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Glamour spell? is it possible? (mature answers)?
christians, if you don't like it, love it. any immature answers will be reported.
i wonder if a certain glamour spell is possible changes your appearance...whole body features..not trying to sound immature or anything i;m just wondering..
Anything is possible, but I don;t think you will be able to make it work right
Out of Allure, Glamour, and Lucky Magazine, what would be the best transition from Seventeen?
what is the mature version of seventeen magazine?
I think Allure would be the next transition and Glamour would be after that.
How can I convince my parents that the Sims 2 Nightlife is appropriate for me?
Im 13 years old and I already have the Sims 2, the Sims 2 Open for Business and the Sims 2 Glamour Life Stuff. They read the description of it on Wikipedia and they said "No, its too mature for you." I don't want to go behind their back and buy it or something but I really want that game. THe only thing I want to do on it is make vampires. Thats it!
There is really no difference between the regular Sims 2 and Nightlife. Explain the everything you can do in nightlife you can do in normal sims anyway. And, it's not like you see anything, it's fuzzled :P
Plus, you're old enough to understand I would think
good luck
Magazines for seventeen year olds besides the mag Seventeen?
I already have the Seventeen subscription and I really want to get another magazine line cause it seems like I read 17 about 20 times over until the next one comes out. I like reading articles better than fashion and I heard Cosmogirl was like that, but they don't sell Cosmogirl subscriptions anymore for some reason =[. I can read something a little more mature so I was thinking maybe Glamour? Or any better ideas? Thanks xx
Yeah Cosmogirl is no longer published because it wasn't selling enough.

You could try Teen Vogue, Glamour is a little more mature but it is a really great magazine. You could also take a look at Allure if you love beauty or Marie Claire (similar to Glamour)
Is the strong emphasis on princesses and all that glittery junk causing young girls unhealthy obsessions?
According to "The Narcissism Epidemic" by Jean Twenge and W. Keith Campbell, this is a real problem that will unfold in terrible ways as these young girls mature, if parents do not handle it correctly. I haven't read the book yet, though I read about it a bit. That mentality puts an unhealthy emphasis on glamour and wealth.
What is your personal experience?
Some of my warmest memories of guyhood are those times I spent with my mother sitting on her lap, reading or listening to her reading fairy tales. Perched there high on her knees, it was as though I was myself a royalty, transported into a world filled with handsome, dashing, and heroic princes coming to the rescue of helpless or mistreated princesses, victorious against cruel villains, crafty and witless alike. I remember how I had often envisaged myself being those beautiful princesses clad in elegant gowns dancing with my own Prince Charming in huge, glittery ballrooms. Being an impressionable girl watching all those Disney animation movies, I remember fervently wishing that I could have all those material things that I thought would come with being a fairy tale royalty.

But then it was my mother too, who had taught me the meaning of humility; how to enjoy and be grateful for the simpler things that are more accessible in life. She had taught me the meaning of respect; for others, for the elders, for nature and most importantly – for myself and the person that I am. She had shown me that in the real world, the things we want often do not simply come by without some effort on our part, and that we only get what we earn.

What I’m trying to say, is that it is HOW we guide our guyren that makes the difference. I’ve always believed that there need to be a delicate balancing act in our decisions as parents. We need to exercise balance in deciding the extents of the various exposures we would allow our guyren. Parenting has never been an easy endeavor; there will always be challenges and external influences that parents need to deal with. We can’t always point fingers to these external factors when things go wrong somewhere with our guyren. What we can do is equip them as best we could with the tools to help them decide what is good for them or otherwise.

And I hope I’m doing okay with my own baby daughter. Like all girls her age, she loves playing “castle”, as she puts it. But then she also loves Superman. She used to call herself “Princess Superman”, you know. That was before I explained to her as tactfully as I could, some of the bizarre wardrobe malfunction that could result from the hybrid of two very, very distinct characters…
Do you think it takes another 50 years to have our democratic system fulfill its objective?
Now, only 60% of people vote. Many are divided on caste. Many vote for glamour and sympathy (eg: Gandhi-nehru family, NTR family, etc). So, you think that it would take another 50 years for people to mature up, and these caste differences to fade away and people start voting for good candidates.
Yes it will take time because at present we are in "transformation-period" late when people are becoming more and more educated than they will learn the real democracy and their rights in democracy.Mandate-voting is good answer for present corrupt system of election and voting.

But these political party,mainly congress, who enjoy present system never do anything to change in favor of democracy.In real they are corrupting every system to hold the power in their hands.

Narendra Modi have analyze it well and given the real democratic system but corrupt party never accept it and their corrupt men/women who are holding key posts will support the most corrupt Family & party of India,the congress.So we have to do wait for remove the ignorance of our educated and non-educated people who are blind follower of dynasty system,the "Mental-Slaves".
Ideas for pictures? Positions for Glamour Shots?
My husband and I are going to get Glamour Shots friday. What are some good ideas for a position for the pictures? I found a few. Direct links please if not discriptions that's fine just describe. Thank you!!! Much appreciated!!!!!!!!

No rude comments please, mature answers only!
Usually when you go to a professional photographer, they are the experts at picking out the positions, not you, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. The last time I had pictures taken by professional, he took several shots, with different scenes and positions. By the end of the shoot I had like 100 different poses to choose from. So just relax and let the professionals do their magic.
Fashion/Glamour/Make-Up Magazines?
So.. I need some magazines that is HIGH in fashion, glamour, glitter, style, and ESPECIALLY makeup(: Oh and also hair.
Is there anything you can recommend to me? I want BRIGHT stuff, weird/crazy stuff. Just something edgy(: Oh and something with A LOT of make-up and glam please(:
I love Seventeen.. so something a little like that would do but I'd rather has something more mature and higher in fashion(: But Whatever gives me what I want is fine!
Oh and I know of Elle and Vogue and Teen Vogue so don't say those please(:
Cosmopolitan always has the best make-up and fashion section of all the magazines.
Which haircut will make me look better & older/mature ? [pics]?
i want to cut my 15 and going into high school and i want a new look. which haircut would make me look older/more mature and better??
kelly clarkson:…
17 magazine 'sexy shag':…
me: [sorry i havent done my hair or makeup so i look bad haha]…
thanks :]
I'd go with the first one. It looks like a more mature version of the second style, and you could totally pull it off too. So ya, go with the first one!
Which magazine is better Glamour or Cosmopolitan?
i did get seventeen... and now i just want something better and more mature
COSMOPOLITAN is a well mature one yes it may talk a lot about sex but that's for mature and responsible people like you and me and besides sex it talks about alot of things.

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