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Teen age sex...and whats the best age to start sex life.?
I feel really strongly about this topic. many people have been saying that you should wait till you marry. another people really dont care about when to start having sex. I mean its not like its really bad. Its just naturally. I mean why to wait and not having it when you can just do it if you really wanna experience it. I know there is a lot of teen pregnancy and everything. witch I dont support. And what age in your opinion should sex life start.
i just wanna hear people opinion on this subject because i have notice that a lot of people having sex in there early teen age and a lot people think its not wrong.

Thank you for taking your time answering this!
wait untill you're married, i wouldn't want to be with someone that has been sexually active since they were 13 yrs old? the best time is when you're married.
Teen age sex problem HELP?
im a teen age girl and i have been having trouble controlling my self is there a web site that can help me with my problem i don't went to have sex
what problem why are you thinking about sex why dont you think about school you are a guy
I'm looking for information on teen sex and college age women?
I'm 21 and had my first obgyn visit today. I am a virgin and I was wondering what the average age girls have sex. I was was also wondering what percentage of college age girls are sexually active.
I don't know any official stats but I'd say it doesn't matter what age you have sex the first time just when you feel like it is fine.
What age should a teen have sex, whats normal age?
I am 18 and I think I should have already had sex by now. When I go to college, if I am not experienced women will think I am a loser. By the time u get to college girls want the guys who are experienced and know what they are doing. I know I need to get started soon, use to be shy though which didnt help. So what age should teens have sex by? What is the average age, I know I am way over the average but just want to know? Also what age did you lose it?
no it doesnt matter. 18 and going to college and still a virgin is not a big deal. about 50% of people entering college are still virgins. that whole thing about the girls in college only wanting guys with "experience" is not true. As far as average, there is not one age, but a very wide range, I would say between 14 and 20 is when most people lose their virginity. You are not behind or missing anything . I just finished my first year at college, and people don't care. many virgins, many non-virgins
Why is that teen age guys wanna have sex but teen age girls don't?
I've been wondering this since I first started thinking about sex all the time. For some reason I can't understand why girls don't think about It as much as we men do! Or maybe they do and they're just retarded???? Idk.....have any answers?
Well, I believe that more teenaged girls want to have sex than you might believe, sir.

But in answer to your question, it's simple.... teenaged girls get pregnant, teenaged boys do not.

John Jones, MD
What is the normal age to have sex as a teen?
I would to know what is the normal age to have sex as a teen?
18 or older
If an under age teen(girl) has intercourse with a dog. Will the dog have to register as a sex offender?
Curiously, with these crazy teen w/teen registered sex offender laws I'm not surprised! One girl I read resorted to petting her dog instead of her date. It states the dog knot is ideally located to send a woman to the moon. If this is true, then us guys are in serious trouble. Scary thought!
what the hell??????
wow seriously? hahahahahaha
yeah cuz a dog can TOTALLY register as a sex offender, and us girls LOVE gettin some from dogs :P

lets be a little mature here, thanks
and if you hafta THINK about that, then youd RILLY need a life
Teen age sex life???????
im 13 years old and i have a boyfriend that wants to have sex all the time. I know i can tell him but idon'tt want to hurt his feelings. What should i do?
hurt his feelings, if all he wants is sex, he doesnt want to love you , he wants sex. break up with him

Opinions on teen-age sex?
I just had sex for the first time, recently, and I'm 15. I was safe about it, I used a condom and held the condom as I pulled out. Nothing leaked. The condom didn't break. There was also spermicidal lube in the condom. I don't see the big deal if both people are ready and they are safe about it. What do you think? Does your opinion change if it's protected sex? Let me know. It's an easy best answer. Just tell me your opinion.
i am 15 as well, and my boyfriend and i have been practicing safe sex for three months. i believe that it is okay as long as you are using protection. you are responsible, and you are ready if anything goes wrong. there is nothing wrong with that.

if you were having unprotected sex, i'd tell you to buy a box of condoms.

i completely agree with you, if both partners are ready and responsible, what's the big deal?
So are atheists really for teen age sex activities?
As in, they dont think abstinence should be preached, they think that proper protection and things like that should be preached.

So arnt they really saying that it's OK for 14 and 15 year olds to have sex, as long as it's protected?
Actually, I am.
No matter how you educate, you're going to end up with some guys copulating. And I'd rather they knew how to use protection than not.

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