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Here is a quiz for a hardcore simpsons fan?
Who created "The Simpsons"?
None of the above
Mr. Groening
Matt Groening
In which show did "The Simpsons" made their first appearance?
The Late Night Show on May 26, 1986
None of the above
The Rosie O'Donnell Show on June 6, 1985
The Tracey Ullman Show on April 19, 1987
What's Lisa's full name?
None of the above
Lisa Marie Simpson
Lisa Mary Simpson
Lisa Martha Simpson
What kind of reactor does the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant have?
MPFuse GX7000
I don't know
Fissionator 1952 Slow-Fission Reactor
What's Moe's Tavern's address?
There's not an exact address
Walnut Street
Near Homer's house
What's Moe's Tavern's phone number?
There's not an exact phone number
It's never been shown
Whe Apu was on the "Be Sharps" he had to change his surname to...
Bu Deaumarchen
Du Beaumarche
What's Springfield Elementary School's address?
None of the above
There's not an exact address
19 Plympton Street
Near the Simpson's house
Where's Lionel Hutz's law office located?
At the Sringfield Mall
Wherever he goes
It's a phone booth
Lionel who?
What's The Android's Dungeon motto?
Take me to your leader earthling
I don't know
Take me to your baseball cards and comics
None of the above
Wat's Comic Book Guy's real name?
He has a name?!
Charles Jackman... or something like that
Kevin Jackson
Jeff Albertson
How many characters voices does Hank Azaria perfoms?
How many books has "Snake" witten?
He doesn't even know how to write
A bunch actually
How many districts does Springfield have?
How many episodes of "The Simpsons" are?
1. Matt Groening
2.The Tracey Ullman Show on April 19, 1987
3. Lisa Marie Simpson
4.Fissionator 1952 Slow-Fission Reactor
5. There's not an exact address?
6. 764-843-77
8.19 Plympton Street
9. springfield mall
10. Take me to your baseball cards and comics
11. Jeff Albertson
12. he actually does 25
13. 2
14. 28
15. 414

more info on ...

QUESTION 12 - hank Azaria performs 25 voices -
- Moe Szyslak
- Chief Wiggum
- Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
- Baby Gerald
- Comic Book Guy
- Carl Carlson
- Cletus Spuckler
- Professor Frink
- Dr. Nick Riviera
- Lou
- Snake
- Kirk Van Houten
- Sea Captain
- Superintendent Chalmers
- Duffman
- Wiseguy
- BumbleBee Man
- Drederick Tatum
- Male EPA Worker
- Rich Depot Announcer
- Carnival Barker
- Counter Man
- EPA Passenger
- Robot
- [[Leon Kompowsky]] (real voice)

QUESTION 13- snake wrote two books -
- The Ten Habits of Highly Successful Criminals
- A Criminal's Guide to Hiding in Mexico

QUESTION 14------- the districts -
- Rats Nest,
- Bum Town,
- Chinatown,
- Crackton,
- East Springfield,
- Greek Town,
- Junkyville,
- Little Bangkok,
- Little Italy,
- Little Newark,
- Little Stockholm,
- Little Seattle,
- Ethnictown,
- Lower Eastside,
- Pressboard Estates,
- Recluse Ranch Estates,
- Sguy Row,
- Springfield Harbor,
- Springfield Heights,
- Springshire,
- Tibet Town,
- Waverly Hills,
- flammable district,
- a gay district,
- a fast-food district,
- a Russian district.
- There is also a housing project in Springfield called Lincoln Park Village.
- There is also West Springfield.
Hardcore Simpsons Fans only . . .?
For loyal fans who have watched since the beginning, and still continue to watch, in your opinion: what was the best season of the series so far?

I'd have to go way back to season 3.
I have to say season 5 is my favorite by far.... it is the one that I find myself watching over and over again.
Simpsons fans: Should they just pull the plug? If so, when do you think they will?
I'm a hardcore Simpsons fan, and the show was genius for about the first ten seasons, especially 6. But now? I say for the dignity and welfare of the show, and justice for what the show once was, pull the plug! It just drags and is going absolutely nowhere. I still say a bad Simpsons episode is better than a good just about anything else you see on TV these days, but you only get a few scattered chuckles, whereas in the old ones it was howl after howl. And the characters aren't even themselves anymore! At first it was just a joke like "Marge or Bart or Flanders isn't being himself today" and then evolved into being that way all the time.
I always enjoy watching the Simpsons... but it's best to end during the prime instead of driving it's skull into the ground.
How do i scream like a professional screamer in a hardcore band?
yahh i need help. i sound like marge simpson when i scream. i have to pretty much drowned my self in water to get a little good sound out of my throat. tips? tricks?
professional screamer? sorry no such thing. I'd stick with the marge simpson.
Haven't watched the simpsons in the last 5 years.. is it still awful?
I used to be a die-hard fan until about 5 or 6 years ago when they got all anti-American and hardcore liberal; that was the straw that broke the camel's back. The quality had been slipping for years. It was just no longer funny or witty. So since then I have not watched a single episode, or the movie. Has the quality picked up at all, or are they still rabidly liberal and anti-American?
Its not as good as it used to be yes
A question for hardcore conservatives?
a majority of all entertainment is produced by liberals. tv, movies, music, etc...if you are a conservative and don't want to support liberals what do you do for entertainment? sure country music is mostly a conservative genre but that's just about the only one. hollywood is widely considered to be very liberal. shows like the simpsons, family guy, futurama, etc...are all very liberal.
The people BEHIND the scenes are more Conservative but there are some intelligent people in Hollywood too.
Liberals are artsy and weird therefore gravitate to "acting" where they can PRETEND for a living.

I DO boycott the extreme crazies like Rosie, Sean Penn, Cheryl Crow, Jane Fonda, Streisand, Bruce Springsteen (damn you for singing Born to Run which WAS one of my favorite songs).…
Song playing on The Simpsons?
Im from Puerto Rico and today (May 5) on Univision there was an episode of the Simpsons where skinner hire a guy so he could hang out with Bart and tell him Bart's secrets and prank so he would be aware of them or something like that and in various parts there is a song playing like a metal or hardcore song that has like a cool intro like with bagpipes from Scotland or something like that... does anyone know what is that song and from what band???
The Episode that you are looking for is called "The Debarted" (Season 19, ep 13) (production code KABF06)
Bart takes a boy named Donny into his prankster inner circle and soon finds that his pranks are all failing.
The song in the middle of this episode is called "I'm Shipping off to Boston" by Dropkick Murphys, it's a good song, I own it too.
I included a youtube link to the song
Hope this Helps!
Why is Family Guy so pathetic these days?
I am so sick of family guy releasing new episodes once every 3 weeks. And this is during the season. What is with that?! Seth MacFarlane has too many things on his plate and is losing focus on what made him successful in the first place. there is a reason the simpsons never made any spin offs, and are still on the air 20 years later. I was a hardcore family guy fan until these last two seasons. They have really fallen off!
Well I guess the guy is running out of ideas.
Help please, SERIOUS question, expecting SERIOUS answers ONLY. hardcore slacker looking for work! job! any ide
any ideas??

pay does not matter.

what's important is to be able to get paid to do nothing.

ex. Homer Simpson at the Nuclear Plant or Park Monitor or something


But, but, you're already working that job!!! No work = no pay. PS: I think you're pretty much worth what you're getting paid right now, LOL!!! Hope this helps!!!
How can I learn screaming vocals?
I really enjoy listening to metal/ post- hardcore/ post- grunge etc and would love to be able to scream like Tim Mcilrath, Charlie Simpson, Chester Bennington, Correy Taylor, Jared Leto, Benjamin Burnley, Shaun Morgan etc I already think I can sing quite well but how can I learn to add screaming vocals- without damaging my throat, preferably higher screams though not guteral low screaming. Can anyone here scream, any tips?

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