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EasiYo Real fruit Squirts Yogurt - How many batches it makes?
How many batches of 1kg yogurt would 1 Sachet (250 grams) of EasiYo Real fruit Squirts be used in approx?
It would be just the one from what I read here
Nutritional Information
Servings per pouch: 12 x 20g (1 tbsp.)
Average quantity per: 20 g 100 g
Energy 154 kJ 768 kJ
37 kcal 184 kcal
Protein 0.1 g 0.5 g
Carbohydrate, total 8.8 g 44.3 g
of which – sugars 7.4 g 36.8 g
Fat, total 0 g 0 g
of which – saturated 0 g 0 g
Fibre 0.15 g 0.6 g
Sodium 0.03 g 0.15 g…
What if someone got the Squirts real bad during a match, what would they do?
im sure it has happened before

all of a sudden a knock on the back door

just when its about to hit the floor

do they go running for the door?
They probably push that match back or have the Superstar "Taken out" backstage!

Royal Rumble 2004... Test was taken out backstage during the Royal Rumble by Mic Foley and they never explained why... Did Test have the green apple splatters?
Ladies. When your g-sport squirts does it squirt alot? [this is a real question]?
Because when mine does its ALOT. and it ends up leaving a stain in my matress about the size of a basketball. and i dont want to have sex in my boyfriends bed or someone else with him because of just that. so what can i do?
I would be really happy if a girl squirted on my bed... I probably wouldn't wash my sheets for a month! LOL j/k.... it would be cool though
When you ***,,when you masterbate real hardly,, does it kinda feel like your going to pee but *** jus squirts?
It is a bit like wanting to pee. Just keep doing it, you'll soon learn how to tell the difference.
Just enjoy yourself.
hope this helps.
Are delayed cuts and deaths from swords real?
Like in samurai movies where the two warriors charge each other and pass and both kneel down. Then, a few seconds later blood squirts out from one and he falls over. Is that real? Is it possible to cut someone, or a whole group of people, with a sword and then a few seconds later the wounds actually appear? Does hitting the hilt of the sword, or sheathing it, have anything to do with it? Is that a real phenomena? Is there an explanation for it?
From strictly a medical point of view there are times which you can be cut or have something completely severed and it won't bleed...that is, right away. They will bleed, but it takes a moment for it to happen. The reason behind this is that the body's protective reaction is to suck up the veins, arteries, arterioles, veinules, etc. into the body where there is immediate swelling around the injury to sort of protect itself from bleeding immediately. Granted this only happens for about a few seconds (2-3 at most), but it does happen. However, that being said it happens a lot with complete severes. That is why when applying a tournequet to a severed limb you put the tournequet 3-4 inches above the wound, this is where the previously said veins, arteries, and such retract to. However, if this is not done in about a few seconds the muscles will relax and then the injury will bleed profusely.

You will not get the blood spray or massive delays like you see in the movies though. You will have massive veinous bleeding and/or arterial spurting.
How you know if your one of those women that 'squirt' when masturbating in real life?
I don't know but I do pulse but idk in realty. Or only when you feel the needing to go potty after the effect. I don't wanna be rude or anything just wondering.
There are many theorys about squirters one is which that it is a myth and that it's the women pee'ing
however i don't believe this and from what i have read it happens when a women's G-spot is stimulated in the right way.
when you feel sensation like needing to pee you need to push.
some women can squirt and some can't those who can are either large or small squirters it varies from women to women
How many squirts of heat protector should I use on my hair?
The brand is ion. It makes my hiar real wet looking and it looks/feels oily. Yuck!!
u should hold it like 8 inches away and squirt twice that should get your whole head and if your hair looks real wet looking still then its not a good brand, if u decide to stay with it apply baby powder to you roots and ends to soak some of that up
Is it pee when a girl squirts?
this girl i see often is a real squirter she squirts all the time im curious is it pee or maybe a mix of pee and water? sometimes its really white but sometimes it a little yellow.there are such large amounts like im sure i could fill a 2 litre sometimes i don't know where it could all be stored.
I found it not pee it slick clear Or white in color . My husband said it has a tart to sweet taste . After having done it
I still have to go pee in 2 to 3 min's so I don't think it comes from the bladder.
How do you squirt from sex? Is this real or fake?
None of my friends have done this or know anyone who has.
its real, though only about 40% of women has experienced it. it is unknown how to "force" it.

My friend has experienced it, she says it happens when the sex is so intense & her boyfriend kind of holds her in this unmovable grip while he continues to hit that sweet spot, she tries everything in her power to get away from it, but he keeps her there, its like sweet pain...she feels like she is about to squirt & wants to stop it but its just comes cause her body cant deal with that "onslaught" anymore
Is squirting real? Like in the movies?
I know girls can have orgasms and liquid can (not for all) comes out. My girlfriend and I have had this conversation before, and she believes that it's fake because she says there is no way they can shoot it out that far. I've had sex with my girlfriend a lot of times and everytime she's had an orgasm, it was just a little bit of fluid coming out, nothing like in the movies.

So is all that fake? Is it water or something they put in?
All women are different, i've had an orgasm and i squirted lol so it is possible

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