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My partner wanted oral sex, and i would like to know other mature women's experiences.?
Also my partner wants to try anal. have any women tried it and is it possible that a woman will like it.
These questions are for women over 18, only.
Thank you.
My wife gives me oral once a week unlees we are out of town or busy for the last 6 years

Tried anal once for about 10 seconds and never again. She didnt like it
My partner wanted oral sex and i would like other mature women's experience?
He would also like to try anal and I would like to know if others have tried it and if its very painful or enjoyable. No one under 18, please.
This is totally personal okay. Just my preferences and such. Okay, btw-I'm 21.
I do not personally like giving oral to guys. First thing, after a while, your jaw starts to ache really bad. Second, they expect you to act like a porn star when you are doing it and that is not my style. It can be fun for foreplay definitely though, as long as you aren't expected to actually GET him OFF that way. It also somewhat depends on how big the guy is, the bigger it is, the more it makes your jaw hurt. Some women are different though, some women really enjoy doing it.
Anal. Seriously painful. If you are with an AVERAGE size man, it hurts, any bigger it's horribly painful.
If your with a slightly below average man, it doesnt hurt nearly as bad, but it still hurts quite a bit.
My boyfriend of 2 years really wants to do it, and we've tried a few times but it always hurts too bad (he's also quite large) so I always have to stop him when he's hardly in at all. The guy I was with for a year before him was a little smaller then average and I did have anal with him, but it still hurt, but not like it hurts with my current guy.
My friend, lets call her Kay, she once told me (before I ever tried it) that she and her boyfriend do it all the time and she LOVES it. She said it only hurt the first couple times and then she got used to it.
And that is true, to some extent, with my last boyfriend it hurt everytime, but it hurt less each time.
If you decide to go anal, don't be afraid to stop him midway if it hurts too much. Also, at adult stores they sell things like "Anal Ease" that is lube that is supposed to be somewhat numbing, my current boyfriend and I bought some but have not really tried it yet. (BTW-it was only like $5)
Hope this helps!
An anal question (serious please dont report) for mature men and women only?
for guys or girls who have done anal I have a question. my boyfriend is curious about it (as all guys are I think) and he gives me everything I want so I try to give him what he wants.
we've tried to do it about three times and every time I simply can't do it. was your first time hard? I don't understand how it can feel good or even feel normal, for me it just hurts a lot.
any tips or experience? he really never asks for it but I know hes simply just curious so I'd like to give it to him but its incredibly hard for me.
I only can tell you what it worked for my wife and me. You have to be very excited, a little of alcohol helps, a lot of foreplay ask him to loosen up your anus with his tongue, fingers (be careful with the nails or use gloves) or/and a small dildo (use lot of lube, anal eaze, anal lube, astroglide etc). Once your *** is ok with 3 fingers inside, go for it. If you cannot do it the first time, doesn't matter next time it will be.
Then have you sit on him so you can have the control if you feel pain stop wait and start again, with a lot of lube and a lot of patient is going to be possible. Once it is inside, one of you have to take care of your clitoris until you are done. You are going to enjoy it, Good luck let us know
Love advice needed from mature women only, please.?
Seriously, if your a guy or a younger women you can't relate so please simply move on to another posting. For a couple weeks now I have been having an affair with a younger man. readers digest version as complete version is in older posts= my husband is much older and hasn't touched me in years, could care less. Attractive younger man, I'm mid fifties he's early forties, and I moved from flirting to teasing to one afternoon each week of the best sex I have ever experienced. He is my ex son in law which people seem bothered by, understand the sexless marriage and affair but for some reason many can't get past that. My daughter was never that great to either of us and it's been years, not an issue for us. Nuts and bolts of it, I am finally happy and experiencing something I gave up years ago against my wishes but like most of us I always put everyone else first. For him it's the whole mother in law fantasy and the chance to have his way with what he says is an attractive mature women. Thing is I am wondering if it's headed in a bad direction. Many said anal would be his main objective, it was at least one of them I admit. Happened first time but not the second. Has happened both times since, last time that was all. His excuse what timing, we were later than normal and although we stil had time he said we needed to be quick. He took complete control which was a turn on, was a little rough, also a turn on, but then got a bit rougher. He basically slid a coffee table over spun me around, felt my chest up under my shirt, kissed my neck and removed my pants. He bent me over the arm of the couch, wet the tip of his penis and then slowly started right into my butt. I asked him to stop a minute and he grabbed me half joking half serious around the throat and told me to shut up and be the good little whore that I am. Again, a bit of a turn on but then he went very hard there where he was normally gently. He pulled out and rolled me over and again went right into my butt but wanted to look me in the eyes, he pulled out and slid up my chest and came all over my face and my couch. He started sliding it in my mouth with his hand and as I went to push his hand away he slapped my face a little hard so I let him finish. He kissed me and so I figured all game play. As he left he grabbed me again by the throat, kissed me and stated no more mister nice guy. Is this ok or too far. Also, as anal has become an each time occurance, is hard anal once a week ok or will it lead to problems, physically?
I am envious of your sexual relationship. This reads like my sexual fantasy come true.
I am mature woman and very enamored with the idea of anal sex. I have not had it yet.
Tried a couple times at very young age...
If he does not seriously hurt you during the choking, this is just a turn-on for both of you- enjoy.
If choking becomes too serious or over the line- do not see him again.

As for rough anal once per week, it CAN damage you internally:…

EDIT: to read "if he does "not" seriously hurt you..."
Mature women no more double standard with relationships!?
fellow mature women, why does the double standard still exist. guy dates many he's a stud, guy dates young hotty, nice, a women dates only one man but he's younger and it's WRONG? Bull, glass houses people. Think I'm going to write a book. i recently started a relationship, I'm 58 he's 43, and it's sick, not so, all I am is a toy to him, who cares, not me. Time for me to be for me. Yes, I am his toy. Yes he used to be married to my daughter, used to be, just a guy now. Maybe he's just fullfilling the older women fantasy, or the mother-in law one. All he wants is to shove it up my bum, etc etc the things many threw at me in past postings. Guess what, I don't care his motives, maybe I am using him for my fantasies. Also, turns out I really enjoy anal. I have done everything for everyone my whole life and now these last few days have been for me! ladies, our time!
your a very strange woman.
Mature Women Only!!!!?
I want to try anal sex with my boyfriend, I am very curious and was wondering what it would be like. We tried to do it one night and I had to have him stop because it hurt to much. Anyone know what to do to ease the pain. Mature answers only, I am not interested in people who think it is gross.
O.K. if it hurt the first time then you should try a different position. I'm honestly not sure if it always hurts the first time but it did for me so after that I tried different forms of penetration maybe using his fingers. Anything around that area i.e. touching, licking ect. something to relax your muscles and get you used to someone being in that area seems like it would help a little if not a lot. I'm not sure of any websites for advice on sex but there is a great show on Oh! oxygen it's a sex talk show where people call in and they usually have really good advice. Good luck it's always fun trying new things in bed you never know where it will lead.
Mature content & for mature women ONLY!!!?
my man wants to do anal. i done it b4 but it's been awhile like 3 yrs. i wanna please him in every way possible - i have used toys and tried to relax but everytime i try doing it hurts like h*ll but at the same time feels oh so good. i have used anal gels and ky and they burn. how can i get over the pain and how soon can i b open to his d*ck by using u method?
You need to tell your man to take it real, real, slow. Slow, like over a period of several weeks.

It is important that any time he makes the slightest bit of progress (I hope you know what I mean), he must stop and not push more. Wait for you to grow accustomed to the situation, and perhaps the next time he can go a bit further. Eventually, you'll both grow to enjoy it immensely.

Whatever you do, do it only on the condition that the moment you say stop, he does. Otherwise, you will never be able to be relaxed enough.
Sexually mature women only please!!! Little help? ?
I'm giving 5 stars to the best answer. Well only answer if your experienced in anal sex. Well I've been wanting to try anal all my life with a chick (it's been my biggest fantasy since like 12 lol ) and I finally have experienced it with my gf of almost 2 years. I'm 21 and she's 25 and we're awesome together. Anyways, we've been having trouble with it (neither of us have done it before) and sometimes it just hurts her and sometimes she'll cry and I usually have to hurry myself to come just so that she's not in pain too long. And it's really not even me humping since I only get about 2 inches at max in her. This past saturday night I gave her a massage and a few glasses of wine and it was actually a good experience and I sort of got a good amount in her and she was even moaning a little (pleasure not pain). She really wants to get the hang of it just like I do. It makes me wonder how porn star chicks can just shove a freakin '12 inch d1ck in them and just be pounded by it and enjoy it lol? What my question is though, have any of you ladies had this experience? Did it get better for you? If so how? And if you have the hang of it now, is it good? Like can your guy hump you and fit his whole self in you? I just want to know if there's hope for us and if it's possible that we'll get to where I can just do anal with her and I can actually give her a good hump as if I was in her vagina? Thanks.
it can hurt really bad if your not relaxed, so make sure she is relaxed and comfortable. you have to analy stimulate her with your fingers before hand...and use a silicone based lube, the more you have anal sex the easier it will get...also when your f***ing her if you can massage her breasts at the same time it will help relax her
Sexy! Mature! Women! 10 Random????
nail salon or home care
spit or swallow
anal or are you crazy
cook or order
another girl or guy
camera or video
shave or hairy
make love or f&^k
shower or bath
quite or screamer
nail salon
havent tried yet
depends on if u puttin it down
Anal sex: how often is too much? honest and mature responses plz.?
how often is it safe to have anal sex (for women)? and what are the signs that you're having too much, and what determines how regularly active one should be?

I know what the pros and cons are, thank you. I understand the health problems that are brought up by this type of sex. and I'm not looking for opinions on this,

just personal experience and actual facts plz.
It is safe as long as you give your body to return to its normal condition. Your anus is relaxed during anal sex and if you don't let it return to its normal tightness it will stay relaxed. This could cause fecal incontinence and you will be required to use diapers. Once or twice a week is normally considered proper if you enjoy anal sex. Any more than this could put you at risk. Just ensure you prepare for it the right way. IF you empty the colon before you have anal sex it will have less stretching, which in turn will require less time to recuperate.

The key is PROPER preparation:

First thing is to empty the colon. Use an enema at least 30 minutes BEFORE penetration. If you don't empty the colon you will experience pain and have a risk for rupture/lacerations of the colon or anus tearing. Just for illustration, fill a sock to the top with newspapers; now try to put your fist IN the sock to the toes... very hard to do. Now empty the sock and try to put your hand in. very easy with minimal expansion of the sock, If you use the enema your colon would not be stretched that much once you get the feces out of the way.

Two. LUBE, you can almost never have too much lube. Use a water based lube. DO NOT use Petroleum based lubricants or lotions such as baby oil or petroleum jelly. Go to an adult store or pharmacy, they have water based personal lubricants that will work fine. Have him apply it inside your anus with his fingers, very slowly. This will do two things, lubricate you and assist with relaxing the sphincter. Have him use one or two fingers for at least five minutes while he goes down on you or caress your body... just ensure he helps on relaxing your anus muscles.

Three take it easy and have him agree that when you say stop it means stop. You must control speed and depth of penetration or rhythm of encounter. For the first penetration try to push a little as if having a bowel movement, this will assist on relaxing the anus and ease penetration. He will enjoy if you tighten your anus after he penetrates.

I recommend he use a condom to prevent infections. After you finish ensure you both wash up very well. NEVER go from anal to vaginal sex without washing. This would be VERY DANGEROUS for you.

If you are concerned about STD's just ensure you have a clean partner.

Take it easy and have fun.

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