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Mac naked lunch eyeshadow helpppppp?
mac naked lunch eyeshadow what crease color do you think twinks since i have hazel eyes or mac satin taupe let me know so i can try when i go back in mac.
i think satin taupe would be really nice :) its one of my favourite crease colors
Mac naked lunch eyeshadow?
mac naked lunch eyeshadow what crease color do you think twinks since i have hazel eyes or mac satin taupe let me know so i can try when i go back in mac.
I like satin taupe way better then twinks :)
Mac eye shadows i need some help do you think these colors are good so far?
mac eye shadow i have hazel eyes i kind of counted down are these colors good with hazel eyes

woodwinked twinks or sable

naked lunch with mulch club or espresso

jest and all that glitters

trax and star violet or amour

bronze and patina
all that glitters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… the best stuff eveer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Mac eye shadows i need some help do you think these colors are good so far?
mac eye shadow i have hazel eyes i kind of counted down are these colors good with hazel eyes

woodwinked twinks or sable

naked lunch with mulch club or espresso

jest and all that glitters

trax and star violet or amour

bronze and patina
those are amazing girl!!
good luck
What's on your Makeup Wishlist?
I just wanna know what other people want to get ideas and such here's mine:

I really want some Glamour Doll Eyes, eyeshadows (he loves me not, boyfriend sweater, chocoholic, bare naked, brown eyed girl, pistol pistol) but i'm gonna hold on a bit longer cause she's gonna have a sale soon :)

Mac's woodwinked, naked lunch, sable, sketch, twinks

Fashion scoop creemsheen glass
Nars corfu cream shadow and penny lane cream blush

I don't know if you could tell but I really like neutrals haha. what's on your wishlist
Ooh when is she going to have a sale going on (Glamour Doll Eyes), I just discovered her website and I fell in love. The prices are amazing and to have the option of ordering sample jars instead of the full size is such a smart way to do business. I cant remember all the names but here are some i want to check out:

electric lemonade (I really want a bright yellow one similar to the sugarpill yellow), glam girl, tattooed, blue lush (?), radioactive (maybe) ....and a bunch more that i cant remember the name of now.

Ill check out your colors and see which ones I like...please post when and what kinda sale she is doing.
Who wants to help me pick out some MAC eyeshadows?
I've become a MAC addict, and just got paid. So we all know what that means! So I've made a list of the MAC shadows I'm interested in buying. This question is easy--let me know which eyeshadows you like the best out of the ones I've listed, and maybe even suggest some color combinations if you want. I'm notorious for picking out shadows that don't go together when I put them on, so I might need some help with that.

Here's the list:
Amber Lights
All That Glitters
Knight Divine
Naked Lunch
Swiss Chocolate
Satin Taupe
Expensive Pink

Thanks for your help, and have fun :)
Tempting is one of my favorite shadows in my makeup case. Twinks is a very dark brown but I still really like it. Expensive pink is also one of my favorites :)

Also, don't be afraid to ask the people working at MAC about colors, that's why they're there. Remember that they went to school for beauty so they know their stuff! My MAC artist always gives me great advice,so ask them if you're stuck between some colors.

oh, and welcome to the mac club :)
Whats the best mac eyeshadow?
im a beginner for mac eyeshadow but ive tried alot of other brands at sephora. i picked out some neutrals that i saw online and are interested in. if you could only pick 2-3, which ones would this be? im not really looking for a highlighter, but more of a wash/crease colour.

feel free to include other colours you think i might like :)

thanks so much! xoxx

all that glitters
naked lunch
mulch/antiqued/sable/twinks/satin taupe (i dont really see a difference on the mac site...)
All that glitters, gleam and naked lunch are more of highlight colors. I have used them on my lid but they are definately not a crease color.

Twinks, Romp, Embark, Satin Taupe, Mulch, Sable are all different gorgeous shades of brown and work great in the crease! My faves are Satin Taupe, Romp, Twinks and Embark (matte brown)

If you're looking for color to put in the crease but still staying more natural I recommend: Humid (dark green), Nocturnelle (deep purple), Trax (glittery medium purple), Fig 1 (matte plum purple)

Hope this helps!

woodwinked and twinks

stars and rockets and something to pear with that

mac humid and naked lunch or mac club

what do you girls think any other ones.
Satin toupe. Very versitile & really makes green eyes pop (:
Pressured into gay relationship?
I'm an asian male, mid 30s, I get a lot of compliments on how "pretty" I look, but in a sort of a backhanded way. I'm 5'7" 150 lb, work out a lot but have been diagnosed with very low testosterone so can't really build up a lot of muscle. I naturally only have a little body hair, a little on the pubes and armpits, no facial hair growth.

I'm an investment analyst so have a very good income, but always seem to be considered effeminate. I have a lot of friends from the gym that I work out at. I got real close and friendly with this very hot blonde woman, she's in mid 20s, 5'6" about 145lb. I asked her out at gym, turned into a huge embarassment, she laughed and her friends started laughing also. She said she thought that I was gay and that she considered me almost like a girlfriend, hence why she was so friendly to me i guess. She got serious and said that I was too effeminate and one of her girlfriends (another blonde, a bit larger but very attractive, 5'9" 165lb of solid muscle, kind of snickered that they heard I have a small penis, its a little on the small side, 2" flacid, but almost normal size at about 3.5" erect), and then one of her asian girl friends kind of said in a very degrading way thats why she doesn't date asian "twinks", shes about 5'6" 145 lb also, very fit. I got very angry and almost confronted her, but realized that her lifts were actually higher than mine and her boyfriend is a very large black guy who is in our social circle.

There was a party that was being hosted by one of the friends from the gym and the girl I asked out, and was rejected by, said that I should come. I guess I was kind of thinking that maybe I could convince her to go out with me (maybe even flaunt my money as I make a lot more than anyone else in our social circle). At the party, she almost made a point of making sure that I could see her making out with this large middle eastern guy from the gym (that was not really part of our social group) and she even let him grab her in the breast and butt and gave me a look like "forget about it".

So I started drinking a lot and she in a very casual way introduced me to one of her friends from her work, a large black guy about 6'1 but about 305 lb, solid muscle, but very very un-attractive looking. We started drinking some more and I got very drunk and almost passed out, the blonde and her boyfriend kind of left and I was alone with her black friend. I don't know exactly what happened next but the next thing I know I'm face down in one of the bedrooms naked (I think I passed out for a few minutes) and the black guy is on top of me, when he penetrated me I screamed out loud almost freaking out but he held me down and pump vigorously for the next 30 minutes until he unloaded inside. The whole time there were a bunch of people watching, laughing, etc. to include the blonde girl, she made sure to make eye contact with me. I know I'm not gay because I did not even come close to getting an erection.

When the black guy finished everyone cheered and clapped, he got up and everyone started commenting on how large he was, he was freakishly big, about 8" long but almost 8" around from what he was saying and I heard a bunch of people saying that he could never get a girlfriend because he was too big, let alone unattractive.

When he was done, he spread my cheeks so everyone could see my gaped hole. Then he flipped me over when he was done so that everyone could see my penis, it was completely flacid, so small, about 2" and I got a lot more laughs, etc.

That was about two weeks ago, we've had sex about 10 times since then as he is actually a very nice guy and I think he came to the realization that he could never really get a girlfriend, let alone one to let him anal given his size and I think he kind of thinks I am his "girlfriend". Everyone in our social circle knows now, I'm very embarassed but everyone, especially girls think its great that I finally "opened up".

The only problem is that I don't think I'm gay, I've never had an erection since we've had sex. Also, I don't masturbate and he is only really concerned about his orgasm, so I haven't ejaculated in awhile, probably about 6 months. I normally wake up once or twice a week with a mild erection, but my penis has remained completed flacid since then. However, psychologically, though I don't think I'm physically gay, I kind of like being the object of this guys affection - could I be gay psychologically but not physically? Also, I think I'm being pressured into being gay but not sure, just very confused.

Read up on Stockholm Syndrome while you're at it.
Mac Eyeshadow Help - 15 Must Haves!?
I am new to Mac, and I am ordering the custom 15 eye shadow palette online. I have the first 14 picked, but I need help with the last one.

Right now I have:
1. Shale
2. Expensive Pink
3. Soft Brown
4. Knight Divine
5. Jest
6. Woodwinked
7. Black Tied
8. Amber Lights
9. All That Glitters
10. Mulch
11. Naked Lunch
12. Shroom
13. Blanc Type
14. Satin Taupe

I was going to go for Honey Lust, but the reviews I have been reading aren't that great. So, for number 15 I was also looking at Trax, Bronze, Rice Paper, Retrospek, Cork, Espresso, Swiss Chocolate, Saddle, Antiqued, or Twinks.

Which should I get? Or should I get a different one? I want to make sure I have a well rounded palette of colors I will wear.

For reference, I have light-medium skin, light brown hair and light blue eyes. I tend to go for more neutral colors :)

Very nice colors you chose. :) Since you chose mostly colors that are easily blend-able, and neutral (which is GOOD!), I would consider Rice Paper. It's my favorite :-) By the way, I'm getting expensive pink tomorrow! Yay!

But yes, great colors you chose! I like them!

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