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Why do so many Korean celebrities commit suicide?
Why do so many Korean celebrities commit suicide? I've noticed that a lot of Korean actors and actresses have committed suicide and the list continues to grow. Here are just some of the celebrities that have committed suicide:

Choi Jin-Sil
Jung Da Bin
Lee Eun-ju
Ahn Jae-hwan

Is it something about the culture or are many of them not able to handle the success that they have. Or is it something else?
Unfortunately, Korea's economy is currently at worst possible state. Competition for job is at the highest rate and only the best out of the best survive. Some of the things that are said here are also true - in a way. Most parents expect so much from their guyren that they HAVE to get into one of the top universities in Korea or else, they are regarded as a failure. This creates a stress and enoumous pressure that are very difficult for a guy to live with. Money is also another issue as parents might not have the money to support their guy. Violence, alcoholic problem, abuse between parents or to their guy is also another issue that are sometimes brought up. It's very difficult situation for a guy to be in.

Furthermore, like LoveSpell said, there are so many ways that you can borrow money in Korea but if you don't pay back, debt will double in a blink of an eye and in the end, there's no choice except to just give up.

For celebrities, U;Nee decided to end her life due to the high expectation and pressure she was in for her 2nd Album to succeed.

Ahn Jae Hwan was in huge debt because he 'borrowed' huge amount of money from those 'illegal moneylender' and 'loan shark" for the movie he was making. So he couldn't get out of it.

Choi Jin Sil was a bit of a shock to me and I really don't know why she did what she did (especially as she didn't have any upcoming drama and was a top top star in Korea. Maybe it was her divorce. I don't know. But she really shouldn't have done what she did especially as she had her own guys (whom are very young) to look after.

For Jung Da Bin, again, I'm not sure. There were rumours that her boyfriend might've been involved or it was just a suicide. But again, there were no reason for what she did (she was under pressure of her role in upcoming drama but she handled bigger pressure before so I don't see that as a reason).

Lee Eun Ju was receiving quite a criticism for her role in Scarlet Letter. But again, I'm not sure if that was the whole reason. There were so many rumours about her dating a very old singer and how breaking up was the reason and other bits and pieces.

Outside of pressure and stress, U;Nee, Jung Da Bin, Choi Jun Sil, Lee Eun Ju were ALL suffering from depression disorder.

To James above - I was actually very surprised that Korea is number 1 in suicide rate in the world but that link is amongst Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) only, the countries involved in the committees are all developed countries. We are hovering around 7th-9th in the world which is still very high for developed country like Korea.
Why is Lee Hyori darker than most Korean celebrities?
I noticed that Lee Hyori is darker than most Korean celebrities. Is it just me or she doesn't look Korean at all. Why is this?
I think she is actually getting her self some tanning treatment... with that she actually looks sexy most Korean have white complexion that is why she doesn't look like one.
Can you name korean celebrities that have long black hair with a slight wave in the end?
I want to know some pretty korean celebrities that have long black hair (up to mid-back) that have a slight wave/curl at the end

and one that has a full wave/perm

please help?
i hope you were asking for female celebrities?? ^^

go ara:

she went for partial perm once:

lee yeonhee:

ummmmmmm changmin??
LOL that was a joke ^^
What Korean celebrities do you think Koreans consider chubby?
What Korean celebrities do you think Koreans consider chubby?
from your searches and views..?
Shin Dong! He's the cutest chubby Asian guy I've ever seen.
In South Korea, can Korean idols or celebrities go out into the public?
Do they allow people to know where they work and where they live? Can they walk out into the public and not be surrounded by a whole bunch of fans? Do they live with their band members or no? Do all Korean celebrities/idols live in Seoul? Well, thanks everyone for the info.
I bumped into several Korean celebrities at a fancy gym and a luxurious hair salon in Apgujeong/Cheongdam area.

I believe it's much easier to bump into Korean stars in Cheongdam dong than bumping into movie stars in Hollywood.
Do Korean celebrities lie about their height?
Do you think Korean celebrities lie about their height? Do you think they are taller or shorter than what is listed? Any examples?

Most round up their height so it's they're a tad taller for instance someone who is 176~177cm will say that they are 180cm, 5ft 11.
As for their weight? Many of them male&female are thin but that's just the way the Korean society is currently, all my cousins in their teens/20s are all thin (male cousin in 20s 5ft 11, 120~124lbs) because that is what the society likes and they will critisize you (esp celebrities) if you are not slender.
Are Korean celebrities really as pale as they look on TV?
Every Korean I have ever met had extremely dark skin! But all the Korean celebrities look really pale!! I know that Koreans use makeup to make them look lighter but it can't be the makeup because their entire bodies are paler!

Also, why are some Koreans darker than others? Like I noticed that most Korean girls have much lighter skin then the Korean males...?
I was surprised that some people replied with uncertain information about korean. NOBODY put full makeup on whole of body with white power to make pale skin. If any entertainers do like that, it will be the top news on entertainment news of Korea and people will mock her. In korea, there are many kinds of skin colors so it's not difficult to seeing many pale skins or dark skins.

If you come to Korea on summer time(usually from July to August), you will see tanned girls on the street quite easily. In this season, tanned skin is kind of trend, if someone still has pale skin, people will consider they couldn't go vacation. In this season, they wanna be brown girl to be sexy girl. We don't particularly obsessing in pale skin because it's kind of common color in this country.
If someone has brown skin, we are used to calling it as 'sexy brown skin'. In summer time, many women tanning their skins at beach to get exotic beauty.

Either, pale skin cannot be a standard of grade of human in this country. That reply was so silly.
How do you pronounce these Korean celebrities name?
Park Shin Hye
Kim Jae Wook
Park Young Hee
Park Ji Ho

Don't really know if the last two are considered as celebrities but anyways can someone tell me how to pronounce their names? I'm doing a video about something and the last thing I want to do is mess up their names.
Park Shin Hye: park is just the Americanized way. The true Korean pronounciation is “bahk.” Do you know how to pronounce the composer Bach? Like that. Shin is not pronounced shin as in…your lower leg. Its more like sin, except with a slight “sh” sound in the beginning. Then hye…this might be hard to pronounce if youre not Korean, but it’s sort of like heh…like when you laugh evily kind of? Like hehehehhe? Lol yeah…..it’s just like a short exhale. Heh.

Kim Jae Wook: kim is also the Americanized form. It’s actually pronounced. Gim, with a longer vowel sound, so I guess more like geeeeeeem. Jae is just jeh, like heh except with a j. wook is…I don’t even know why they spelled it with a w. just pronounce it without like…ook.

Park Young Hee: park is again just bahk, like bach (the composer). Young is exactly how its written (for once hahahaha), and hee is also how it’s written. Yay, a simple one! ^^

Park Ji Ho: you know park already. Ji is more like GEEE and ho is how it’s written. Yay another simple one

Hope this helped!! :]
How is it that Korean celebrities achieve a perfect small face?
I know celebrities are generally supposed to be better looking, but I wouldn't mind having their small face...how do they do it? I know most of you will answer plastic surgery...but are there better options? Any products to buy? Suggestions?
I'm a Korean and grew up in the states. However, when I moved to Korea and consequently changed my diet, I lost weight and also lost some fat in my face. I think achieving a small face has lots to do with what you eat. Also, in Korea you can buy facial masks and facial massage tools for slimming your face. Haven't tried them myself, but I think they do work somewhat.
Where do korean celebrities get their plastic surgery done?
i'm very curious. i was thinking of getting eye surgery as my left eye is a bit lopsided but i don't want to get it done at an inexperienced place. where do the celebrities get them done?
No celebrity actually divulged that information but Apgujeong Street is this really high end place with lots of designer products, expensive cafes and lots of plastic surgery clinics that rich people visit.

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