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GIRLS: Bras, bras and more bras... can you help me?
I'm 13 and have no boobs. I've been wearing crop tops from the young girls section for a couple of years now but I want to get into prettier and more grown-up bras that girls my age actually wear. The problem is that my boobs aren't big enough to fit into a proper cup without the bra gaping or being too big (believe me, I've tried). This is very frustrating, especially when all of my friends wear real bras and I'm the only one who is still in little crop tops.

I really want to wear pretty bras but I know my boobs aren't big enough to fit into a cup size so what can I do? I want to move into nicer ones rather than the same old crop tops I always wear!

I live in Australia so can you tell me which shops I can go to or brands I can shop for? Better yet, can you make a list of brands I can try out or look for that are available in my country and will be appropriate for me?

Thanks, 5 stars for the best answer... you know what to do! (:
Places like Target, Big W, K-Mart and all of those shops have sizes like 8AA and sometimes even 8AAA if you are a bit smaller. You can get some with padding and some without but the cup size is quite small and great for girls that have developing boobs :)
Or you can get bras that are sizes like 12-14 or something. They dont usually have padding but they are in the V shape , unlike crop tops.
Either of them would be great . And trust me, i know what its like and what you feel like. I am just fitting into an A, but for years I was like you. :)
What age should a young girl start wearing push up Bras?
Girls in fashions.
It's not at what age,but at what size.
Why do younger girls want bras and their periods so bad?
When I was younger, I never thought about bras, except for I'll get one when I need it. My mom pointed out to me when I was about 10 or 11 that I needed one. So she went to the store, bought me one, and I wore it without thinking anything of it. I wasn't super excited, or embarassed, or scared. And I've been wearing one ever since. But my niece however, is like the exact opposite. She's freaking out about how she can't wear a bra yet [and no one at her school is wearing one either, so it's not like shes being pressured] and is convinced that she "deserves" to wear a bra now. But her chest is completely flat. Same with periods. I got mine a few weeks before I turned 13. I knew what one was, and my mom bought me pads when I was like 11 just in case. So the morning I woke up and saw blood in my underwear, I told my mom I started, she asked me if I knew how to put on the pad, I put it on, and that was it. Oh not to mention the ultra cramps I got =[ that wasn't fun. But I see so many girls who can't WAIT to get their period. Like they think they'll officially be a woman then. What's with the rush to grow up?
I used to be like that.
I couldn't wait to get a bra.
Everyone had one and i got mine when i was 10.
I wanted my period and i got it.
Now i have a ultra cramps as well.
Bras for big boobed teens online?
hi im 16 years old and normally buy mu bras online as i have big boobd but do not wish to wear old lady bras. I live in australia but i normally order from the uk.

i use:

does anyone know any other sites for young girls bras Im a 10 E/F
two sites I know is a new one based in Australia with lovely things
....sorry have tried to find it and know they are on facebook but cant see them :(

and the other is a UK site that ships to Australia so you can view online too...lots of selection and bras swimwear and clothing that fits

All the best

Lou x

ps our sizing is different and is and inch measurement around your ribcage and then the cup size...instead of 10 12 etc :)
What do you think of Miley Cyrus saying she is a role model for young girls?
Here is a young woman who has posed in many provacative photos such as shower picks, teasing picks with her bra, kissing other girls, and among other things. I am shocked she has yet to pose in nude photos on her web cam, since she has done anything but that.

Do young girls really need a role model like this or is there some one better for them to look at?

What does this say about our culture with how Miley Cyrus behaves and is praised for being a good role model?

(At least Britney Spears told her young girl fans that she was no role model and there parents should decide whether or not they would allow their young girls to idolize her)
I know! Miley Cyrus is SOOO not a role model!! She's gonna make a bunch of little girls just like her? Little Mileys? No parent should EVER expose their young girls to that kind of discusting THING! AKA Miley Cyrus. Miley, do me and the world a favor and move to Anartica. Maybe then we'll have a little bit of peace around the USA. God Miley's birth was a mistake. Who taught her to be such a low life, Nick Jonas obsessive, naked picture posing, girl kissing, SLUT???!!!!
What is with these young teen girls becoming more like hoes?
i am only 18, but it seems like every 13-14 myspace i come across, its of girls in bras and underwear

and i'm not saying it is every single guy, just seems to be a growing number
I'm 20, and am also appalled by the way young women are carrying themselves nowadays, and how it is socially acceptable. Guyren are really rushing themselves to be adults, thinking that that is what they really want, when they are not at all prepared to face that. It's also our culture, and how sex is celebrated and not sacred or a gift anymore. It's just a sign of the times.
Do you like watching young girls dance in their underwear on youtube?
What about young girls dancing in their underwear on youtube?
Ive been watching videos of young girls, some of them appear to be under 18, dancing sexy in their bras and panties on youtube. Its really bringing out the voyeur in me I guess. I didn't realize girls these days were so bold to post stuff like this on the internet for the whole world to see. Do you think this is disgusting behavior or just the norm these days with all the new technology, etc?
Young teens will do what they want. No way around that. You tell them no, they will find another way.
This, coming from a teenager.

Personally, I'd never do it. But I can't speak for the rest of my generation. I, for one, prefer to think things through. With the way the internet anonymity is quickly falling away, chances are a video like that will bite you in the *** one day.
Should companies market padded bras to girls as young as 7?
I read the following article and found it disturbing. You will have to scroll down to find the article.

I have a 9 year old step-daughter and while it is becoming apparent that 'something' is beginning to happen to her chest, I have her wear a sports-bra like top. I just found it disturbing that there were padded bras in the guys section at a major department store. If I bought one for my daughter then, to be honest, the cup on the bra would be practically empty. There is nothing there to 'fill' the bra.??

Is it just me or is it a little weird to see young pre-pubesent girls with 'boobs' because of a padded bra?
i LOVE feministing. anyway, yes it's sick. why are we promoting pedophilia? a lot of women have brought up good points though- you're the mom. DON"T buy them.

the sad thing is, there are plenty of mothers who will. "sigh"
What's up with the grotesquely adult things they are marketing toward young girls?
I was at a department store over the weekend. Remember when the "girls" underwear section used to consist of flowered panties and training bras? Now you can buy a black, underwire padded pushup bra with pink lace in girls sizes. It was part of the "Maidenform for Girls" collection.

So I do some poking around on the 'net, and apparently, Abercrombie & Fitch got in trouble for selling thong underwear in girls sizes.

Is this seriously creepy, or what?
Their policy is to make a buck regardless of how many young people they hurt. i agree it is gross, sick and freaky.
Why do younger girls wear boring bras?
I like women who wear blouses, maybe with tight jeans...and lacy bras for no purpose other than to wear their bra.

How come so many younger girls never seem to wear blouses and always seem to wear padded polka-dot colored bras? Back 15 years ago, people used to make fun of padded bras.

Boring bra:
Sexy bra:

I mean, from my point of view...and I've seen both...unbuttoning a woman's blouse to find a frilly, lacy white bra is much sexier than lifting up a woman's shirt to find some padded rainbow colored bra.
this is a bit of a weird question....
I think its because younger girls generally dont have much boob at their age and the padded gives them a bit of confidence, and so what if they like the patterns and colours? They're allowed to wear what they want especially if they are younger. That's just what teens are into and what stores sell to their age group as well.
Girls tend to wear lacey, pretty bras as they get older, but probably wont wear those every day either because they aren't the comfiest bras.
It's more for comfort than impressing men or showing off cleavage I think.... :)

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