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Why is everyone so agaisnt teens having sex. like i dont really see the problem wit it.
it was fun when I was a teen
What is good or bad parenting when dealing with sex and teenagers?
I would like some logical, rational and sensible ways to deal with the issues that deal with teenagers and sex/dating, this includes, discussion, contraception, young love, giving your guyren mutual respect etc. How would you like your parents to act in regards to these matters? If they acted a certain way would you be more or less likely to be interested in sex? And if you are a parent, especially with an older guy, how did you deal with these situations when they came up?
here are great websites:

Hope that helps
Is it appropriate to introduce sexual desires to teenagers through Sex Education?
Sex Education among teenagers: A lot of teenagers are getting pregnant nowadays because of different reasons. And within these reasons, this is because they don't have any knowledge about what they have done and how they can avoid the consequences. Because of this, some schools are teaching sex education to students.
In the UK we had sex education at age 11. I remember it. All the girls got taken to another room to discuss "the monthly cycle" and puberty and the boys got spoken to about the boys side of puberty. Hair and penis' and wet dreams etc. It was embarrasing. Especially when they put on the educational video. It had real naked people on it which was a little uncomfortable. It taught us about condoms, the pill and other forms of contraception and explained sperm, eggs and answered the age old question "where do babies come from?" In high school then we did the reproductive system again and it got refreshed every year, went into some (not much) detail about STI's and in Religious Education were taught more on the other religions views on sex, gay sex and sex before marriage.

It didn't stop a lot of people in my school getting pregnant and having babies but the education is needed. The schools don't introduce sexual desires, they educate on them.
When did black teenagers start having sex?
I am black and my generation sucks and is spoiled,my parents grew up in the 1960's/1970's and they complain about how music today is too dirty and stupid and how black guys like 11-13 are having sex and knowing too much at young ages.When I was 12 you had boys my age that knew about condoms and some had them and were making sex jokes and saying very dirty words like p*ssy.Why are black teenagers having sex now.White guys have always been having sex but when did black guys start?
Since The Human Race Began.
What are parents viewpoints on teenagers having sex?
I'm writing a paper about the viewpoints on what society thinks about teenagers having sex.
As a parent of 5, 4 grown @ 1 preteen, I have an opinion.

To define: anytime either party has their genitals exposed, one is engaging in sexual behavior IMO

Morally, sex is wrong among teenagers because they are not married nor prepared to be.

As a parent, I hated to see my guyren or any young person involved in sex, because I knew it would increase the likelihood of painful experiences in their lives now and decrease the potential for happiness later.
Sex, at least initially, results in a greater bonding among couples. This means that the cheating and breakups that occur frequently in teen years will result in greater pain. When you've given yourself in that way then the hurts tear you more deeply.

Concerning the future, sex is meant to bond two people together in marriage. Orgasm releases the same chemicals that are released when a mother breastfeeds. Just as this bonds her to her baby, a man and woman bond through sex.
If one has one's first coupled orgasm with ones life partner, that bonding will be much stronger. Like a piece of tape that's been stuck and removed several times, that bonding in a future marriage will be lessened the more that one has had sex previously.

So many people experience tremendous insecurity about how they compare to previous sexual partners and/or jealousy. This would be eliminated if a couple had had no previous sexual partners.

Sex is like a drug almost. We have laws against improper use of drugs and laws against minor use of alcohol. The 'high' we get from sex causes people to make poor decisions - like having unprotected sex, lying or being unfaithful in order to get sex. All these actions, and their often painful results, are much more common among teens.
Do most teenagers have sex with all their clothes off?
When teenagers have sex, do most of them keep their clothes on or not? Or they do they have dry sex?
For the tennagers that do have sex, probably.
A lot of them have oral sex, and only one of them takes off anything.

But a lot of tennagersdon't have sex.

Teenagers having sex and parents being bashed for it?
I am curious too see why other people bash parents of teenagers who have sex.

I am going to be honest if a teen wants to have sex they are going to. You can not lock a teenager up because they can have sex at school if they wanted to.

The only thing you can do is to teach them about pregnancy and STD's.

Also I want to know if a young teen girl haves sex with a guy how she is a slut because I know people who have been seeing the same people for years now.
There is a difference between 13 and 17. If a 13 year old is having sex, then it IS the parents fault. At 13 they are not old enough to know how to handle the feelings that come along with sex. They are still CHILDREN, they just so happen to have the "teen" behind their age. Parents should take more of an interest in their guy's life, be more involved. It's shown that parents who are more involved in their cguy'slife tend to have guyren who stay guyren longer. They do better in school and are less likely to do drugs and have sex.
What age do most rebellious teenagers have sex?
Im mean i know it isnt 18, so what age do most typical teenagers who go to high school have sex for the first time?
where i am the age for girls to start having sex would probably be around the age of fourteen. for guys it would be the same. which the sexual relations would start in the eighth grade. it's just like that here where i am from.
Are Christians worried that sex ed makes teenagers devalue sex?
Does sex ed make teenagers view sex not as something special to be shared by two people in love, but as something casual that horny mammals do to pass the time?
I think many Christians think it is about as effective as the D.A.R.E. programs in the grade schools to try to keep the guys away from drugs. Studies have shown the D.A.R.E. programs have no influence one way or the other. It just takes guys away from their studies.
I think this is probably the biggest gripe of thinking Christians. Schools are for education, not social programming. They have a tough enough job handling the first job.
What is so appealing about the opposite sex to teenagers?
why are teenagers ( boys in particular ) so interested in the opposing sex? They loose sleep, miss homework and valuable study time, and miss learning opportunities. Its what they talk about, scheme about, are jealous about, and obsess about. I was home-schooled, and have not had the experience of society and its nuances. i cant put a rational explanation to the problem. Im a boy in grade 8, courious about the gears, and pulleys of society.
Invest in your love and to be happy.
Happiness doesn't depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude. When you make a commitment to a relationship, you invest your attention and energy in it more profoundly because you now experience ownership of that relationship.

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