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What percent of older men in america are sexually attracted to young teen girls?
I have watched the dateline "to catch a predator" and seen tons of older men hit on young girls on myspace or whatever and think in general men are attracted to teens as young as 13. In fact, I think about 90% of men would sleep with a hot 13 year old girl. What do you think?
I don't know about 90%, but there are a lot.
I be scared some times cause a lot of older guys some time middle aged guys look at me in that way. & I'm 15 but every1thinks I'm 12 cause I'm short & baby faced. & sometimes the guys are 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why do young teen girls want to get pregnant all the sudden like a fad?
14-17 year old girls are talking about their new pregnancy like it's a new flavour of lip gloss and seem so proud to be "in".

What's going on?

Is it the celebrity baby boom? Is it TV shows like Teen Mom? Is it because "everyone's doing it"?

Why are young teens so eager to have sex with other guys and get pregnant?
Some are just sayin it for attention
Others may have something wrong with them (I don't know how else to say this, it comes accross quite rude, but ah well)
And some girls' hormones are just in overdrive.
How can young teen girls earn money?
Many young teen girls wish to earn money, but can't work because of their age! Besides babysitting, are there any other ways teens can earn money without working at a public establishment?
-Dog walking
-Watering plants/checking mail for neighbors when they're away
-Ask your parents if they have anything they could pay you to do for them
-You're probably getting to old for this, but a lemonade/cookie stand
What are some trusted articles on how reality tv shows impact young teen girls?
I'm doing a research paper on how reality tv shows like The Hills, The City and NYC Prep influence and impact young teen aged girls. Are there any good reliable sources out there please help me!
I hate to do any homework other than my own but these came up when I searched google...………
Why do young teen girls only worry if they are pregnant, what about AIDS?
They all think that having babies is easy and try to keep their boyfriend that way. It doesn't work. The guys are usually too young as well and not ready to be a dad. When will they grow a brain? The parents of these girls are left holding the baby. Lets face it they can't even decide what to wear to the mall. They have no right to inflict their bad decisions on any-one. Whats wrong with the world today. Its just gone crazy. What do you think? What if you are a teen that gets pregnant and you and your baby contract AIDS.
I'm not sure why any of them don't worry about diseases. But not every teen mother has her/their parents raise their guy, some can be ready, some have brains, I'm sure you are just saying the "majority" of them are this way but not all. I have had two guyren by the age of 21, been with my boyfriend since 14, have had our own home and payed our own bills since I was 15, and we even managed to raise my brother and sister for six years which is still ongoing since one of them is only 15 and the other is now 18 and moved out. Older parents can also be bad parents, not worry about diseases, and pass their guyren off to other people, just like in my case, my parents were drug addicts. We have never had any help from anyone, not the state, not my or my fiance's parents, not even a babysitter.
Why do young teen girls find my Dad hot?
I mean like there is nothing to be admired about him. He has white hair, he gets angry, he jokes a lot and he loves my mom a lot. My dad never flirts with those teen girls but yet those teen girls dig him. My mom and dad has had several fights in the previous years because of this issue that young teen girls flock around him.

Btw- I am 22 and he is 51 yet young teen girls dig him more.

What is he doing right?
I don't know. I have not been around him.

It could be that he is caring and kind.

What could be some of the reasons young teen Girls meet strange men on- line, and they know its dangerous?
We keep hearing, and seeing the news of how our young teen girls continue ignore warnings about meeting strangers, and continue to meet strange pedifiles on-line and leave home to accompany these sex offenders out of State and Country." I don`t have a clue" , do you?
A lot of young girls know what can happen if they are not careful but a lot of them are still under the impression that "that can't happen to me" they don't feel that they could get hurt, because that stuff happens to "other girls". Well that's one reason I can think of, another is that they feel they have gotten to know this stranger and they assume that now they know exactly who he is and he's not a bad person because he told me so. Some of them think it's an adventure, meeting someone new and leaving with him. At that age if a girl hears "I love you" they believe that the gentlemen truely means it.
Is it common for young teen girls to shave their arms?
I've been noticing other girls in my grade with hairless arms, and I've been considering shaving them. I'm afraid, though, that I'll get tired shaving my legs AND arms, and it always grows back darker and thicker, so it's not like I can just stop. I only have light brown hair, but it still stands out against my pale skin. To shave or not to shave?
wow don't shave your arms

I am 20 years old and do not know any females I have encountered in my life with shaved arms

If your arms are really hairy and bother you, get them waxed

If you shave them, your razor blade will get dull a lot faster, nicks will be hard to hide, not to mention your arms will get really tired

oh and the hair will grow back darker
Why am I so attracted to young teen girls?
I mean 15 and 16 year olds...I never used to dwell on them but as I have gotten older it seems that is all my eyes find attractive now...I do not see myself as a pedo as I have no attraction to younger girls..
I will give you real advice in my personal experience, women around that age are more attractive than older women, on a second note they are able to wear more sexy stuff other than older women and they are more outgoing usually "still having fun" in there life you are no diffrent than other men who want a more sexy woman and or girl in there life, however there is a define line between acting on your urge, I would reccommend if your married to either stay true and follow, or tell her you honestly dont find her attractive anymore and find someone 18+ ONLY and continue to date, however in my own opnion there should be a limit to what girls under 18 are allowed to wear due to the fact it seems only age women all wear thongs sexy clothing etc and the older people get the less they seem to wear them attracting mens eye and such your not a pedofile or a closet pedofile like these people keep saying you dont need help just dont act on these feelings if you must date someone 18 + but I strongly reccomend you date someone whos serious, and please please never let people make you think your a pedofile for liking a younger girl, however please understand dont cross the line to which you get jail time..
What are some great songs for a young teen girls gospel singing group?
There is a new group at my church and there's three girls and they are looking for some gospel songs to sing ...please help !! The songs can be fast or slow but they need to be really good !!
Flying High by Jem
listen to this song and you will fall in love…

In my Arms by Plumb
or Elsewhere by Sarah Mclachlan

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