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Why can some people post "adult" pics on their "mature" 360 page and others cannot?
I posted two moderately "naughty" pics on my Yahoo 360 page (it is designated as a "mature" page) and they were deleted because they did not conform to the policy about pictures. However, there are heaven knows how many others on Yahoo 360 that have posted similiar pictures and many very pornographic pictures, but mine were rejected and deleted whereas the others have not been. I just don't understand why some can and some can't...
You got busted for having pictures and the others will too eventually. If you see abuse of the 360 guidelines on other 360 pages, please report it. Click the tiny "Feedback" link in the top right corner of your page and use the "Abuse" form.

Here's a primer on the mature content business:
"Mark individual blog entries "mature" under “Options” in the Blog Compose screen, or set the default for your entire blog to "mature content" in your blog settings."
- You can access blog settings by clicking the "Settings" link at the top and clicking "Blog Settings" on the left OR while in "My Blog" clicking "Edit Blog Settings" in the top center of the 360 window.

NOTE: If you do not follow the mature content guidelines, you are violating the 360 community guidelines (see… ) which could make your page open toward abuse reports, violation notices, and possible closedown of the entire account. Mature guidelines are in place to protect visitors (friends or not) that are under the age of 18. This includes pictures.

So, if you put such pictures in your blog and then don't mark the entry (in some way) as mature content using the Y!360 tools, then you're in violation of the guidelines. If you try to put those pictures any other place besides your blog, then you'll definitely be in violation because there are no mature content tools for outside the blog area. Follow the procedure or you run the risk of getting your account shutdown.
Are these pics too mature for my 14 year old sister?
I think these pics are too racy for her cause she's only 14 but shes like oh all my friends have pictures like this...what do you think?
Wtf she sounds/looks like a sl*t
Which hair length makes me look more mature (pics included)?
Over the past year my hair length has fluctuated between long extensions; shorter extensions; and natural hair. I'm just torn over which length makes me look more mature.
I'm 16 but bc of my height, I constantly get 12
My natural hair is fried bc of glue-ins so dont even say natural..
but which length makes me look me look more mature?
Shortest: +
Shoulderlength: +
Long: +
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the middle one. You look really mature and pretty.
Which haircut will make me look better & older/mature ? [pics]?
i want to cut my 15 and going into high school and i want a new look. which haircut would make me look older/more mature and better??
kelly clarkson:…
17 magazine 'sexy shag':…
me: [sorry i havent done my hair or makeup so i look bad haha]…
thanks :]
I'd go with the first one. It looks like a more mature version of the second style, and you could totally pull it off too. So ya, go with the first one!
Are these pics too racy and mature for my 14 year old sister?
I think these pics are too racy for her cause she's only 14 but shes like oh all my friends have pictures like this...what do you think?

she uploaded some more so dont say i already did this
Yes definitely, shes comin across as a complete tart. You should tell her, if she doesnt know any better.... and she only 14 and posting such pics on the net.. some people are really stupid...

and yes you should tell your mom.
Do you think i look mature or young(pics)?…
i m 18
Mature & pretty enough (pics included)?
hi. i want to be a bollywood actress more than anything. i know i have posted this question before, but i want more opinions. do i have the right looks for bollywood? should i start modeling first? will the producers like me? cast me? how can i contact an agent over there? i am willing to move. i am not south indian. i dont know any south indian langauges either. i have no interest in entering kollywood or the south indian movie industry. i speak hindi well enough. i am not as young as i look either. i am 5'4" and 100 lbs. i can act and dance well. i am confident and very persistant. can i make it?



thanks so much!!!
You have the looks to make it anywhere, not just bollywood.

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