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About me: Mature out lesbian atheist in midwest hoping to answer a serious question that will have a positiv?
About me: Mature out lesbian atheist in midwest hoping to answer a serious question that will have a positive impact on someone's life. I try to help all young people just coming out. If I can save one young person from doing something stupid out of fear or shame, then all my time on the internet will be worthwhile.
I am very involved with PFLAG -so I am really serious.
The stupid questions, the vulgar comments, and the poor grammar still depresses me because it shows the level of education in our society.
To other mature free thinking lesbians, I'd love to correspond with others who appreciate a little quality and common sense in their lives

Am I a loser?
whats with the screen name? are you sure your not a troll? ive seen troll-like questions coming out of you before. if you are one, then yes your a loser. having nothing better to do on a friday night would make u one.
Please help me what shall i do to gey rid of my prono movie addiction?
i cant stop watching prono movies mature and young lesbians.
You can't stop watching porn because porn is fun to watch. Embrace your addiction! Don't try to fight it.
Where do I find an intelligent lesbian in Kansas City?
I am sick of being single. I have meet other women who are lesbians but they are not my type. I want a lesbian who is intelligent, bohemian, artsy, off the wall. (maybe slighty eccentric.) I want someone who is a writer, artist, psychologist or a professor. A women that has a career, a job, her own place and does not depend on me. I am too young to be a sugar mamma! I keep finding these young lesbians who want me to support them! I want someone who is mature; 30-50 and can hold a conversation. Any suggestions?
Isn't that a contradiction in terms?
Do you think a 20 year old lesbian is mature enough to date a 28 year old bi sexual (I'm assuming) women?
My bi cousin is 28 years old and she just left her marriage, for a 20 year lesbian. The girl moved all the way from Florida to live with my cousin. How can someone let there daughter move in with someone that met online. I feel like my cousin is taking care of this girl young girl who doesn't work. SO MY QUESTION IS COULD A 20 YEAR OLD REALLY BE MATURE AND TAKE CARE OF A GROWN WOMEN AND HER TWO KIDS?
That Sounds Like 'Confusion' all Around...!!
My older sister is lesbian and she is dating someone much younger than her, what I should do?
My sister is 42 and is dating a 23 years old woman who is bisexual, the girl doesn't look 23 and is very mature, but still to young for her. What you guys recommend me to do in this circumstance?
You can't and should do nothing. It is your sister's life. If she wants to date someone who is 19 years younger then her then it is her choice . They are also both consenting adults.

Just deal with it and be happy for your sister.
How come im so motivated at a young age and mature compared to other girls my age?
im a 16 yr old teenage girl
im not bisexual or a lesbian
i find alot of guyss hot but the thing is guys where i live just arnt my type
i have a very high standard i know thats wrong
other girls my age would be with anything with a pulse where i live anyway

i dont go out much
i have alot of friends but we tend to chill in school and do our own thing with the rest of our time as we see plenty of eachother and need that space so we will get along well which is fair in my opinion

alot of girls in my school
drink smoke take drugs have sex do bad in school and alls they care about are guys
i know once you get in a relationship at a young age it wont work
some cases do but most done to be fair

ive watched cousins of mine who at a young age.. when they were teenage girls broke their poor hearts over total users of men and its like wtf ? get over it

so i dont want myself in that position plus there are no guys where i live worth that
im a very attractive teenage girl i must say but im NOT easy one bit
you need to hang out with me before you can get my attention and im very down to earth not stuck up

my thing is am i weird for not wanting relationships til im older.. why go through that for a jerk
there was a guy a few weeks ago who really liked me and i turned him down
its like ive got good judgement because today i found out hes a player
will he look at me differently because he cant get me!?
i dont like him at the least though

so i just wanted to see what you thought?
am i right or wrong?
mature the right way to be?
why am i different to the other girls?
was i brought up better?
in the same area but my parents obviously taught me well
nobody believes where i came from when i tell them thats how bad of a reputation some people here have
i love this place and the people in it im just not like them.

Funny. I always thought that "believing you're better than everyone else" was a pretty good definition for "stuck-up."

Don't get me wrong, it's great that you have values and standards (even if they don't apply to spelling and grammar, apparently). But maybe instead of navel-gazing, you could either just be grateful for them and go about your life or find a way to use them to inspire others instead of putting people down, even if it's just in your own head. Your classmates may be later bloomers, but at least some of them will catch up if not surpass you, and you don't want to be caught off-guard when that happens.
Why do some young lesbians always try to start **** w straight men?
Last week i was w my new gf in a park near her job which happens to be a really gay community, a really nice park in tribeca near the river and about 2 or 3 sepperate lesbians couldnt take their eyes of my gf and a couple even gave me a look like they wanted to start **** w me and even started mocking me from a distance. Not all most were mature and respectfull but some i gotta are kind of scary.
Straight guys bug the hell out of me sometimes. Lesbians are not out to take your women, so why do you guys always think that? I'm a gay male and no straight woman has ever feared that I would steal her man. I tell you, if straight guys aren't hitting on lesbians and trying to make them straight, they're hating on them and accusing them of going after their women.
Transman and lesbian female- is she too young for me?
I'm 29, I met this beautiful, mature 19 year old lesbian. We have been dating for a couple of weeks. I'm beginning to really like her. The problem is, both of us are not out to our families. We sneak around to see each other. When we are together, it feels like magic! I'm really starting to have feelings for her but we are 10 years apart! Is it a horrible thing?

She is leaving to live in another state, and I don't know if I can let her go:( our relationship is winding down in mere days. I'm so heartbroken! Please give advice.
She's an adult so it's not a big deal but it's a big enough gap where you two could have trouble finding similar interests. And if she's a lesbian I don't think you guys will last long term because lesbians like women not men. Sorry
Lesbian Dream........(20 Characters?)?
Ok I'm a young Lesbian whose hasn't had a sexual experience besides masturbation. Anyways I keep having this dream where this girl rips my short off and yea you get the point Lolz. But it's like all I think about is sex, I mean literally every minute of the day!! So my Q is what can I do about this I'm getting tired of porn and Sex isn't an option.

Mature answers Please!!
i feel exactly the same as you. i'm 16 and a virgin. i think we the reason we're focusing on sex so much is cuz we haven't done it yet so we have all this pent up sexual energy. my only advice would be to keep masturbating...i know it's boring but it's better than walking around feeling horny all the time...that seems to help me...a little lol.
sorry i couldn't be more helpful.
Am I too young to know I'm a lesbian?
To start off: I'm 13. I know that it is very young, but I have also seen a lot in my life. Just to put it bluntly: Parents are divorced, dad is a homophobe, mom favors my older brother, brother hates me, suicide has crossed my mind, and a wonderful, beautiful girl has broken my heart.

Does it depends on the things you go through, and how they mature you, or is there an age where you know you will be this forever.

My mom thinks it's "just a phase" and talks about me getting a boyfriend and everything, but every time she says this, it makes me cringe. She isn't a homophobe, she is just stubborn.
Well it's something your born with.
I knew i was gay around 7/8
also... i think you should just do what you thinks right and block out everyone else in your way.
My opinion I think your lesbian =]

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