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Did that offend people? Hm...

Anyway. Hello, I'm bisexual. I have a girlfriend. She's fun to hang around and honestly cares for me. We haven't known each other very long. We've been dating for 2 weeks and pretty happy.

So what's the problem?

The first week she asked if I shaved, being the blonde I am I was like "You felt my legs before!" And silly me, she meant my vagina. I've tried before, and it's super uncomfortable and I vowed silently that no one was worth being uncomfortable. So, no, I don't. The first time she asked it was embarrassing because she says she does. I didn't reply. She asked again today, week 2. And now I'm just pissed off.

Oh, oh! I know what you're thinking!

"Just tell her! D=<"

But most of the time she's JUST like a guy and I just wanna wring her neck! D=< If I wanted a boyfriend I'd just get one, ya know?!

That's not the point.

So I don't wanna be all "I don't." And have her be all grossed out or something. =/

Sooo, what do you propose I do? Lecture me. =D
I'll throw in my two cents worth, even though I'm a straight girl. I've been with a few men, and all of them showed much more enthusiasm about going down on me when my pubes were gone. You said up above "But most of the time she's JUST like a guy", so she probably enjoys it clean instead of all hairy. I've been told that the hairs get stuck in the teeth. My suggestion is to get waxed. Yes, it costs around $40, but when it's done it is so smooth, and it grows back slower, and a little thinner it seems to me. Yes it hurts as the wax is removed, but love is all about sacrifice isn't it? Make your lady happy and get waxed. She'll love you for it.
Does anyone else think completely shaved vaginas look ugly?
Personally, I think shaving your vagina completely is stupid (because of the itchiness and stubble) and makes the vagina look ugly. What do you think?
Most girls do not like the look, but they like the smoothness and ease of hygiene it brings.

From a guys point of view - I love the look.

The real important part is that the area looks cared for.

The under-carriage needs to be shaved or really well trimmed for 2 reasons:

- Guys are visually stimulated and we are fascinated by the complex nooks and crannies.
- For oral because we dont want to fight the foliage to get to the tender bits

The upper part does not have to be shaved but neat like eyebrows. Trim the length to a fuzzy softness and the edges neatened up is all you really need to do. Bonus for drawing shapes.

It needs to look cared for.

Merry Christmas.
Do guys like having sex with girls wih shaved or hairy vaginas?
like is it normal to shave there or not?
Seriously! Shaved!!!
Do guys think totally shaved vaginas as in bald are sexy?
I dont see how it could be looking at a guy,maybe trimmed and neat or even a special shape but bald?
Many men do...and if you do shave, they are more likely to go down on you. There are alot of men that prefer a landing strip or some amount of hair. Bald is definately sexy though. I am bi-sexual and I couldn't imagine being with a guy. Shaving doesn't make you seem younger by any means. It's just cleaner and softer. Don't think too far into it.
What do guys really think about girls having completely shaved vaginas vs. not shaved vs. an airplane strip?
In my opinion, I think that guys who like vaginas completely shaved are like pedo if you know what I mean. I had a boyfriend once who liked that- he was and is a total idiot. My current boyfriend likes decorations like airplane strips, a V shaped shave (that's the most hot IMO). Also in my opinion unshaved completely is just boring.
That's my opinion, now I want to hear yours please!!! What is the sexiest or most hot to you?
i like a little landing strip myself
Are shaved vaginas better than hairy ones?
i really want to know, my ex said he liked them trimmed and not hairy and crazy, but not bald either, but i just met a guy who doesn't like me back anymore because i had it trimmed and very little hair, but he said it was hairy and that he liked them shaved
I shave and I reallyy prefer it!! It feels so much cleaner and nicer, I think guys definitely like 'down there' shaved as it just feels nicer and eaisier to 'do things' :S
But if you dont feel comfortable shaving I wouldn't because it can hurt when hair grows back and is VERY time consuming! :)
Why do some girls and women shave their vaginas?
I think a vagina with hair on it with shaved legs and shaved armpits is incredibly attractive. Whats wrong with just shaving your legs and armpits, don't you think shaving the hair on your vagina is ridiculous?
They do it because they don't want hair to be sticking out of their bikini bottoms, and i heard you shouldn't shave down there. Some women get bikini waxes where they get their vaginal hairs waxed off.
Is your vagina supposed to be shaved for sex?
Is better to have your vagina shaved for sex or with hair?
Shaved is much cleaner.
Guys do you like hairy vaginas or shaved ones?
just wondering lolz
i trim my vagina so that there are still hairs only they are really short XD
Girls Who Have Shaved Their Vaginas Please Answer.?
Right i am trying to decide whether to start shaving down their. Anyone who already has if you could go back would you never have started it to begin with.? Also does it hurt or cause uncomfortable feeling? Do you like the way it looks after? Please answer seriously i need the advice.

Thankyou x
It's a pain in the ***, but I still do it.

It's very uncomfortable the first few times, so take it slow, and use lots of soap/shaving cream. I tend to do better with Skintimate, but that's just me.

Use Neosporin after you get out of the shower on any cuts you may have to prevent razor burn and raised bumps.

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