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How would you react if your teen daughter had an orgy with one guy and several girls and they all got pregnant?
How would you react if your teen daughter had an orgy with one guy and several girls and she and all of the girls got pregnant
Would you encourage her to keep, abort, or give up her baby? Would what you encourage her to do depend on whether all of the girls choose to keep their babies? How would you make sure if she chooses to keep the baby that the father is able to be a father figure to her guy and adequately support the guy if all of the other girls choose to keep their babies?
I would beat the living crap outta her...
How would you react if your teen son under age 18 had an orgy with several girls and got all of them pregnant?
How would you react if your teen son under age 18 had an orgy with several girls and got all of them pregnant?
How would you react? How would you make sure he is able to adequately support all of the guyren and be a father figure to them? This assumes all of the girls choose to keep their babies
Why is sex such a taboo in America?
I mean really, an affair can end a political career, sex can ruin a high school girl's reputation, it is the biggest issue amongst christians which they see is wrong with our morality: homosexuality, orgies, sex outside marriage, teen sex, abortions, oh my.
When in reality, sex is natural as our eye color...why is it branded as "the naughty"? Also Why is there such a contrast between the let it all out of the comercial media and the madonna/whore complex of the american culture?
That is a simple but complex answer. If you examine the history in America you will notice a nation that has been influenced by puritanical culture, religious individuals, and sexual values that relate to pro creationism.

If you look at society today one will notice conservative people very active in many states. These conservative values stem from Christian philosophy which equates to pro creationism views and sex within a marriage mentality.

Independent and liberal people have seen beyond the old pro creationism value system. This has created a clash between pro choice and pro creationism.

If you analyze many conservative evangelicals you will notice how they literally translate the bible. They interpret the writings of saying that sex is for a couple and marriage. Sorry to say that has stifled progressive mentality.

If you look at Europe you will notice most EU nations have moved beyond old christian conservative values. This is because citizens of the EU have been exposed to numerous cultures. This has broken the closed mentality making them more liberal. They have accepted sex is a natural part of humanity that needs to be celebrated.

If you examine the media in America you notice breasts, buttocks, and any form of nudity is censored. This again goes back to how people believe sex outside of marriage is "dirty" which originates from conservative christian values. In the EU breasts are considered natural and are not censored.

Body image and acceptance is another reason why sex is a taboo. Sharing your body with another person is considered immoral in conservative values. This again creates a clash with people who want to accept sex as natural.

To simplify sex is a taboo because of the old puritanical mentality and conservative Christians who cling to old traditions and ideals. It's like asking why are women covered in sunni Islamic culture. Because they cling to old conservative values. Modernization for old traditions does not come easy.
Is Georgia a bad place to live with preteens?
Watched a documentary that talked about young girls in atlanta suburbs having orgies and such.. I also learned they have the highest gonorrhea percentage in the country as well as teen pregnancy... I thought that GA was part of the bible belt... I thought that would make that area safe and wholesome... What is going on?
I agree with Michael.

I actually moved to Atlanta because I thought it would be more wholesome than where I'm from, to raise my daughter. I was right! I think the key is keeping your guy busy with wholesome activities, focusing on the importance of school and choosing like-minded friends.

My daughter is a high school honor student. She's played softball since she was in elementary school, her friends are high-achievers who don't appear to be involved with anything I'd consider adverse.

I too have heard about the high teen pregnancy rates in Georgia, but I believe the stats are based on rural areas.
I'm horny...does anyone know a good porn?
I'm 20, female, college student. VERY horny, haven't done anything since last Tuesday! I'm into guy girl/girl girl/teen/orgies etc.

Anyone have a good link?
I've been going to myfreepaysite.com but thats getting old lol.

Any advice?
What are a parent's right regarding an abusive teen?
My son (age 15, ht: 6 ft, wt: approx 230) has become sexually active, with multiple partners (at the same time) within the past five days. He told me he had lost his virginity and then admitted to not using protection despite the fact that I have provided him with condoms after "the talk" about the realities of sex. I'm a realistic mother and know that the likelihood of him waiting is null. After hearing this (multiple partners, unprotected) I laid into him about the dangers to his health and the dangers of bringing a life into the world.

He is hands down the most irresponsible 15 year old you will ever meet. Think overgrown toddler. Anyway, after I told him I didn't like him being involved basically in orgies and I wasn't providing any more rides to his "friends" house, he called me a "*****!" and shot me the finger, shattered a glass all over the kitchen floor and stormed out of the house yelling for the whole neighborhood to hear "F**k you you, f**king *****!" He said a few more of the like words after he came home. I became afraid for my own and my two smaller guyren's safety. What are my rights as a parent? I know he is my responsibility but I don't trust him not to hurt me physically. I can't afford a military school or other type placement which he probably needs at this point. He's out of my control. I can't live like this with him though! I would be grateful for any advice from other parents of belligerent teens out there.
at 15 he should be playing basketball outside or playing with hot wheels, not womens "between the legs"

Ground him, take away all his things.

Call the police and tell him you are scared for you and his safty, and he will be placed in jail for the night or two nights or so on.
We did that on my sister before.
What are some other bands like these?
Hanzel Und Gretyl

The bands listed here are similar bands (According to Lastfm) i know i don't like.
The Kovenant
Dopestars Inc
Deadstar Assembly
The Sin:Decay
Latexxx Teens
The Berzerker
Betty X
Damn...on that list you know you don't like, I spy four of my favorites....and exactly the ones I was gonna suggest...

Maybe you could try Rob Zombie?
He's got a kind of Industrial touch to his work.

Also, maybe you could try The Horn. Blackened Industrial.
The single guy in the band says that he won't rest until he has put all of the Egyptian spells of life and death to music.

Also, I:Scintilla. More electronic rockish and not as heavy, but still good.
POLL: Have you ever participated in a sex orgy? If no then do you plan on having a sex orgy in the future?
If no then do you plan on having/participating in a sex orgy in your future?
& How old are you ?

These questions are aimed at teens/young adults, but older adults are also welcomed to answer.

For all intended purposes of these questions, this is simply just an honest survey, that's all.
No I never have, and I don't plan too,
Since When Did MTV Have So Much Garbage?
I mean all these shows are so stupid, trashy, slutty, and ghetto. They don't even play music anymore. Man on man do I miss Beavis and Butthead, and watching bands and their music videos.

Now it's teen psychics, and teen pregnancy and pure crap. I really don't get this real world. Basically it's one big orgy.
since the first snoop dog video!
Let's start a poll. Should WITHOUT A TRACE be fined by FCC?
For a stupid teen orgy. There was no nudity, no one was moaning the daylight out of it. It's more decent than The Simple Life, Pam Anderson's Stacked and most of all, Las Vegas. So I'd say no, it's not fair for a show that's been so helpful to the public (airing pix of missing persons). What do u think?
I haven't seen the episode, but aren't guyren supposed to be in bed by the time it's on. I really don't see what the big deal, other than the fact it's on network tv. I recently heard a drama teacher was fired for a high school production of "Grease" because of the teenage sex, smoking, etc... I really don't know what the world is coming to.

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