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All Comments

Do really pretty black women have a hard time finding men?
I see this question all the time when I log in ("Why are black women least desired"). When I see a really pretty black woman she is with a black man.
Racists Men that say they don't date black girls and call them ugly, they stare at pretty black women?
Yea like black women, can't be pretty. Saying that they ugly and stuff, but soon as a pretty or beautiful black woman pass by them they quick to stare. I say, why talk all that smack if you don't want that snack lol, but let me stop, but yea howcome racists men still will smile and wave at a pretty black woman? I just want to know if you that racists towards them.
Well they ususally say that to be cool in white society, but behind closed doors they probably really like it..

also, some men think MOST black women are ugly, but when they see a pretty one they go crazy
Since when do pretty black women all want white men?
Everywhere I go, I see black women chasing down white men like its their job. Just look at all these pics of black women going after white men. Why the new obsession?
I have always dated white guys.
I have never been with a Black guy, never even kissed a Black guy so no, it's not a "new thing" for me, and I don't chase after men, they chase me.
How come there arent alot of pretty pure black women?
I hope I am not offending and I apologize if I am, but how come there are hardly any attractive pure black women? All the pretty/gorgeous black women that I see are mixed and I don't see them on magazines their in the streets. I have even seen a gorgeous plus size women and she was mixed also.I just wanted to know why are the mixed black women way more attractive than pure black ones.
First of all stop looking at the media to see what is pretty. Your question is not only disrespectful but super ignorant and racist.

Go on youtube right now and type in beautiful Black women you will find a whole bunch of pictures of Black women from all around the world who are stunning. There are lots of them. Women from Sudan,Africa, Nigeria,Somalia etc. You act like the women you have seen are the only Black women on the planet. Open your eyes and get out more. Black women don't have to be mixed with anything to be beautiful.
What do white men think of pretty black women?
when you are walking down the street with your white guy friends....& you pass a group of attractive black women.....what do you think to yourself OR do you not think anything at all?
I say "DAAAMN gurl! You lookin' fine!"

(in my head)
Men Only that dates black women: But would you date a pretty black woman with no booty ?
Just curious, I got an azz, just want to know what you guys think lol?
I'm sure they would. A butt really isn't the most important thing about a woman.
Are White Guys Afraid To Approach Pretty Black Women?
I'm trying to interpret a current situation I'm in and I'm wondering if my race (black) is creating a barrier?

What if they are shy? Does it make a difference?
You should not ask these kind of questions on this website, so many racist trolls on here that try to mess with you. Seriously might as well delete it because your asking for negative feedback.
Are their any pretty black women in anime/manga series or comics?
I would really love to know!!! Including women who are love interests too!!! So far I`ve seen Caska from Beserk and Anthy from Utena.
I personally love Road Kamelot from D. Gray man. She's super cute. ^.^…
All the Noah's are pretty fun, but she's my fave.

There's also April from Darker than BLACK.…

Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach…
Why don't pretty black women enlist as models?
There are too few black models around. But there is no shortage of attractive black women around. So why the disinterest in modelling? All we seem to have is that Naomi with her anger management issues and that Wek (?) from somewhere like Kenya who is not pretty
You've just answered that question yourself..."why don't they ENLIST".I'm sure if they put themselves forward or "enlisted" there would be plenty of opportunities for them.

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