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All Comments

What do do about my boyfriend with poop fetish?
We are totally in love, and he is totally hot. But he is seriously into poop fetish. He wanted me to rim his *** after he sh*** then make out with me. Also asked one night for me to drop it on his chest.
How can I break off this relationship without hurting his feelings?! We are both gay men, I am 18 he is 22.
If you are not into it there is no way you can stay together.

What to do?
Tell him honestly how you feel about him and explain you two are not compatible.
That you respect his desires, but you have different ones.

Your situation is hard, but you need to solve it sooner than later.
A bit info on poop fetish www.kinky-sex-questions.com/copro…

He will need to find a partner on internet and 'advertise' his needs. This way he may find someone who has same needs.
Is it true that Hilter had a pee and poop fetish?
Is it true that Hitler had a pee and poop fetish? And that he liked for women to defecate and urinate on his body and he participated in certain pee and poop related acts?
No, that's not true at all. I've been studying Hitler for many decades now, and whatever hang-ups he may have had, I promise you THESE were not among them.
Is it true that hitler had a poop fetish?
I hear rumors that hitler enjoyed poop sex and that he had a large collection of shiesta films. Is that true?
Possible, but doubtful. This kind of accusation is often raised to discredit someone. Usually a political opponent. There is little to discredit about in Hitler as it is. He's about as low as one can get. (Together with Mao and Stalin, mind you.) No need to smear him with doodies.. ;-)

The above answer is incorrect. The wiki link refers to urolagnia. Which is the about the same, but with urine. Not with feces. A bit more common than a poop fetish. It doesn't mention Hitler in any way whatsoever.
What's the best way to tell my parents that I am gay and have a poop fetish?
Does anyone have any good ideas?
See if they will take a poo on your chest? Dunno?
Why do people think that having a poop and pee fetish is weird?
Ever since as young as I can remember, I had always enjoyed poop, pee and watching and hearing cute guys pooping and peeing. I even enjoy watching my own self pee and poop sometimes.Now, how can this be weird? Aren't these natural acts after all?
There's nothing wrong with it. Some people just have a little more trouble accepting more unusual things in another person's personality.
I have a poop fetish, is this weird?
I want to know if anyone thinks like me.
Whatever floats your boat! Although watch out if you plan to consume your feces because it can be harmful to your health.
Is it wrong to have a poop fetish?
i love eating girls poop or getting pooped on by a girl
No. I love watching guys take a poop, but I'm not into eating though.
Any ways to get past my poop fetish?
Whenever I see a beautiful woman, I imagine her sitting on the toilet taking a dump. I picture a big, fat, smelly turd coming out of her butt hole. And that just really turns me on. I know you're thinking, "Wait, she's sooooooooo beautiful, yet all you can think about is her POOPING??" That's why I want to get past this "poop fetish". It's seriously interfering with my life in general, especially if I happen to meet the girl later on. Then I get this uncomfortable feeling like, "I can't believe I imagined her pooping! This is so awkward!" I tried telling myself how disgusting and stinky poop really is, but obviously it's not helping.

I'm obviously too embarrassed to talk to a therapist or professional about this, so I have to tell strangers on the Internet. However, I've read in similar forums that if it is indeed a "fetish", then it's the way my brain's wired, so it'll be with me for the rest of my life. So maybe there is no way past it. Perhaps that answers my question! But any other suggestions?
You need to see a same gender therapist who deals with sexual issues. I believe a person is capable of any changes that are not acceptable to him. It takes honesty and patience, working rigorously with your professional and being active in your treatment. It is important to know the root of the fetish, what created it and why, how old you were etc. I hope you do get power over it.

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