 14 year olds in school uniforms.
Anime isn't really on a decline. We're just getting more of it. There are anime every season that have pointless plots and/or cater to a very specific demographic. You'll always get so many of these to every Cowboy Bebop; there was never a time when every anime that the studios cranked out was an uncompromising classic. It used to be that you really only heard about the gems, and if a show got licensed then it was probably a sure bet at being popular because the companies weren't going to risk their money on anything too sketchy. Now, though, every anime that comes out in Japan is fansubbed and ready for you to download within a week of it's original airing, so you see everything. The good and the bad. And the downright unwatchable.
Women, which of these men would you rather have a baby with?
Here are your choices:

Choice A: His name is Sebastian. He is of Irish and Columbian descent. He speak eleven languages--Spanish, English, Swahili, French, German, Gailic, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Ancient Greek, and Urdu--and teaches chemistry and poetry at the local university. He won the Pulitzer Prize in poetry for a poem he wrote detailing how the touch of a woman is such a powerful thing. He wrote this poem while he was overseas serving as a Navy SEAL, a time during which he won the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery under fire. (He saved a class of school girls from a bomb, took some shrapnel to his chest, and shot down seven helicopters with only his pistol.) He is 6' 5'' and has sparkling blue eyes (the Irish in him), tan skin, dark brown hair, and large hands. He has a minor shrapnel wound across his chest from the mission overseas and still maintains his physique from his Navy days. He inherited 250 million dollars from a distant uncle and spends his time walking his golden retriever down the beach (he lives on the beach) and helping needy guyren. He can maintain an erection for two straight hours and is known by past girlfriends as "Mr. Anaconda."

Choice B: His name is Maurice and he is of black descent. He spends his time trying to organize local Black Panther chapters and is mad at Obama because "he isn't black enough and doesn't promote enough communist policies." He is only 4' 7'', but he refuses to be called a dwarf. He says, "I'm just a little on the short side and I make up for it in character." He dropped out of high school in the ninth grade and relies on government support. He refuses to work because he thinks employment is a form of slavery, which gives him nightmarish flashbacks to what his people once went through. He's never been able to maintain an erection and has even tried medication (which didn't work).

Choice C: His name is Billy Bob. He watches Nascar on Sundays and paints the town Crimson Tide on Saturdays (when the Alabama football team in playing). He is a hardcore Republican who likes to organize Neo-Con rallies on election days. His favorite thing to do is to look into a woman's eyes and read poetry to her. A stanza from one of his favorites poems reads like this: "I come to you in the meadow with all the pretty lillies/ Arrested by your eyes and enchanted by your t i t t i e s ." He loves to play the banjo and go hunting for deer and other forest rascals. He doesn't cook, but does say that he "loves to watch his old lady swing her hips around in the kitchen while she's whipping him up a good 'ole supper." Sunbathes naked on Sunday afternoons and is one "heck of a tennis player." Cannot maintain an erection, but only because he says things like, "I'm just not sure the female body means to me what it used to mean to me. Maybe the attraction will come back in time. Maybe it won't" And then says, "Boys, on the other hand......" and never finishes.

Women, if you were young and fertile, which of these men would you rather have a guy with?
Certainly man A. He sounds like the perfect man. Plus he lives on the beach and has a dog. You can't get any better than that.
Is she a lesbian? her jokes and teases to me are kinda.. erotic? (details inside)?
There's this new girl in school and in a few days she already has a lot of friends. Ok I have to admit, she's tall and beautiful. Let's name her Less and let's name me Mari, to cover our identity :D And when my friends started liking her, I dunno, I didn't just like it. She has that over flowing confidence oozing and she thinks everybody likes her. She acts older than her age too. So there's this day when she came in 'cuz she was absent for 2 days and all the students came to her and it's as if I were in a japanese anime where the students who love her is exaggerating. Then she looked at me and stared and I was like wth. I'm not sure but maybe she was thinking why I wasn't there, wahaha. So after a few days she became wierd 'cuz she kept paying attention to me, teasing me, looking at me then there was one time when she winked at me! >.< so of course I was shocked and just I looked away. I gave her the impression that I didn't like her, like raising my eyebrow when she talks to me, when we pass each other by the hallway.. I don't give way so we bump shoulders, etc. I know she's not that stupid not to notice it but still.. I think she's getting too friendly, she always smiles at me, she talks to me more unlike before, etc. Then there was this time when we the teacher told me to get the papers from Less's armchair and distribute it to everybody so I went towards the papers and there she was, watching me then when I got ahold of the papers, she held it too and whispered to me "Hard to get?.. I like it" then she winked! then she still followed me with her eyes while I was distributing the papers and I feel so naked! Then there was also this time when we were rehearsing for a presentation, we're in different groups then I just happened to watch her act a line then she saw me looking at her then she said "What's this? don't tell me Mari loves me now, 'cuz if it is, then I won't be able to be gentle with you" I'll never forget that, it even rhymed! then she said "so how was it?" me: "how was what?" she: "my acting of course" me: "that was an act?" then she told her groupmates she'll get a glass of water then when she passed by me she said "I know you know it wasn't an act" But she's kinda sexy when she gets mad, haha sorry had to put that in. I think she's a lesbian but I also think that she just wants my attention.. I dunno, what do you think?? But she's super nice and guydish when she knows I'm not in a good mood.
Well she's definitely flirting with you... but the question is does she like you or is she just a tease?

It's hard to tell, because even from your question i can tell she's really full of herself sometimes, therefore possibly more likely to be a tease.

If you like her, flirt back. If you don't, make sure you don't play along in any of her flirting games
What does this Sex Dream mean?
So, I had a sex dream last night about being on like the port, all by myself and this other girl, who i have known for a couple years. I transfered this year to a new school, and that girl, who is awfully cute, ive known her since 7th grade, but we werent huge friends. We use to talk a lot but that was years ago. Anyways, how it went was we were at the port, no one around, she eventually starts flirting, and getting really sexual. She was wearing a dress(looked like the ones the japanese women wear back in the old ages), she gets on top of me, undresses, fully naked, and well...eventually starts(you know the word haha). Anyways, i eventually wake, and happy as hell lol. I was just wondering, what does this dream exactly mean? Because this was with someone who i knew, and was clearly seen in the dream.
It means that you can predict the future and that you're about to get some. Ask her to come with you to Japan, and take her to a kimono store. Anal beads and lube are next.

Go wild cowboy.
Question about boyfriend?
it really bothers me when he checks out other girls & looks at porn etc, but he tells me that he knows i don't like it so he told me that he quit looking at other girl's butts & boobs. but do you think he's telling the truth? he has a good history of lying, especially about sexual things. & before i told him my feelings, he was a super horn dog. he loves looking at naked pictures of jessica alba & other porn stars. & he likes to check out other girls that go to my school. he likes those white girls that are tan with the blonde & brunette hair with a nice butt & nice boobs that are also chubby....i'm japanese & i have small boobs & no butt & i'm thin.
anyways, it really hurts my feelings when he checks out other girls & their girl parts, but i know that "guys can't help it". but i believe that if a guy really likes his girl & finds her very attractive, they wouldn't need to check out other girls or look at porn.
& no, i never check out other guys. & i don't find other guys attractive. i only find him attractive.

honest & serious answers please. [=
I think you should just leave him and find someone who does respect you. If he cared about you he wouldnt have to be looking at other girls or porn and if you have told him before and he said he would stop but still hasnt then he is never going to change. and if you continue with the relationship you will just get hurt.

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