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Looking for long leg diabetic stockings in a heavy weight fabric for a woman with massive legs?
neighbor lady 86 yrs has huge legs that swell tremendously at times. I found a pair of long white diabetic socks with no name or size or number markings on them which fit her beautifully and now she would like to get 2 more pair and I have no idea where to start to look for more...our area pharmacies have never seen anything like them and have not been able to find a pair of support socks or diabetic socks large enough to fit her. They are a heavyweight white soft material.
Do you know whether or not she has lymphoma in her legs?Either way,go to this site www.Kingsize.com.It's for tall men,but they have a variety of clothing,down to socks(including diabetic socks) and men clothing is usually bigger than women's so with her legs being so big hopefully this will help her..God bless and good luck..
Why do guys prefer to stare at girls with long legs rather than girls who dont?
I am quite tall, 5'9 and I dont mind showing off my figure and I typically go to work wearing a nice blue dress occasionally with stockings.

One or two of my friends have been approached in bars at lunchtime by guys asking about me and if I'm single, maybe to stop their attention I should wear pants in future!

What is it about guys that they go all horndoggish when they see a girl with long legs?
it actually depends on how the girl walks...if she walks with confidence

im 5"0 with really short legs but guys still stare ;)
Are there any stores that sell leopard print tights/stockings in a longer size?
i'm 5'8 which isnt incredibly tall, but i have very long legs. i bought a one size fits all pair of stockings for halloween because it said up to 160 pounds and i weigh 145. the stockings are too short though! the crotch is too low! are there stores that might sell a longer size somewhere? or has anyone seen leggings that are leopard print somewhere? (preferably cheap...)
i 've seen some in H&M, macys, and Forever 21.
hope'd i helped a bit :]
Why do most men think women in short skirts and stockings or pantyhose, are to drool over?
Dresses, and skirts, long legs or medium legs, it doesn't matter. As long as they are poured in to hose or stockings or a total tan from thigh to feet. It makes men sink to a level they would not admit to because they are so turned on. I am guilty of it myself. Women who wear it well, are simply to die for.
Stockings and a garterbelt are the absolute hottest thing a girl can ever wear. I thing bare legs look cheap, even when tanned, but pantyhose are really for older ladies, to cover up the cellulite, and they hide a younger girls nice panties,. Sheer stockings are always the best, they accentuate the legs, the garter belt is the sexiest, and they don't hide anything, they don't even have to come off to have fun!
POLL: Skinny or shapely legs?
Which do you prefer to either have( if you're a woman) or in a woman (if you're a ma)

Short shaply legs where there is more meat in the calves and thighs:

Or long skinny legs

Also what is your age? I'm just curious what certain age groups would say haha.
I work hard on my legs by running so maybe I'm biased but I prefer them to look athletic over skin and bones

I'm 32---when I was a guy I wanted spagetti legs but now I embrace my curves.
Will be rescuing a new 2 year old Filly Paint with possible Warmblood background?
There was a raid recently on a farm and with that said I am going to be taking in a filly and adding her to my 3 I have. She has hoof issues and will never be ridden but she is the most beautiful horse I have seen in a LONG time. Gorgeous little head, she is long legged, Buckskin Paint with White collar around the upper neck, for long white stockings, white on rump and forequarters. Huge white snip. One blue eye one brown. Super loving and trusting despite all her problems, likes to hide her head under my arm. whinnies to me already... Tall girl... give me some really GREAT WONDERFUL UNIQUE name suggestions... I CAN NAME HER MYSELF but I am looking for some suggestions and info and I like using YAHOO so dont tell me to do it myself, I know I can.
Name her Sweet Salvation, since you are hers... ;o)

And I see you have a pic of a Corgi...

I have an adorable 1/2 Corgi, 1/2 Heeler (body of the corgi, color of the heeler...cool looking pup) who is THE COOLEST dog on earth.
Would you say this poem is inappropriate?
Andre Breton
Always for the first time

Always for the first time
Hardly do I know you by sight
You return at some hour of the night to a house at an angle to my window
A wholly imaginary house
It is there that from one second to the next
In the inviolate darkness
I anticipate once more the fascinating rift occuring
The one and only rift
In the facade and in my heart
The closer I come to you
In reality
The more the key sings at the door of the unknown room
Where you appear alone before me
At first you coalesce entierly with the brightness
The elusive angle of a curtain
It's a field of jasmine I gazed upon at dawn on a road in the vicinity of Grasse
With the diagonal slant of its girls picking
Behind them the dark falling wing of the plants stripped bare
Before them a T-square of dazzling light
The curtain invisibly raised
In a frenzy all the flowers swarm back in
It is you at grips with that too long hour never dim enough until sleep
You as though you could be
The same except that I shall perhaps never meet you
You pretend not to know I am watching you
Marvelously I am no longer sure you know
You idleness brings tears to my eyes
A swarm of interpretations surrounds each of your gestures
It's a honeydew hunt
There are rocking chairs on a deck there are branches that may well scratch you in the forest
There are in a shop window in the rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette
Two lovely crossed legs caught in long stockings
Flaring out in the center of a great white clover
There is a silken ladder rolled out over the ivy
There is
By my leaning over the precipice
Of your presence and your absense in hopeless fusion
My finding the secret
Of loving you
Always for the first time

Andre Breton

I havent a clue about what he is describing but i have an idea...does anybody happen to know?
Good poem with nice imagery, but then one should expect nothing less from Breton.

Because all is subject to interpretation, I won't pretend to know precisely where the author was coming from. Because he was *so* tied into surrealism, one must wonder if his written descriptions truly match the images in his head, i.e., if somehow the "white clover" was actually silver in color. Now add in the fact that this is the English translation of the original French version.

However, I believe this poem is just the late night dreams of a man who doubts he will ever find true love. I think it would be perfectly appropriate for school. I would have used it back in 1973 and school is a lot less restricted now.

Catherine called birdy?
I forgot my book at school.
1.How does birdys mother feel about birdys impending marrige? How does birdys veiw differ from her mothers?
2.How does te proverb "dont stretch youur legs longer than your stockings or your toes will stick out" apply to birdys circumstance?

Thanks for all your help.
I would appreciate if you didnt put answers like look it up yourself cause i am in a big hurry!
It has been a while since I read this but I believe Birdy despises the fact that her toad of a father has arranged a marriage to a man she detests. Her mother thinks that she should marry. I'm not sure about the proverb. I probably shouldn't even be answering this question.
Where to find picture of teenage girl. Can't find it on the internet.?
I am looking for a picture of a blonde teen girl in skirt (full picture) from head to toe, standing and facing the camera. With her arms down or up. I need it as a texture for my game i'm developing. I could not find any on the internet because I have a specific criteria which is:

-She has to be cute (14-18 year old) youthful and innocent.
-She must not bend her head
-She must wear a skirt and blouse
-She must not have too long stockings covering her legs.
-The picture must be clear enough.
-There must not be shadows covering her e.g of trees
-There must not be someone else in the picture partly blocking her
-There must not be an object blocking her body e.g a bag
-She must not look gothic or mean
-No cheerleader outfit

I'd appreciate if someone could give me an image, or I bet if you could find this on the internet.
I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but yeah :)

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