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What is a good store to buy cute extra small bikinis?
I have a small bust so obviously a harder time finding bikinis that fit. I can't find any good stores that have my size. Anybody know some?
thats all i can list for now.
Is it normal to wear small bikinis at Pool or beach?
Hi is it normal to wear small bikinis at pool or beach with other men around looking?
If no one objects and you don't mind the Men checking you out, then what the heck , who's to care? Right ? if your comfortable then it's OK,
Small Bikinis suited for small chests and where?
I have a much smaller chest than all my friends and I dont want answers like feel comfortable with them or whatever. What bikinis suit small chests (and make them look bigger) and where can I get them from in small sizes as most only do UK size 8 (US 4) and I am a UK size 4/6 (US 0/2) THanks. ALso, UK websites only please.
go to the store and try them on

but who cares about you're freaking boobs?
if everyone thought small boobs were hotter
you would be trying to get them smaller
just shutup and deal with you're small boobs
small boobs look better to me anyways.
How come its okay for girls to wear really small bikinis but not just their underwear?
okay so sluts can take pictures of themselves with a small bikini on and put it on facebook but if someone puts a picture of themselves in their underwear on facebook then they are whores? I dont get it...
(not that i have done just asking)
Sluts and whores....basically the same thing.
Why do the women on survivor wear those small Bikinis until they are ready to rot off?
It doesn't leave much to the imagination either. The only drawback is knowing how bad they must smell without soap and clean clothing.
The women on survivor cannot wash themselves or their clothes so it become discusting. Why they choose to wear next to nothing to begin with is beyond me. I know who you are talking about (Can't remember the name, maybe it was Courtney), but her bottom was pretty gross.
What are the best type of bikinis for small chest ?
so yeah summer's coming and im going to be spending a lot of times on the beach lol
but what are the best types of bikinis for girls with a small chest ? i heard that the "bandeau" one was the best ?
Bandeaus look cute, cuz you can pull it off. also you could do a pushup top if thats something you were interested in, but i personally think those look more bra-like than swimsuit like. i envy small chested girls come swimsuit season, cuz my boobs fall out of everything!!

Didn't you hear? small boobs are IN now!
What are the best places to buy extra small string bikinis?
OK I have a lot but I want to know some that sell ones that look Hot Topic and Pac Sunish thanks!
What kind of bikinis should girls with small boobs wear?
im 18. small boobs. 34A what kind of bikini should i wear? and is there one that makes them look bigger?
I also have small boobs. Lol. 32A. And on my boobs I like Bandeau bikinis.
Here's an example:

I think they look more attractive on girls with smaller chests.
Ladies ... do you feel uncomfortable wearing really small bikinis?
Would you ever wear small bikini's out at the pool or beach? I'm referring to the really small ones that just cover the nipples for the top and the thongs for the bottom. I've always wondered how women feel about wearing those small bikinis.
i dont like or wear them because they are slutty and thats a great was to get pedophiles and perves to look at you.

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