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What are the different ways to masturbate?
I'm getting bored of doing the same technique (the hand) and I want to try different ways and don't suggest a girl or a fleshlight I can only do it at home
********. get flexibale
What's some good ways to masturbate and good positions to do it in GUYS ONLY?
I've been bored lately so ye the question is up there please answer
Try doing it kneeling. It's a different feeling and causes great intensity at orgasm. Just don't do it lying on your stomach (prone). Masturbating prone leads to sexual dysfunctions for most males who practice it.
What are different ways girls masturbate?
I am 13, and obviously a girl, so I was wondering what are some ways girls can masturbate? I DON'T want to finger myself by sticking my fingers or anything up my vagina, I just want to masturbate with the clitoris, so what are some different ways I can masturbate my clitoris? Any fun ways with your fingers? Or any objects beside vibrators and water? Thanks!
When I was a guy I used to squeeze a pillow between my legs. Then later I used to do it by humping the pillow or the sofa arm.
You can also do it by teasing and gently rubbing your clitoris and your vulva lips.
Is this a good way to masturbate?
I grip the skin and go up and down without causing froction. Like, I take the skin and keep my fingers in the same spot, and move the skin up and down. I orgasm like that, but am I getting all of the pleasure from it? If not, what's a good way?
That's exactly how I do it. Also try twisting your hand around it or if ur circumcised, grip the bottom of the head and go up and down. But don't use lube or creams I heard that sh*t can mess it up
What are some good ways how to masturbate?
I was just wondering what are some easy ways to masturbate and get great orgasm without inserting anything in "you know where"?
Gently rub your clitoris in circles and other styles. Slowly increase and decrease speed as desired. Be very relaxed and don't flex your muscles down there in order to *** faster just let it happen naturally. If you have time keep rubbing harder and faster after first orgasm for intense secondary orgasm
What are different ways to masturbate with a freind?
A friend asked me to masturbate with him and i want to know different methods or techniques that we can do together. We are both 13 and in 8th grade. I am ok with touching his penis amd i think he is ok with touching me. Please give me specific positions, methods or ways to masturbate with him.
If he asked you, he probably has something in mind. You may not have to worry about it.

Some guys sit across from each other and just watch, or lay on the bed beside each other and watch each other.

I've laid beside a friend and we did each other.
You can sit facing each other sitting on your butts. Scoot close together and one of you put his legs over the other guy's legs. You can touch your own, touch each other, or rub them together.
You can take turns, one of you lay down and the other on his thighs or kneeling/sitting beside him.

I can be more specific, but I don't want to get my answer deleted and/or get banned from yahoo answers.
So email if you need more.
Does it help at all to moan during masturbating in the shower?Other good ways to masturbate?
I masturbate under the shower head.. Does it help at all to moan? Does it make it feel better or more enthusiastis? Or what?And what are other good ways to masturbate?
Moaning? I don't don't know if it'll help you... but it'll certainly make your neighbors day.
What are some good ways to masturbate in the shower?
I'm about to go take a shower, and I want to know some ways to masturbate?

Place the shower head on the clitors
What are some more ways to masturbate my penis?
I need to find more ways to masturbate my penis, im getting bored with the same technique.
Ok...I know this sounds really weird...but it works for me, and you know what they say: "Go with what works".

Use your leg instead of your hand. What you do is you get into your bed, lay face down, put your dick to the side, and rub it with your leg against the mattress. Sometimes, you'll get a longer lasting orgasm.
What are some creative ways to masturbate?
I'm a girl looking for new ways to masturbate, and nothing that i have to go out and buy, any suggestions?
Two of my ex-girlfriends love the bathtub faucet. I'm going to describe it without being inappropriate. You lay on your back in the bathtub, spread your legs, and rest them on the tiled wall behind the faucet (or the sides of the tub, depending in your preference). Turn the faucet on. Do not make it hot or cold, just luke warm to warm, and allow it to directly hit your clitoral area. Change the faucet pressure to what feels the most comfortable for you. Both claimed that they'd reach orgasm in record time. Something about being submersed in water. Give it a shot!

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