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Lesbian story?
i was told to tell a lesbian story i really dont have any but there was this one time i walked in on two girls making out, it was hilarious. tell me your lesbian storys.
Today I went into a store and bought a half gallon of milk. It cost $1.99. I gave the cashier $2 and he gave me back a penny and a receipt. I said, "Thank you." Then I went home and put the milk in the fridge. I was a lesbian throughout the whole thing... in fact, I am still a lesbian even now as I'm typing this. This has been a lesbian story. Tune in next week to hear all about how the lesbian went to the bank.
Why is lesbian love story more romantic than the straight ones?
Yeah really I don't know why but I found the lesbian stories more romantic than other stories. And I am surely not talking about any sex. Well I was attracted to these stories after I watched film DEBS. The acting was worst acting that I ever saw but the lesbian attraction in the film was good. Is it like that in real life?
Love is love; gender is irrelevant. So yes, it is like that in real life. Maybe it isn't quite as romanticized and everyone's hair and makeup isn't always flawless, but there is most certainly achingly amazing love like that out there. I personally think girl and girl love stories are easier to relate to since I'm gay. It just seems like girls get each other on a deeper level; they understand how one another feels and they connect with it.
I want to write a lesbian love story. How do you start a love story?
One based in France, where it's legal to get married to someone of the same sex. I want to base it off my own lesbian experiences, but don't know how to start. How does someone developed a love story?
Wow, that sounds really interesting. If you are basing it off of your own experiences, then you should start it however your love life began, you should have it being told as the person and begin it with just like them in their normal scene, or where you would be having most of the action happen. Have it start off really slow but leading into the ation quickly to pull the reader into the story automatically. Like she could be in her bedroom looking out her window waiting for her best friend to come over, or something. But i hope it goes well, and you come up with something you like. It sounds like a really good idea for a story.
Y & R Has there been a lesbian story line on the show?
Currently there is a gay twist with Adam on the show...(btw, no wonder the original Adam quit the show), ... I was wondering if there was ever a lesbian story line on Y&R?
Wow...babyyb90...chill...I didn't read any comments that slammed or made fun of gay relationships on the soaps. Maybe you could take the time to read the question and answers before you get your knickers in a knot.

And, no, other than a failed attempt in the 70s involving Kate Chancellor, Y&R has not done a lesbian story line.
Would you buy a book about a a lesbian love story?
I'm not talking about erotica, in fact there is nothing erotic. I'm talking about the love between a couple that conflicts with their faith. Its about love and all the controversy of today's culture. Do you think that society would be interested in this type of story?
Yes, I think plenty of people would be interested. There are hundreds of books already about that. Well, they probably have some sex scenes, humans are sexual beings. But there are lots of books based on that idea.
A good title for a paranormal lesbian story?
It's about a vampire and a werewolf (both female) who fall in love, despite the strict laws. Any good titles? And also, any negative feedback will be deleted.
Um...has everyone gone bonkers. Good idea? Why? Because the two main characters a female lovers so that makes it a twist and for all the people who whine "vampires and werewolves are cliched. Don't use them in a story" all right?

Doesn't matter what sexuality they are. I still don't see people jumping on the anti-vampire wagon all because you have the two MC's the same sex? That's silly in itself. It shouldn't matter about that part.

But a story can be well written regardless of what it's about. But them being both females isn't a twist.

Blood Sweet
Blood Promise
Pale Moonlight
Deadly Alive
Opposite Ends
Are there any good recent films with a lesbian story line?
sounds wierd, i just want a new kind of film to watch.. no porns though, thanks =)
Loving anabelle is a good film about a young girl moves to a catholic school because they need to calm her behaviour down and she falls in love with one of the teachers at the school. It's really sad, It made me cry :'( good film though i really got into it :D
What is the ultimate lesbian love story?
I need some references for a paper I am writing. Thanks!
Oh that's easy-Xena and Gabrielle of course!
Does anyone know any good lesbian love story movies?
And please don't recommend something perverse. I would just like a regular movie. Ty.
Loving Annabelle (it's about a teacher and a student that fall in love; one might think it's perverse because of that, but it really isn't).

Saving Face <-- really good
What is the best lesbian love story movie in your opinion?
I have a feeling it is Lost And Delirious, but only the gay community could answer that.

its the only one i can think of

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