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Why is it that it's exceptionally hard for a young driven Black teenage guy to find a beautiful black girl
It seems that the smart young black men are counted out by the sistas before we even get a chance. It almost gets to the point where you're like what's the point.
I agree to a certain extent. The younger afro american female population tend to go for that thug lookin man while the young black male tends to go for that skimpy black its kinda even. Then we grow up and realize that we want someone intelligent and smart
For my story, I need a picture of a young teenage girl with blonde hair and black highlights.?
It can't be a dirty, nasty, sexual picture. She has to have clothes on, and be naturally pretty. I searched and searched but I can't find one! Help?
u just want an excuse to look at young girls
What do young teenage Christian Girls like to see in guy that they may want to date?
We both go to the same church, and for now she is in 9th Grade and i am in 8th Grade. Should i wait until i am also in high school or should i go for it now. Also, i am black and she is blonde, i have to compete with white boys :(

P.S. I really dont want to change myself that much, more like "appeal" to here.
Back in Jesus' day you two could get married, once puberty is reached... but in today's world, you've got a little ways to go yet. What do you mean 'go for it?' Ask her on a date? I am 4 years older than my husband, and at first I didn't give him a chance because of our age. (He was 20, I was 24 when we met.) But now, in our 40s, it makes absolutely no difference. The older you get, the less age will matter.

What girls always look for in a man is maturity, intelligence, humor, who has realistic goals for his future. Looks are not the most important thing, though they are the first thing we notice. But I can tell you more often than not, the personality is what makes a man handsome. Many good looking guys can be obnoxious, arrogant and uninteresting. An average looking guy with a sense of humor, who doesn't take himself too seriously, will get the girl in the long run.

You really aren't competing with "white boys," you're competing with boys in general. Most girls today realize that there is no race besides the human race. Opposites attract in many ways!

To be 'appealing,' be interested in her. Don't try to be interesting, it's a paradox. You become interestING when you are interestED... in her. Ask questions, girls love to talk about themselves. (ha) and let's face it, many times guys are just interested in what we look like, since they are such physical oriented creatures. So when a guy comes along looking for 'substance,' that will get her attention!

I've been married 20 years and my husband still 'courts' me. I don't know how I found such an amazing guy, must've been God's matchmaking ability. I wish the same happiness for you!
Alicia Keys or Beyonce? Who is a better role model for young Black girls in your opinion?
There are many other African American female Role models. But out of those two, who do you think is a better role model for a teenage African American girl?

Who would you rather have your daughter listening to?

Not your typical black girl?
Hey. So, I'm a young teenage black girl, I like rock/techno/trance/j-pop/j-rock/k-pop music. My friends are mostly white or latino people. Some guys ( one white guy with three black people with him ) asked me why do I always hang with the whites? I said that I guess I can be myself with them... (I've been in a primary school with the majority of white guys...) But, some of the black people I've met were pretty mean with me, like taking me for some kind of loser or something... But, I can't say I hate blacks since I'm one... o.O... But yeah, I like anime/manga (mostly a fan of yaoi lol xD), don't really care what others think, crazy stuff, cute things. I like the scene style too, but, I'm just trying to find my own style & be my pretty self. I sometimes either like dark or bright colours. Mostly bright because I'm often really happy. Anyways, this was a long description, sorry :) But, tell me what you think of this... No mean comments please
Don't conform to what people expect you to be based on your race. You are who you are, so embrace it :) You get to choose who you hang out with, you get to choose your interests, so on and so forth. People shouldn't care if you don't hang out with people your own race. This is 2010, meaning we should all have white, brown, green, purple, polka-dotted friends. LOL I'm guyding about the outrageous colors, by the way. But I hope you get my point. You are different, but in a good way.
Hi, i have a question, do you think young african american teenage girls who dye their hair red look older?
than they do with black hair? I'm just curious, because some people think it does.
I don't think it looks natural.
What is the music video that in the beginning the girl hits her moms boyfriend?
The singer was a young, black, teenage girl.
I don't know....Monica maybe?
Im a young white teenage girl who's really attracted to african american guys?
the problem is i dont live near any
i live in a place where most of the population is white and it sucks cuz i think african american guys are sooooo hott!!
ok i have a couple questions
1. do black guys like white girls?
like sometimes i notice they usually go for other black girls
2. what should i do?
i just recently went to the bahamas and realized how much im attracted to black guys cuz like almost all of the population there is black and now that im back home i am kinda sad cuz all the guys are white
i like white guys too its just i think black guys are sooo hott!
does anyone else feel this way or have this situation?
cuz im desperate here and i no i sound pathetic but i dont no wat to do
sounds like you need to get you a brotha and get away from all them white boys lol
yes black guys love white girls, especially a white girl with a booty....
add me to your yahoo messenger

Best professional camera for a teenage girl interested in photography?
I'm a young teenage girl interested in photography. I especially like taking pictures of people and forests, and i need a good zoom. A black and white option would be good, too, but colour mainly. Maybe there is some software you can get for cheap which can do this for me?
You will not need a "Professional" camera if you are just starting out.
A Pro camera will cost anything from £2.5k upwards.

You need a decent Dslr with one or two lenses to cover the wide to medium telephoto (from around 24 through to 200mm)

Any of the main manufacturers (Canon & Nikon specifically) have a range of cameras which will be good for you.
Check out and do comparisons then go to your local camera shop and handle them and get a feel for them.

Software like Photoshop is required if you want to do any post processing work and there are a number of programmes such as Photoshop elements, Paint shop Pro, which are not too expensive and are pretty good. Photoshop CS4 is around £500.
Is Condoleezza Rice less of a Black woman because she is not a Democrat?
Condoleezza Rice is the first African-American woman to hold the cabnet position of Secretary of State. She is the daughter of a Black Minister who was pastor at the church that was bombed where four young Black girls were killed during the Civil Rights movement. Rice experienced her fair share of oppression, and has risen out of the ashes of racism as one of the most brilliant Black academic scholors in America. Many Black leaders have down played Rice and her family's contribution to Black history simply because she works for a Republican President. As a young boy growing up when Rice did, I too witnessed the hatred of racism and inequality that the movement took on.
I was a 12 yr old Catholic Alter Boy coming out of a Boy Scout meeting at a Black church in Newburgh, N.Y. with another caucasion Boy Scout whose mother picked us up, and as we drove through the neihborhood, Black teenage males were shaking thier heads, and one of them threw a bottle filled with something at the car, and it split my friend's mother's head open. Since then, I served two tours of duty in Beruit in the eighties in the Navy, and work the Black community as a volenteer but I will never forget being in the middle of a Race Riot where the National Guard were called in, and Mohamed Ali was the only person who could talk sense in to the rioters to stop the violence.
I also had the pleasure of working with Dr. King's nephew, and took Black History, and African History in college. Racism is a scurge that I believe is no worse then the Political slavery that the Democrats have made of many Black voters. Of course, we all know why CNN or should I say ONN is polarizing the race card claiming that suposedly there is deficit in the total votes for Obama from white voters, so the DNC through CNN is trying to play on the fears of Black voters that if they don't all get out and vote for thier Black candidate, Barak Obama, then the white voters will all vote for McCain.
Say it aint so Joe Biden! Trust me, there are many more white voters voting for Obama then there are Blacks voting for McCain. Black voters are not that stupid to fall for that crap. Are they? The first Black Congressman to be elected in America was a Republican. Please people, vote with your brain and your heart, not because of the color of someone's skin. If all Americans would keep race out of the vote for President, and he's elected I'll embrace Obama as our next President. Some how, I think Democrats, and the so called Black leaders will continue to dis Condi, and almost all Black voters will vote for Obama because he is Black. We have come so close, yet so far.
NOT AT ALL !!! She is a Strong Woman, i admire so much. Just because she is rep. don't mean she don't take pride in being black.

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