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Why do evangelicals in Africa torture and execute guyren for being witches?…

"A large nail was driven into this girl’s head. Nwaeka is about 16, and now badly brain damaged"
The so called "preachers" that are doing this are not Christians. They are evil men who are using people's faith as a means to exploit them for personal gain.

This has nothing to do with genuine Christianity.
Is it clear that Dems dont read their own bills in that they almost passed a pro-torture provision by mistake?
A critical intelligence bill that had just been pulled over a torture provision. The language had been inserted in defiance of leadership by House Rules Committee Chairwoman Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.).

“It’s a mystery how that language got in there,” Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) said of the controversial intelligence bill provision backed by Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.). “I think there are a lot of issues about the drafting of the McDermott amendment.”

House leaders huddled on the floor to figure out what to do next when they realized that the language — adopted by Slaughter’s panel the day before — could kill the bill. The spot they chose was only 15 feet or so from the one in the well of the House where Rangel had just lit into ethics Chairman Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) and Jo Bonner (R-Ala.) in full view of their colleagues and the galleries above the chamber.
They also have a short memory. They don't remember voting YES to go to Iraq and they blame it all on Bush.
Christians/Muslims: Does this art capture the essence of suffering in Hell as envisioned by your religion?
I don't mean the actual form of torture imposed by your deity according to your particular sect, but rather the essence of the type of suffering involved?
Thank you for your opinions.…
That's pretty hot....I mean gruesome. It needs Sauce.…

This is what they intend Hell to look like, bu I like your idea better.
Why are animals so frequently tortured in the name of science?
Surely if these scientists are so dedicated to their cause, they would be willing to sacrifice their own family members or even themselves rather than defencleess animals.

Let's see their sons or daughters have cosmetics & chemicals sprayed in their eyes, injected in their bloodstream or soaked in from head to toe - just to see what happens.

Let's get one of these scientists wives or sisters and break her spinal cord or subject her to "pain tests" - just to collect some data.

These sorry sacks of crap haven't got the courage to subject a member of their own family to such horrific events.

This leads me to think they don't really care much about the advancement of science after all. They just love to inflict pain & torture those who they see as "lower life forms."

There is no lower life form than that of an animal abuser.…
You know what?
If they want to find out some results they should get another scientist to test it on themselves.
The way they abuse those animals is pointless and in my mind they are not human.
I made a petition only a couple of months ago to close down the last fur shop in the city. I was so proud of my achievement, as I'm only sixteen. Now that shop no-longer imports fur from overseas and only sells fakes.

I completely agree with you.
It needs to stop.

It hurts me so much to see those animals being tortured for 'science'.

I am completely against any form of animal testing. I watch what make up I buy, only buy free-range eggs, look to see if my tuna cans are dolphin friendly.

They are not human.
They are lower then any form of human-being.
Why do people think the Palestinians are so innocent?
is a history lesson not needed…
(yasser arafat refused to apologise despite confirming the acts of murder and torture, including murdering patients in a physciatric hospital)…
this was the religious leader of palestinian muslims and was directly responsible along with hs troops for the murder of 10,0000s of jews years before the creation of Israel

the hamas charter
"Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it."

"The Islamic Resistance Movement believes that the land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf consecrated for future Muslim generations until Judgement Day. It, or any part of it, should not be squandered: it, or any part of it, should not be given up. "

"There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavours."

essentially exactly the same thing as the ss division commanded by Amin Al Husseini

history is indeed repeating its self

and a final thing for liberals and terrorist supporters to ponder…

"peace lovers celebrating 9/11"

how can anyone back these people
Thank you. I agree with you.
I will keep this info. on file.
Need help with story plot?
I have a deep passion for writing stories. i've never writtin poems, but i write stories.

I need help with a plot that will happen in my story.

there are a group of guys betweent the ages of 11 and 14.

two of them get tortured.

a guy who's 14 and a girl who's 13.

the guy likes the girl and doesn't want to see her get hurt.

both need to be tortured.

what type of torture acts should i make my characters go through.

i know it's bad, but they need to be in order for my story to fall into place perfectly.

i already know the ending. It's REALLY nice.

but they need to be tortured.

what type of torture should they go through????

i'm getting close to that part and i don't want to waste time thinking about what should happen to them. so please help. thank you!!!…
if there is someone torturing them, have him put them in an empty cell or basement or whatever together and tell them one of them has to kill the other and the survivor gets to go free.
For those who don't believe in the Hell. look at this.?
if you can't believe in Hell, then look at this (Sun). a small example of Hell:…

and if you believe God will not torture people for their sins and disbelieve, then look at this:
(hurrican katrina)…





make sure before you die. that you are worshiping God alone. Not Jesus, not mary, not three, not idols or images. but God alone. to God you belong and to God you are returning back.

Ur God is not that nice old man who is setting on the clouds. but He is something that is compelete. He created paradise/mercy/forgiviness and Hell/torture/pain.
These disasters are nothing to do with 'God', they are natural disasters caused by nature. The Earth (mother Earth/Nature) causes these disasters, not some imagined entity up above us looking down and smiling when 'he' see's sinners (& HUNDREDS OF NON-SINNERS) perishing at hands of the world we live in. Are you saying that 'God' decides, there are some sinners down there in that city so i am going to attempt to wipe out everyone down there, even though some of them have never committed a sin in their life, some that die have not even been around long enough to commit a sin, there are babies that die in natural disasters that you have shown.
Do you think this is right? (pics inside)?
seriously could israel have no heart, bombing schools and innocent people and guyren. how would you feel having your guyren practically blown up!
i know there's problems between palestinians and jews. but the jews have gone too far this time. they have bombs with this chemical that makes your body turn into ashes or something like that. i know they went through the holocaust, but i mean come on shouldn't they have learned from that, and know how it feels to torture people like this.

The pictures are awful I agree, but do you think this is right...what Hamas do to their own guyren...…
As a Maid of Honor, can I wear flats w/ my dress?
It's a formal summer wedding. The bridesmaids and I would be wearing a knee length strapless, sweetheart neckline dresses. I am currently looking for a "glammed -up" flats to pair w/ the dress. It's either that or "glammed-up" wedges. I'd as soon as not torture my feet and I want to be comfortable as possible on that day because 1st, it's going to be really hot in the middle of the summer and second, I don't want to torture my feet wearing high heeled stilts - assisting the bride in pre-wedding pictorials, ceremony and the reception.

Are flats too informal? How about these??……
The second ones are ok, I don't like the first.
Are the other bridesmaids wearing shoes with bling? If so, go for them.
Otherwise, stick to a simpler flat/low heeled shoe.…………………
Who are Spider Man's 10 most dangerous Enemies?
Rule They must be apart of his major rogues gallery, and they must have first appeared in the comics.

Here is a link in case you don't know them.…

In my view these are Spider Man's 10 most dangerous major enemies.

1.Carnage He's as psychotic, and insane as the Joker. One that thrives on murder, and chaos. He's so dangerous that Spider Man has had to team up with one of his major enemies Venom (Eddie Brock). Had the Big Apple in major trouble with Maximum Carnage.
2.Green Goblin The master of being nasty, and one of Spider Man's most infamous foes. He's made his goal to destroy Spider Man's life, and has enjoyed doing that including having Gwen Stacy killed, and using Spider Man's known secret identity to torture him.
3.Venom (Eddie Brock) The antithesis of Spider Man that has the delusional belief he's good, and Spider Man is the villain. Basically seems like Spidey on steroids, knows who Spidey is, and can block his spider sense. Another psychopath that made it his goal to destroy Spider Man.
4.The Kingpin Basically seems like a bad version of the American Dream. He's shrewd, calculating, nefarious, and has been causing trouble for the Amazing Spider Man, and Man without Fear Daredevil. With nearly unlimited resources he's been a thorn in Spidey's side. and nearly killed him.
5.Doctor Octopus He's the Mad Scientist, and has used his brillance for evil. He defeated Spidey in his first appearnce, and the wall crawler was considering giving up until Human encouraged not to. His four tentacles are more than enough to give Spidey plenty of trouble which they have done.
6.The Lizard One of Spidey's friends Curt Connors is the savage beast known as the Lizard. The Dr.Jekel Mr.Hyde personality make him dangerous to Peter, and all others near Curt Connors. Given the webhead a run for his money.
7. Mysterio What better way to discredit Spider Man than to frame him. With a hatred for Spider Man he's been able to give the webhead plenty of problems despite no super powers. He even fooled Spidey through a illusion that senior citizens were some of his most dangerous foes.
8. The Jackal Another case of brillance being used for evil rather than good, and a scientist gone mad. He manage to mislead the Punisher to kill his hated foe Spider Man, and like the Green Goblin he is aimed at destroying Spider Man. Add in he cloned Spidey, and Gwen Stacy.
9. Scorpion He wants to destroy Spider Man, and J Jonah Jameson. Add in he's insane. To cross the Scoropion is to risk getting stinged.
10. Morlun He's able to tell where Spider Man is, and sucks the energy from mutants to survive. Tore out Spidey's eye then ate it, and then broke Mary Jane's arm.
Well I think you have it pretty much covered there.

However I would definitelty swap Mysterio out for Electro. Mysterio is a bit of a joke to me (granetd his is hard to catch) whereas Electro is inifintely more powerful and does really stupid things which tend to get a lot of people hurt. Breaking out a sh*tload of villains from the Raft in the pages of New Avengers is one of those things.

Might even add Jonah in there... He has given his fair share or grief and problems to Spidey over the years.

Also I would take out Scorpion and put in Sandman, they are both street level criminals but Sandman is a lot harder to beat and incarcerate. His powers have a much wider range of possibilities when fighting Spider-man, whereas Scorpion is more of a slugfest.

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